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Urban Culture News Rap Music is Assisting in Genocide
Rap Music is Assisting in Genocide PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kwabena Sakidi ID2806   
Thursday, 06 July 2006 01:33

Stop selling us out! Exposing those who are assisting the genocide of Afrikan people via rap musik by Tutaonana, Kwabena Sakidi Jijaga Rasuli D.J. Precious Pau

I recently got a quick glance at Russell Simmons being interviewed on a cable news channel talking about world peace. Simmons appears to be a regular guest on the tube and the mass media-made spokesman for hip-hop. If anything, he may be a spokesman for rap songs, but not hip-hop.

This man talks about world peace and at the same time pushes cognac and garbage songs to Afrikans in the U.S. that promote internecine warfare in our communities so he can benefit monetarily. Give us a break, Russ. Denounce that garbage music, stand with Kurtis Blow and demand that artists stop using that self-hating N-word which is killing our people.

While on-line searching for information on Kurtis Blows’ recent demand that rap artists cease and desist using this word, I ran across a Chuck D piece where he said Russell years ago explained to him why we should not drop the N-word on wax. What happened, Russ? Was it Jerry (NWA) Heller, Lyor Cohen or Rick Rubin that convinced you that it was kool. Explain yourself, brother. Or are you just as bad as Bob “Mobutu” Johnson, when it comes to selling out your people?

Now JayZ and Christal. A boycott of Christal. No more of that juice in your club. Kool. But what we gonna drink now? Replace one poison with another? Alcohol abuse is another worldwide method of genocide being pushed on Afrikan people. From NBA playoff commercials inundating us with Pussycat Dolls asking us if we wish our girlfriends were freaks like them, while telling us to consume a Dutch brew. (Remember that Dutch West India slave trading company?) If 70 percent of those with HIV are Afrikan women, why direct our women towards a freaky lifestyle ?

Next, we got a man around 35 years old, busting songs talking ‘bout I love my b**** with the response of I love my n*****, not to mention lyrics about not being afraid of the d*** and getting f****** in the club. Will.i.am (I thought you were koncious), Kelis (I hate you so much right now) and all who participate in this continuous disrespect of our ancestors, elders, children need to be put in check and made to answer some serious questions. Our children are constantly on line getting the lyrics to this garbage musik.

Last summer insult was added to injury by the use of Marvin Gaye’s image on cognac ads spreading more poison in the community. Tellin us to ... “never blend in.” The image they used of Marvin Gaye is from one of the most socially koncious albums of all time, “What’s going on.” Here is a man who left us much too early because of substance abuse, now encouraging us to drink hard liquor.

In the either the January or February ‘06 issue of Ebony, there was a five-page article extolling the virtues of cognac and the French grape growers who produce this poison. We consume more ‘yac in Detroit than in the entire country of France. How much did they pay y’all, Ebony?

Afrikan media in the U.S. have a responsibility to the people, and they must be called out when they betray us. How in the hell are Dipsets’ “Killing Season” and Mobb Deeps’ “Put ‘em in their place” the number two and three R&B albums in the country? How much did they pay y’all Jet. This is the ultimate sell-out move. With the recent senseless murders of 14-year-old Starkesia Reed and 11-year-old Siretha White just blocks from your headquarters, how can you promote this murder music?

Rap musik is dumbing down our youth, promoting moral decay amongst the people and is being used to stifle the natural militancy of our people. Hip-hop must study and understand the Prisoner of Conscience Committee’s (POCC) code of culture and live by the standards set.

In addition, rap musik must:

1. Stop promoting alcohol companies! – i.e. Seagram’s, who also control music companies which push mental, physical and emotional poisons on the poor, oppressed and depressed people across the land.

2. Stop promoting strip clubs! – these are our mothers, sistas, aunts, daughters that we are disrespecting. Remember 70 percent of the people in this world with the so-called HIV virus are Afrikan women. “They building underground cities, while concerned about seeing titties.” – “Time is running out,” Brand Nubian

3. Stop the unnecessary use of slave-language (n-word) in our music! We are not Ni*****. If you’re mad at your brother, find another word; don’t use the one that was used to dehumanize you. If you want to show affection, call me your brother, not your Ni****.

4. Stop doing concerts promoted by serial killers! Kool cigarettes and other tobacco companies are mass murderers. Their jazz fusion concerts are mentally dangerous. They are using established neosoul and koncious artists, most of whom have already been checked being associated with this poison during the fight to end the Kool dj-mix contest a couple of years ago. Three million get taken out each year worldwide from tobacco.

5. Stop promoting all this ice! “It is a fool who’s own tomatoes are sold to him.” – Afrikan proverb. Y’all heard Kanye’s “Diamonds from Sierra Leone.” Check the issues in the Congo. Probably the most material rich country in the world. Over 3 million murdered in the last decade for the tantalum (atomic #73), which is used to make capacitors for cell phones, play stations, x-boxes and other small electronics, with hardly no news of it.

We already know the response. We just wanna make money. First of all, Nelly, Luda, Russ, Kanye, Busta, Snoop etc., y’all don’t need no more money. Secondly, just ‘cause you make money don’t make it kool. Remember, slavery was profitable.

We continuously get together for Hiphop Congresses, Roundtables, Summits, etc. These issues need to be brought up, analyzed and dealt with. Accountability has to be demanded. Let’s check out lectures from Dr. Lance Williams, Coach Alfred Powell, (Bro. ED) Carl Mack, Kwesi Harris, The Truth Minister Paul Scott, Chuck D, KRS-1, Sista Souljah etc.

That white-owned company ran by silly sell-out kneegrows that’s about to have Damon “patent the n-word” Wayans and Busta “I love my b” Rhymes highlight their award show must cut their late night soft porn video show “Uncut.” (It’s 2:00 a.m in the Chi. and that garbage just came on.)

There should be no compromise on this. CEMOTAP, NAACP, United Action Network, Urban League, Nation of Islam, United Afrikan Movement, Black United Front, CORE, New Black Panther Party, Republic of New Afrika, Operation Push, Global Afrikan Congress, National Council of Negro Woman and any other organization that is supposed to represent the rights of our people should be embarrassed that we have allowed this madness to go on for so long. We would have added the Congressional Black Caucus, but they’ve already proven themselves to be a group that’s full of spineless, selfish, greedy jellyfish when they honored BET’s CEO, Debra Lee, at their annual party last fall. Did Viacom pay for the party? How much did you get for selling us out? It’s time for y’all to STOP SELLING US OUT!

The stuggle continues.

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Urban Culture News Rap Music is Assisting in Genocide

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