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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 9
Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 9 PDF Print E-mail
Written by binky mack ID4592   
Monday, 05 January 2009 00:50

IN HIP HOP NOTABLE BINKY's HOOD (01.04.09) Sunday 2:28 @ pm) - Tax season, new president coming & economy in questioning. What up folks. Binky Mack is back atcha & thinking about my new EP and new musical name. The EP is titled Los Angeles 1942 (google it) and my new name will be Mansa Musa (google that). I will talk more in detail and why I chose everything in a few weeks.

Much love to my friends Rob and Frank at Thug Life Army for the 2009. Rob let me do my thing in 2008 & I will continue to move in my positive position in 2009.

I consider myself a Christian but I have 1 of several flaws in my closet. 1 is that I like scary movies & it seems like they are getting more & more darker as I watch them. I am going to be slacking up, trust this… My mother told me not to play in that realm because certain things can take place.

I won’t go deep, but I was watching this movie that was really good. Close to the middle of the movie, the killer or monster (I am not finished watching it) mentioned that he had already killed God and now he was going to kill the people he was talking too. I said wow, who was the writer. But then again, you got to remember that it is not just Christians in this world. There are also atheist. Also I noticed something this morning in a cartoon I was letting my son watch and was just trippin out….. Man, is it going down. Is it really jumping off with another fake prediction of the end of the world in 2012 ? hmmmm… Let’s kick back and see.

Well, music sales are still down. I been getting soundscan & can’t believe that music cd’s on the shelf for sale will be long gone unless prices drop down down down. New artist is who I feel sorry for because some artist only know making great music and not the business side of it. They will hurt now unless they have a grind. Also consider the music business as a stepping stone to something else greater. For us that loves the music game, we don’t care. We just want to keep making music.

I am up on facebook now and thought it was boring at first. To me it is still just ok, but I check it sometimes and holla at some of my good friends. Myspace has gotten boring. I have put it in my online publicist’s hand at this time to handle my old myspace and will build my own page again one day, maybe. I like my old Inglewood High School website that is kind of set up like myspace. Just good ol everyday humble folks, like me I guess. You have to be a Inglewood High alumni to get on there though.

Remember I told you about my new book I am writing? Well I can’t believe that the majority of it was not in my computer when I went back to it to continue writing. That was weird. I had not written a lot but I was like pissed wondering where everything went. The show must go on dawg. That means I must hold up on exposing the title.

How was your new years folks? I chilled with my familia, had 2 small glasses of champagne and watched West Angeles Church bring in the New Year on my computer (streamlined). Now that was dope. When new years came in, me and my 2 sons was jumping up & down acting silly. I like to make a big deal out of something when in actuality; it is really just another day.

Everybody that knows how to pray, pray for me. I am starting 3 to 6 sober living homes in Lousiana and we are in the beginning stages. It will not be an easy task but the fight will go forward. It will be a ministry and the purpose will be to serve the people. Once everything is up, we are moving to Los Angeles next. Pray for a brethren…I will have more details soon.

My 2 year old is messing with me, so I am gonna holla at yaw next week. By the way, Mary Mary had the hottest cd for 2008 so go pick it up. Look out for Keesha Rowe and boo Hef for 2009. Killer cd’s from my folks.  

GOD bless,

binky mack

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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Notable Binky Mack 'Binky's Hood' - Week 9

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