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News Citizens For Better Arizona Under Fire For Playing Victim Then Asking For Handouts
Citizens For Better Arizona Under Fire For Playing Victim Then Asking For Handouts PDF Print E-mail
Written by DD   
Thursday, 30 October 2014 17:47

Citizens for Better Arizona (CBA) is under fire for ballot stuffing and manipulating elections, and at the forefront of whistle blowing is National Political Radio Show Host Carlos Galindo.

Carlos Galindo believes CBA, Randy Parraz, Chad Snow and Paul Castenada go below the belt with filing a lawsuit against A.J. LaFaro while turning around and asking for more money off the backs of the Latino community.  CBA goes too far with a lawsuit, playing victim role and immediately asking for money.  Galindo has been at the forefront of blowing the whistle on non profits who collect money from crisis situations here in Arizona. CBA has been known to manufacture crisis situations in order to feed off playing the victim card, for instance according to Doug MacEachern of AZ Central, "groups like Parraz's -- the same organizations that had contributed to the backlogs -- protested daily against the counting delays as an infringement on voting rights. Banging pots and pans. Shouting through microphones. Marching into the elections offices. Breaking windows. In short, doing everything they could to delay the counting. Crazy days."

Recently, CBA was essentially bragging about his lawsuit against LaFaro followed by a letter asking for people to donate to their organization after playing the victim.



But this isn’t the first time Citizens For Better Arizona has made threats, below is an email from Chad Snow of CBA saying:


Here is how I responded to Chad Snow:



It is my understanding that your group via CBA is supporting Paul Penzone, and it is also my understanding you are affiliated with this organization as President.  Is this still true?

If true, allow me to revert your attention to the Glendale Police Report in which Susan B. Penzone states she was shoved into the doorway by Paul Penzone.  Susan had a reported injury on her forehead and a photo was taken of the contusion.  The police report can be read here in it’s entirety. Although there were reported injuries from both sides, nobody was taken to jail despite the Arizona mandatory arrest law.  Rest assured, Mr. Snow, had this involved persons of Mexican descent – we more than likely would have been taken to jail.  It is highly probable to believe that Penzone was given “preferential treatment” and we have made public records request inquiries to get to the bottom of this with regard to the assaults that occurred that night. It is also important for the public to know if this incident affected Paul Penzone’s promotion since the highest rank he made was only that of a sergeant.

Do you believe Susan B. Penzone was lying to the Glendale Police Department and do you believe she created the head contusion injury on her own?  Why would you claim that I am not being accurate when it was Susan B. Penzone’s own words that told the story of Mr. Paul Penzone shoving her into the doorway?

In my view, when a husband shoves his wife into the doorway (leading to reported physical injuries) – this qualifies him to be an alleged wife beater.  Do you not agree?

For the record, Susan told the police she dialed 9-1-1.  While YOU might side with the man’s side of the story, I will continue to side with the ex-wife’s side of the story, until I know whether or not Susan B. Penzone was lying or telling the truth.

As you might already know, Mr. Snow, the National Tequila Party Movement is a woman-led counter movement to the Tea Party where we have traveled across the nation working with college universities and Latino immigration activists in getting out the Latino vote.  In other words, we do not just handle business here in Arizona – we are registering Latinos in many other states.  It is typical misogynist behavior for men to minimize and marginalize the work women do.   Why is it okay for you and your cohorts to make false accusations against me and my organization?  Is it because I am a Mexican-American woman? It is bad enough to have to deal with chauvinism in the Caucasian culture, but then to also have to deal with “machismo or machoism” in my own community is highly unfortunate.  [I have already addressed who I perceive to be your chauvinistic supporters here.]

With regard to your ‘unprofessional’ concerns, it is you who has resorted to name-calling and pulling the “stupid card” and other unnecessary adjectives you utilized.  It is unfortunate you allowed your emotions to get to the better of you and I believe you are upset because we are protesting your candidate Paul Penzone for the alleged wife abuse according to Susan B. Penzone’s account.  We will continue to call Mr. Penzone an alleged wife beater because his own ex-wife stated he shoved her into the doorway leading to reported injuries.

It is also my understanding you have been involved in press conferences making public statements.  One could easily accuse you of making defamatory statements with regard to independent candidate, Mike Stauffer, when your cohorts wanted him to drop out of the race because he is an independent registered voter and candidate.  Independents make up the 2nd largest Party in the State of Arizona.  In fact, your Democratic candidate via Penzone may have trouble in 2012 since the Democratic Party lost 52,000 registered voters in the State of Arizona while Independent voters continue to surge.  Independent voters can vote in the primary elections and we will, and it is not smart for Democrats and Republicans to exclude the independent key voters in our state.

I am supporting your most ardent enemy via Mike Stauffer.  Your emotionally driven letter to me confirms this.

Since when is an activist not allowed an opinion?

In my view, your cease and desist letter is an attempt to intimidate me from utilizing my Freedom of Speech.

Here is what I need clarification on:

  1. Do you support Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff?
  2. How do you know Susan B. Penzone was not telling the truth to the Glendale Police Department when she said Paul Penzone shoved her into the doorway (incident led to injuries)?
  3. Are you still affiliated with CBA?
  4. Do you not believe you are a public figure?  (It is my understanding you have been involved with press conferences giving public statements).

I look forward to hearing from you.  If you would like to set up a conference call to clear any misunderstandings up, please feel free to let me know.   Thanks.

Best regards,

I asked Chad above numerous questions with regard to Paul Penzone’s DV history.  He wasn’t going to hear nothing of it and stated the below:

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2014 18:15
News Citizens For Better Arizona Under Fire For Playing Victim Then Asking For Handouts

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