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News Arizona Democrats Wrong To Recall Rep. Catherine Miranda Wasting Tax Payer Dollars
Arizona Democrats Wrong To Recall Rep. Catherine Miranda Wasting Tax Payer Dollars PDF Print E-mail
Written by DeeDee Garcia Blase Somos Independents/   
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 14:59


Allow this write-up to help serve and set a better standard for women who have to guard themselves against misogyny within the political department dominated by men running amuck.

For the record:  I do NOT agree with (D) Rep. Catherine Miranda’s endorsement of Republican candidate Doug Ducey who is running for Arizona Governor. Ducey has produced too much of an anti-immigrant sentiment while running for office during the 2014 Republican primary election.  His economic hypocrisy is sickening considering Cold Stone Ice Cream makes and continues to make millions of dollars from undocumented immigrants purchasing their ice cream.  It is absolutely hypocritical for Republicans like Ducey who claim to be for the free market enterprise system while supporting restrictionism and isolationism with his anti-immigrant messages.  It is clear Ducey does not support a pro growth economic strategy.

That said, (and I say this as a proud independent Arizona voter) I also believe it is hypocritical for Democrats to drag a woman through the mud for supporting a Republican when some of those same Democrats  supported Republican Jerry Lewis who ran against the ousted Sen. Russell Pearce the sponsor for  SB 1070.  Where is that same backlash against Miranda when (D) Leah Landrum Taylor endorsed Republican Reagan for Secretary of State 7 days ago?

Isn’t it the Arizona Democratic Party who prides themselves on Freedom of Speech?  To my knowledge, Catherine Miranda has never supported an anti-immigrant bill and I believe that should go along way with supporters of a recall against her, and/or groups like Citizens For Better Arizona (CBA) who make money from recalls.  In fact, Randy Parraz has history of making approximately 30% of the monies CBA  peddles for off the backs of our already poor Chicano / Latino communities.   The money generated from CBA’s failed Arpaio recall  lacked transparency in their most gross attempt when they claimed to have shredded signatures while begging for money to the last day even though they knew they could not collect enough signatures in that recall.  [In my view, the slap in the face towards women voters  was when CBA supported an unvetted Democratic candidate like Paul Penzone even though Penzone had a domestic violence record in his background.]

What I see is sheer male chauvinism going on in Arizona and I refuse to look the other way to this regard. Why is it okay for men like Randy Parraz and Chad Snow to give their blessing for Jerry Lewis who is a Republican? Do Chicanas and Latinas like Miranda have to receive CBA’s permission to exercise the freedom of expression Parraz and Snow use?

Let me be clear:  There are more women voters than male voters  in our Nation today.  More and more women are growing sick and tired of misogynist tactics and I for one saw a whole helluva lot of that take place when Hillary Clinton ran against President Obama within the Democratic Party, and I also saw male chauvinism within the Republican circles when Senator McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running mate, too.

The hypocrisy women voters have seen in both the Republican and Democratic circles is the reason why more and more of us are becoming independent voters.  Independent voters are now the largest voting bloc in Arizona and in my view, Democratic operatives like Steve Muratore are part of the problem.

According to Democratic blogger Steve Muratore:

The specter of recall already hangs over her head even before she is officially elected to the Arizona Senate. Catherine Miranda, the LD23 Democratic primary election winner — fresh off of selling her soul to the Republican Party followed by endorsing Scrooge McDucey and Michele Reagan — has now recorded a robocall with an endorsement for Jose Penalosa. Having previously run for the 7th District seat as a Republican, Penalosa is now an Independent competing against Democratic candidate Ruben Gallego to succeed retiring Rep. Ed Pastor.


So what if Catherine Miranda is not supporting the Greedy Ruben Gallego?  It was Ruben Gallego who basically dumped on the Arizona Black Brown Coalition anyway during the Reverend Warren Stewart race.   More importantly, Gallego received a significant amount of money from outside Arizona groups and is surrounded by ‘dark money‘ activities.

In my opinion, I see Arizona male politicians who are feeding into this sort of cronyism atmosphere with a goal to create some sort of power group ousting people who disagree with their dictatorship mentality. Therein lies the dangerous mistake these men are making because women have been coalescing stronger and stronger since 2008 elections as a result of the sharp increase relating to misogyny.  Ruben Gallego and Aaron Marquez had better settle their differences with Catherine Miranda withut feeding into a recall that will only cost and waste tax payer dollars.  I see disgusting hypocrisy within the Democratic circles in light of Miranda being pro life, and I refuse to allow these same Democratic operatives to get away with it when they promoted Ruben Gallego who was a former Chief of Staff for Michael Nowakowski — a well kown pro life Democrat.  Where were the pies in Gallego’s face for helping a pro life Democrat to the Nowakowski regard?

It would be a dangerous thing for Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) to support a recall against Catherine Miranda.  Independent voters want to spare Arizona tax payers the drama and wasted resources.  If the ADP supports a recall against Miranda, they will unleash Chicana “fem nazis” like never seen before in Arizona history.  Money would be better spent simply grooming a replacement for Catherine Miranda because what this whole debacle boils down to is Miranda pissing off the Latino good ol’ boy network.  If the Latino good ol’ boy network were so concerned about our gente and our community, why don’t they begin with the Phoenix Police Chief who is more responsible for putting away undocumented immigrants behind bars (moreso than Arpaio himself) or the lobbyists like Molera & Alvarez who profit from the private prison industry?  This would be a good start for these hypocrites.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 15:28
News Arizona Democrats Wrong To Recall Rep. Catherine Miranda Wasting Tax Payer Dollars

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