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Westside's Views Stance on BIG Trial Bad Rap For Website
Stance on BIG Trial Bad Rap For Website PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID1588   
Saturday, 25 June 2005 03:47

The recent trial news of the family of late rap artist Notorious B.I.G., led by his mother, Voletta Wallace, and widow (and R&B and hip-hop recording artist) Faith Evans against the City of Los Angeles has produced many articles and has brought a lot of ‘bias’ towards Death Row Records CEO and rap mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight to light.

As a creditable news site we decided not to play into the headline grabbing articles that only have accusations and theories. We have decided to either point out the mis-givings of the case or if there ever is any true evidence we will post that.

This stance of ours has brought much response in the way of email to the site, to myself personally and to other site staff members.

It should be noted here that not ALL staff members take the same view as I do on this matter. Suge Knight’s reputation has been twisted for so long by the mainstream press that some people are truly convinced by hearsay and allegations.

That being said, as the hip-hop community looks at this trial as something that will prove who did the murder of late rap artist Notorious B.I.G.; that is not the true focus of this trial. It is to see if the only defendant left, the City of Los Angeles, is responsible for a conspiracy to cover the murder up.

As I said we have got a lot of email. You would not believe the stance that some take on this and we never thought that the stance we have taken would be judged the way it is being judged.

We will continue to only bring facts that involve ‘evidence’ in this trial. I and all the staff here will just have to realize that if your convictions differ from that of the mainstream, there are always those who want to come at you.

Being the Site Founder / Chief Editor, I have finial say as to what goes on the site. It is my conviction not to accuse or headline a man (Marion ‘Suge’ Knight) who has done so much for the hip-hop culture without evidence, and since there has been none presented over the last 9 years; we will continue to take this stance.

Along with being a successful business man, Suge Knight was Tupac Shakurs’ friend as well as his (Tupac’s) boss. I think we all forget that for the last 9 years Suge Knight has had to live with the loss of his friend Tupac as well as all of us. Suge Knights legacy in hip-hop is much deeper and more respected than just ''allegations''.

All these media sources (from print to the web) should remember the old saying ‘Let those without sin cast the first stone’, and then maybe all these ‘alligations’ would stop and only evidence would be reported on.

Not all the email we are receiving is ‘hate’ generated. Some of it is rather thought provoking and insightful.

Here is an email we got, and with permission I want to post it. For as many ‘haters’ out there, there are that many people who truly get what is happening. The authors contact info is at the end of the email (with permission).

To the Staff at ThugLifeArmy.com,


I wanted to give you credit. You''ve been saying for years that Suge had nothing to do with Pac's death. You''ve also been saying that there will never be any real evidence against Suge in Big's murder.


And now the day many people have waited for is here. The day to show and prove what really is "concrete" in the Big murder (or assassination depending on who's telling the story).


I''ve done what I feel is a thorough research into Pac's death. And I''m pretty certain that Suge was loyal to his homeboy all the way to the end of Pac's life. I honestly feel that things were carried out the way Pac wanted them to be.


The allegation is that the Police covered up any evidence that would link Suge Knight to Mack and Perez. Officer Milller and Poole say they had the car with gun residue in it, but the then Chief told them to return the car. Several hearsay witnesses claim to have heard Suge, Mack, Perez, Wright, and Sikes confess on different occassions. Yet, with all these "witnesses" and FBI survelliance, THERE IS YET NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE!!!!


The Feds said that Martin Luther King, Jr cheated on his wife and was a communist. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? The Feds said that Louis Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad ordered the murder of Malcolm X. Where is the Evidence? And isn''t it strange that alleged "members of the NOI" killed Malcom, and alleged "members of Osama Bin Laden's group" destroyed the towers? Isn''t it strange that the guy who allegedly shot Big actually walked up to Big's car group asking quesitons right before the shooting. And he was wearing the type of suit that NOI brothers wear? It just seems that some one in government is using alot of he say, she say to point the blame Suge's way. It just seems that Big was killed hoping to start an east coast west coast war involving the Nation Of Islam (who often protected Tupac).


I just feel that if corrupt police from the 90's was the problem to finding Big's murder, then why haven''t the police from the 2000's done so? It just seems to me that this isn''t about Los Angeles not wanting to pay in the civil case. This is about a greater entity not wanting the truth to come out about that murder. Some have speculated that officer Poole and Miller were part of the conspiracy. I don''t know if they were, or if they were just duped.


I really don''t think this Big trial is going to bring any real evidence against Suge, Mack, or Amir. And I feel that if there was any real evidence, that someone in law would have presented it by now.


We shouldn''t hate Mrs. Wallace or Mrs. Evans. They suffered a great loss. Mrs. Afeni Shakur recently presented an award with Mrs. Wallace. We all realize that Americans of African descent are all victims of Racist lies and conspiracies. Mrs.Wallace was fed the same lies that others were fed. With "informants" on the pay roll, all that hear say would seem real.


Big's mistake was not warning Pac about the New York conspiracy to kill him. Big only told Pac to "stay away from them dudes." But Big never told Pac why. Then Big went on to "use" some of Pac's concepts and styles in Big's rhymes. That's why Pac was so mad at Big and Puff. Pac felt betrayed. Pac had helped Big so much. Pac had shown them so much love.


Both deaths were a great loss. But we really need to unify. What if a great Entity was behind the loss of Tupac and Big? Then why are we hating each other? And why do we continue to support that lie.


Suge, Dave Mack, Perez and who ever else are innocent until proven guilty. If the Law is covering up anything, then the Law may be the real culprit behind Big's death.


And if either artist was killed because of some "gang" related situation, then we should respect both deaths of two powerful soldiers.


But we as a people need to move on. We need to respect our dead, and we embrace our living in hopes of fulfilling Pac's dream of Social Unity between the masses.


I thank ThugLifeArmy.com for helping me view reality and evidence as opposed to Governmental projected hearsay.


GAT (Exodus 24:18) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it     


Westside's Views Stance on BIG Trial Bad Rap For Website

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