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Westside's Views Tupac Still Needs A Manager
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Written by Westside ID242   
Friday, 22 October 2004 12:10

The legacy of Tupac needs a manager. Recent events have proven what I have thought for a while now.

Album releases that are conducted as a secret or just for certain people.

People added to or producing on Tupac tracks that either Tupac did not like or that Tupac did not know.

West coast people ignored and their verses cut out of tracks. Resurrection released with MTV who would not play Tupac videos while he was here, but once they see money they act all homie like and want to rep for Tupac.

The over priced over rated Makaveli Branded line, which is priced above the range of most true ghetto rats. And is handled by people who started promising the moon if you would co-operate and then not having any clue what you are talking about when you call them on it.

Tupac still needs a manager and a public relations firm. Leaving such things up to who ever feels like doing them is not healthy for Tupac’s legacy.

Everybody wants a piece of Tupac and his legacy is what is suffering.

News of the upcoming December release is close to the last straw. We knew we had many unreleased Tupac tracks that we would be able to have over time, and in away that knowledge smoothed our loss. Knowing that Tupac had stored some of his work was a light in a dark place. His knowledge and words are timeless, so of course we would be able to relate to them and maybe learn from them. Is there another ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’ or maybe a ‘Wonder Why They Call You Bitch’ or even an ‘Old School’ in that unreleased material? We will never know. Because even if there is it will be twisted and turned upside down and a fake g here and a fake g there added for flash instead of substance.

There is still no love for the west coast among all the people involved in all of this. MTV seldom plays a west coast artist, as BET doesn’t. And don’t try that Snoop thing, I am talking real west coast artist who didn’t sell out to the mainstream just for what ever it is these dudes think they are getting.

To actually do Tupac’s life work and dreams this way is a travesty, at least to some of us who do not like what is going on with Tupac’s legacy. To constantly water down his product and little by little add and subtract from his work is leaving the legacy in danger of being lost for future generations. I would like my children to be able to experience the power and the knowledge of Tupac’s words with hearing a watered down twisted version according to how the ‘east coast’ see’s it.

I don’t see anyone giving Biggie’s tracks to Johnny J or Hurt M Badd to play with and to add that west flava to. So why are Tupac’s writings and work being turned over to the east?

People were worried that Suge had some masters, some Tupac material and they wanted them. Went to court to get them and the rights to turn them all over to the east coast main steam pop hop?

Tupac needs a manager: one to watch out for his legacy, his music and his name; but maybe if to many people say that – then either Eminem or Puffy Combs would be ‘anointed’ with that position. So maybe if we just don’t buy the east versions of Tupac’s tracks then maybe the word would get out that Tupac’s fans are not going for what is happening to his music. But that will never happen, because his fans are starved for new Tupac and will follow like sheep until they themselves relate Eminem and 50 Cent and the entire east with Tupac; and then there was none.

Support real Tupac legacy building and reject all the rest – it is the only thing you can do as a true Tupac fan to preserve the true Tupac for the future.----1---Westside

Westside's Views Tupac Still Needs A Manager

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