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Westside's Views Why The Lingering Hate
Why The Lingering Hate PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID656   
Tuesday, 04 January 2005 22:53

Marion 'suge'' Knight


Since the incident at the Vibe Awards involving hip-hop rap producer Dr. Dre, it seems the Suge Knight ‘haters’ have been coming out of the shadows; where most of them live.

When the Vibe incident story first ‘broke’, it was all eyez on Death Row Records founder and CEO Marion ‘Suge’ Knight. He was involved, he planned it; some reports even had him on stage yelling and throwing chairs.

As it turns out Suge Knight apparently had nothing to do with it. A man sitting near Suge Knight started the incident and then a member of G-Unit got involved and the rest is well known.

Even today, well over a month later; you can see on the net where some web sites are still reporting Suge Knight had something to do with it. Some are asking ‘why he (Suge Knight) was even at the Vibe Awards at all, since he was not an ‘invited’ guest. Not having any ‘evidence’ to back up their theories, they are just throwing things out to see if anything will ‘stick’.

The answer to the latter question is that rap artist Petey Pablo was invited and was there. Marion ‘Suge’ Knight is Petey Pablo’s manager and as such went with him to the awards. All this was explained on national TV; when Suge went on The Late Late Show on November 20th.with DL Hughley. (If you missed that you can watch it HERE.)

Since the rap and hip-hop culture lost Tupac Shakur it seems many cannot get at Suge enough. Many blame Suge Knight for the death of Tupac and many just seem to hate Marion ‘Suge’ Knight because he is successful. When you are successful there are always people who hate you for it.

Death Row Records made history and Suge Knight built Death Row Records. He is the Barry Gordy Jr. of his generation. Just as Motown has a legacy, so does Death Row Records; and like it or not Marion ‘Suge’ Knight is a big part of that legacy.

When the Vibe Awards incident happened, automatically all eyez where on Marion ‘Suge’ Knight and the blame was pointed in his direction because of past dis-agreements with Dr. Dre.

Now in the same room where other people who, in the past; also had problems and dis-agreements with Dr. Dre. Why were their past problems with Dre or their ‘police records’ not brought up or plastered all over the net? Why where not all eyez on them too?

Rap artist Snoop was there. He had past differences with Dre. He has had his ‘problems’ with law enforcement. The room had more than Suge Knight in it, but still the haters seen Suge Knight and of course ‘he did it or had something to do with it’.

I have even heard music publicist and other media people say things about Suge Knight just to make the hate spread. It is like some people cannot hate this man enough.

If you look at all the artist he has helped – not only getting into music, but with their legal woes and personal problems; it is hard to understand the hate that is in many of these peoples hearts.

Even in the case of Tupac Shakur. If Suge had anything to do with the loss of Tupac, or if the police had any shred of evidence, it makes sense they would have acted on it, since they top the list of Suge haters. Does anyone take in account that Suge Knight lost a friend that night and not just an employee? Where is his ‘closure’ that everyone speaks of?

We hear a lot of would Tupac roll with this artist or that artist or would he be doing this with this person or that person. One thing is for sure; Tupac rolled with Marion ‘Suge’ Knight. Suge Knight helped get Tupac out of Danamora Prison. In 1996 Tupac Suge Knight and Death Row Records brought us All Eyez on Me. Over 8 million copies sold to date. Over 8 million people would not have that piece of Tupac Shakur history if not for Suge Knight and still they hate on him.

The next time you listen to All Eyez on Me remember with who’s help that was made possible. Suge Knight has made sure that Death Row Records continues the outreach programs he designed to help the less fortunate.  For years, Death Row has lead a community-oriented series of programs designed to give back to those who have been caught on the downside of life’s wheel.  Death Row has handed out free Thanksgiving turkeys to the homeless, provided free transportation on Father’s Day for children whose fathers were incarcerated, instituted the Death Row Records Prisoner Appeal Fund (which provides legal funds for those who cannot afford representation to mount an appeal) and hosted an annual Mother’s Day gala for single moms.

Marion ‘Suge’ Knight’s Death Row Records have brought us many musical artists.  Not only the most famous and loved, Tupac Shakur but also Death Row has brought us: Dr. Dre, Snoop, Kurupt MC Hammer, Lil Bow Wow, The Lady of Rage, Michel''le, Danny Boy, Gina Longo, RBX, Jewell, Nate Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Left Eye of TLC, (under the name N.I.N.A.), Above The Law, Crooked I, Virginya Slim, K-9, Tha Outlawz, Tha Realist, Eastwood, Gail Gotti, Lil'' C-Style, Sam Sneed and the list goes on of people who where part of Death Row Records at one time or another.

With all the talk about loyal to the game, it seems Marion ‘Suge’ Knight has been loyal to the game he helped start; to bad many cannot be loyal to him.

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Westside's Views Why The Lingering Hate

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