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Westside's Views Homeland Security or Homeland Scrutiny
Homeland Security or Homeland Scrutiny PDF Print E-mail
Written by Westside ID40   
Monday, 11 October 2004 05:32


It seems the ''new'' program put into effect is at best a showing of America's racist views. No longer can the views be misunderstood or hidden. Here is part of what the new program entails:

"Under the new rules, travelers press their index fingers onto an inkless scanner and then have their photograph taken as they make their way through customs".

"The security checks target foreigners entering the 115 U.S. airports that handle international flights, as well as 14 major seaports. The only exceptions will be visitors from 27 countries - mostly European nations - whose citizens are allowed to come to the United States for up to 90 days without visas".

"Also exempted will be most Canadians, because they usually are not required to get visas, and Mexicans who are coming into the country for a short time and not venturing far from the border".

The new program, called US-VISIT, or U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology, is expected to check up to 24 million foreigners each year - mostly people of color.

True this program will ''catch'' many people we would not want here, but it will also act like most of the drug and three strike laws we have---a reason to harass people of color.

The program excludes travelers from 27 ''EUROPEAN'' countries. Which in my mind mean mostly white countries, since most Europeans are not of color. I can see the travelers of color now being open targets for the powers that be.

Maybe this program should be called European Privilege.

"Under the program, photographs go into a law-enforcement database that eventually will allow users to pull up photos of visa holders and make sure they match the person who is seeking to enter the country. The travel data is supposed to be securely stored and made available only to authorized officials on a need-to-know basis".

And we all know how this will work. It will turn out to be a witch hunt for people of color and the information gathered will always be used against them, it has always been that way.

"Nishith Shah, who arrived at Boston's Logan Airport from India, said he was comfortable with the process because it did not take long. But he said he hopes it does not lead to further restrictions on foreigners".

``Is it going to stop here?'''' Shah said.

"In Brazil, meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry started fingerprinting and photographing arriving Americans last week in retaliation. U.S. citizens waited for hours Monday to be photographed and fingerprinted at Rio's international airport".

``As far as reciprocity, Brazil has every right to do this,'''' said Claire Fallender, a 27-year-old American sociologist from Boston, who said she had been waiting for five hours. ``The only problem is without the technology to process people, it's causing frustration and losing the point of protesting American policy.''''

To Mr. Shah I would have to say welcome to America; the America they have tried to hide for so long. But now it is becoming increasingly harder to hide the fear of people of color. Any color, which is apparent in the 27 ''European'' countries that have the privilege. I would say that privilege is because of their light skin.

America's fear of people of color is rampant in this program. In the 60's and 70's it was the Panthers who most Americans feared because of their ''color''. Huey Newton and Bobby Seale were hated because of what they stood for-the struggle of Americans of color. The Klan had the privilege in the 1860's till the1980's, or maybe since the Revolutionary war till the present; who really knows. Or maybe it was Bro. Min. Malcolm X or The Honorable Elijah Muhammad who sparked their fear.

Now the fear has gone global. America is afraid of any person of color and most Americans lack the knowledge of what a Muslim really stands for; so the fear makes them fear any Muslim to.

I just think this is another way to harass people of color. A global racial profiling if you will. Traveling while black (or of color). Just as a person of color is not suppose to drive a nice car "so let’s stop them"---are people of color suppose to be able to afford to travel?

I know we need to beef up security in the U.S. . But why is everything so one sided. Does anyone remember that Timothy McVey was a white European? America needs to take a good look at herself and the image she is portraying, and then we may be able to solve some of our own problems before we try to tell the rest of the world how to live. Who in their right mind would want to live like us? Well except white Europeans that is, but they did look well on our brothers from Mexico.


Westside's Views Homeland Security or Homeland Scrutiny

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