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Tupac's Wild Side
Tupac's Wild Side PDF Print E-mail
Written by Staff ID25   
Thursday, 23 September 2004 23:06

The Night Tupac Went ''Crazy''

On September 3, 1994 at the Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a concert took place that included BOSS, Big Mike, Xscape, Spice1 and more, including the headline act, Tupac Shakur. After all the acts had done their thing, which included an appearance of McEiht with Spice 1, which really got the crowd pumped, it was time for 2Pac and the crowd was ready or were they? To the roar of "2PAC" and "THUG LIFE," he hit the stage with vengeance, opening with a track called "Bury Me A G" from the new Thug Life Album. But he seemed like a man out of control. Midway through the song, his mic started fading in and out. And while Thug Life were doing their verses, 2Pac was running aroung trying to get his mic to work. Finally, he got a working mic and all hell broke loose in Milwaukee. Half way through the second song, 2Pac stopped the show for a "moment of silence" for the 14 year old girl killed in Chicago by an 11 year old boy (who was later killed himself.) But before the silence began 2Pac yelled out: "You better stop killing those babies or else I''ll murder you myself!" I sat with my camera in hand wondering. "Where did this come from? But I didn''t have time to think about it for long. Tupac was now yelling: "I taught you all about harming those babies. Keep it up and I''ll murder all you motherf*****S." With that I started looking around the arena to see if anyone else was as shocked as I was. Then I started thinking that it must be a skit or some part of the act. But then I looked in his eyes, I was very close to the stage and I realized that this wasn''t a skit 2Pac was dead serious! Before he could get to his next song, the audience started throwing coins at 2Pac, and he wasn''t going to take that. No way. "I don''t know who the f**k you all think I am. You motherf*****s better stop throwing shit at me!" He then offered a 200 dollar reward for anyone to bring an offender to him on stage and said: "He will get you paid, but he will die tonight."Again, I was shocked! Where was all this coming from? Did a coin tossing incident cause this violent reaction? But what came next was even worse. People in the audience started throwing up gang signs at 2Pac and taunting him. That did it. "You can flash them gang signs if you want," screamed 2Pac, "but I''ll kill all you mother******s this is Thug Life!" Then he invited people to come on stage and try to "kick my ass"! Thug Life rushed on stage to be with 2Pac and I started thinking that this looked like a scene from westside story and when I thought it couldn''t get any worse, it did. A shouting match occured with a guy in the pit (great just where I was). A member of of Thug Life just kept at it. Suddenly the guy threw a cassette on stage and then a water bottle was hurdled at him, I started thinking what this looked like as arena and the Mecca security tried to guide the people out so they wouldn''t get trampled. I was glad to be out of there safely, but I felt I had to find out what happened! Later I interviewed the cheif of security, Sgt. Delroy Roberts, who told me that the police had to kick in 2Pac's dressing room door! They made everyone kneel with ther hands behind their heads as they searched the dressing rooms. they found two semi-automatic weapons. No one admitted to knowing about the guns. As I was leaving, people who had been in the audience were saying, "What was wrong with him?" "Has he snapped?" "We all could have been killed!" And we could have! I was shocked and saddened. Why did this happen? I had just witnessed another chapter in the troubled life of Tupac Amaru Shakur. That was the end of the story I wrote when I reported this incident. Now we know the answer to my final question. It ended badly and sadly. Personally, I liked 2Pac. Having met him once in Chicago, I found him to be very pleasant and cooperative as I took photos and intrviewed him. I sincerely liked the guy. So I wanted to hear his side of the story on what took place in Milwaukee. But a call to his manager's office informed me that the office was no longer representing Mr. Shakur. And that was the last time I had contact with the late Tupac Shakur!

Tupac's Wild Side

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