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Westside's Views 'Once Upon a Time' Rap Mogul Suge Knight
'Once Upon a Time' Rap Mogul Suge Knight PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID1576   
Wednesday, 22 June 2005 08:02

It seems now, once again, 8 years after the fact: Death Row Records CEO and FRIEND of assassinated hip-hop rap icon Tupac Shakur is in the ‘lime light’ over the murder of the Notorious B.I.G.

Even though FBI and police investigations failed to net a suspect, a spin of theories, allegations implicating corrupt cops, gang hits, bicoastal beefs—and of course Suge Knight are all headlines in this civil suit trial. None have been proven, so far.

One would have to think that knowing the way the LAPD feels about Suge Knight, that if there was any tiny particle of evidence that he was involved in the shooting of the Notorious B.I.G.; Suge Knight would be locked up for that by now.

The current lawsuit civil trial of B.I.G.'s mother, Voletta Wallace has brought all the so called ‘evidence’ out in the light.

So far there have been tears, accusations, a witness who built his statements on ‘Hearsay’ and a few other court jesters thrown in for effect; like the disgruntled former employee Russell Poole’s THEORY.

Tears, theory’s and allegations; so where is all the evidence?

When ever this is brought up Suge Knight is alleged to do this and alleged to do that. Web sites and other media sources eat that up. Suge Knight is a headline – plain and simple.

As I recall there were allegations and speculation at the time of the murder of Tupac Shakur that Biggie and or Puffy had something to do with that.

And then a few months back a former Bad Boy Records employee Kirk Burrowes alleged in court papers, in another high profile lawsuit, that Puffy had something to do with Tupac’s murder?

That did not last long in the headlines though because Puffy said it wasn’t true, so it all was dropped in the press.

So why is there always this ‘rise’ against Suge Knight? Why is he the root of all evil to the mainstream media?

If there is evidence in this case against Suge Knight then give it to us. If not – move on to the next subject, because everyone will take these little sound bites and snippets and run with them causing a ‘snowball effect’ that will be much bigger than the truth.

Marion ‘Suge’ Knight built one of the largest black owned businesses in the country; and the biggest black owned record company except for Motown. Now that is fact and there is evidence to back that up.

Is it maybe that Suge is known to be have affiliations with the Blood Piru? In that case then why does MTV ban video like The Boo Yaa Tribe video for ‘Bang On’ which featured Mack 10, off their airwaves, because they said the video had too many gangstas, and too much gang affiliation, yet look at some Snoop Dogg gang affiliation videos running on MTV, but that is Crip affiliation so that is ok I guess.

Suge Knight has helped many get into the hip-hop and rap business and if not for Suge Knight we would not have many of the Tupac tracks that we enjoy to this day. So why is Suge always in everyone’s ‘sights’ to be disrespect and belittle at every chance.

Over the years Suge Knight has been looked at as the ‘Hood Bank’ for a lot of the rap and hip-hop artists he has helped. People suing at every corner, the press attacking at every other corner; and what about Suge Knight as a man?

Suge has a joint in his possession so that is a week or so of headlines. Like half the writers dissing him were not smoking at the time they were writing their articles of bias. Suge Knight has never claimed to be a saint and to hold him to a different standard than you hold yourself is not a fair and accurate report.

The mainstream press trying to implicate someone in something is not news. News is the facts of the case, the evidence in a case, not one persons personal opinion wrapped with ‘allegedly’ or ’sources say’ to cover the fact that it is made up.

Half of what is being reported now on Suge Knight should start off ‘Once upon a Time…”, because without evidence it is a fairytale; without anything to back it up.

Why do we feel the need to jump so quick to conclusions and try to force conclusions where there are no real facts?

I think all media should let this ‘play’ itself out and stop trying to build headlines on allegations and theories.

If all the allegations, theories and ‘hearsay’ turn out to be just that – are the mainstream press going to apologize to Mr. Marion ‘Suge’ Knight for discrediting him and taking cheap personal shots at him? I doubt if you will see that because that is not a headline.

Because current hip-hop and rap artists like to hype their little beefs and diss each other for sales that is not the way hip-hop culture is suppose to be. Remember that when you read allegations or theories and straight out untruths about Suge Knight and respect him at least for what he has done for the hip-hop and rap industry. His legacy in the music industry is bigger than allegations.

Westside's Views 'Once Upon a Time' Rap Mogul Suge Knight

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