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Urban Culture News Food for the SPIRIT from Minister Server Temple of Hip Hop
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Written by Minister Server - The Hip Hop Life Coach ID4201   
Monday, 03 March 2008 00:00

March 2008 “Food for the SPIRIT” from Minister Server: Temple of Hip Hop

Peace and much love! The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you, Word!


The spiritual gift for the month of MARCH is STRENGTH


Most people associate STRENGTH with being physically strong, having power or acting in a forceful way. However, your spiritual gift of STRENGTH, gives you the ability to use your inner power without using physical effort by allowing you to get still when confronted with a challenge so you can make a wise decision.


When you are dealing with any obstacles, using STRENGTH, you will learn how to have the patience that’s needed for the best outcome in all situations you will encounter. STRENGTH gives you the confidence to know that you have control over you and not any outside entity that attempts to take you out of spiritual alignment.


We live in a very diverse world that’s getting even more diverse everyday. Let’s face it, there are some people and points of views that you just don’t understand or agree with, and that’s okay. Your spiritual gift of STRENGTH will allow you to develop tolerance, which gives you the ability to be fair and just with people that you may not understand or agree with. Using this kind of STRENGTH will also keep you away from bigotry, prejudice and negative judgment of others, which will allow you to learn to value the diversity of humanity.


As you work toward fulfilling your destiny, there will be times when it seems like everything is going against you and you feel, "close to the edge". You may even have people around you, (especially family and friends) telling you that you should give up on your dreams. Most of them don’t really mean you any harm; they just can’t see what God has shown you! Pay no attention to them, your spiritual gift of STRENGTH gives you the ability "keep it moving" and have the perseverance to achieve your divine purpose regardless of any people, places and things that are barriers on your path!


Even when you have set clear goals, you’re focused and ready to "make it happen", there may be times when you seem confused because your heart is "feeling" one way and your head is "telling" you something else. You need balance, if there is no balance, you can become too "intellectualized" and suffer from what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called the, "paralysis of analysis". Or you can get too "spiritualized" and suffer because as I heard an elder say, "you become so spiritual minded, that you ain’t no earthly good"! During those times, you should get still and remember your spiritual gift of STRENGTH gives you the ability to achieve balance between your feeling nature and your thinking nature which will allow you to make the best decision for your highest good and greatest joy!


As you grow in your consciousness, continue to use your spiritual gift of STRENGTH to develop the patience, tolerance, perseverance and balance to help you achieve anything you desire by simply being who you are, a unique, remarkable and unrepeatable expression of the Most High God! It is true, you let It be and there It is, word!


Forever HIP HOP,

Minister Server - The Hip Hop Life Coach

Temple of Hip hop,

HIP HOP Ministries, Inc.


Urban Culture News Food for the SPIRIT from Minister Server Temple of Hip Hop

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