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Urban Culture News Hip Hop Icons Father Dr Mutulu Shakur Update
Hip Hop Icons Father Dr Mutulu Shakur Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID3685   
Wednesday, 30 May 2007 01:50

On June 18, 2007 the father of hip hop icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac), Dr. Mutulu Shakur, will be going up for parole. The father of the hip hop icon was recently moved from the Federal Correctional Complex at Coleman, Florida to the United States Penitentiary at Pollock, Louisiana. While the abrupt transfer has somewhat disrupted Dr. Mutulu Shakur's preparations for a parole hearing, he, his lawyers and support network have decided to move forward.

Dr. Mutulu Shakur got some letters out before they locked down his mail and took away his phone privileges.

One of the letters deals with the ‘Hip-Hop Summits’ in Coleman II. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Shakurs’ letter:

“The justification of the Hip-Hop Summit took place in the context of the Cultural Diversity Class through the Educational Department in Coleman II Adult Continued Education (A.C.E.) program. The purpose of this event was to utilize Hip-Hop as a vehicle to discuss social issues and to educate the inmate population on the art form as well as to identify and analyze the challenges for individual development and rehabilitation within the prison setting.

The goal of documentation of the interaction and dialogue between outside and inside participation was to produce publication and audio-visual materials to be used to display the reflection of incarcerated inmates on these issues. Another goal was to service the academic and social development of the Hip-Hop generation. The major question that was posed during the Hip-Hop Summit was centered on the argument that Rap lyrics have played a role in the criminalization of Black and Latino youth, the promotion of crime, the increase of the United States prison population. Over the years certain media outlets and politicians have helped to create the perception that “Hip-Hop” equals crime.”

This is a very informative letter and we would encourage all to read the entire letter HERE.


The second letter from Dr. Shakur titled ‘Coleman II Legacy’ give you insight of the government tactics the Federal Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.) will go to deny Dr. Shakur, a political prisoner, a politically neutral parole hearing.

It will also show a practical example of how The African in America, New African, and Latins from our community are intentionally being isolated from their incarcerated relatives.

Here is an excerpt from that letter from Dr. Shakur:

“The section will offer a multi-platform expression of the issues and facts involved in the conflict, and hopefully will expose various educational, entertainment and political programs which impacted the prison population by the uses of workshops, forums, summits and entertainment. Evidence of the progress can be objectively confirmed by demanding a statistical account of the stabbings and deaths between Coleman I under a different vision (essentially warehousing) and Coleman II under the administration of Warden Carlyle Holder, during a one year period February 2K6 to February 2K7.

Coleman II was guided by an innovative leader who believed that the old method had been a failure, based on his 27 years of experience. His method of action with the inmates was constantly rejected and undermined. Many supported a position that prisoners should be warehoused instead.

The positive outcome of our programs resulted in a lack of disruptions, fights, and introduction of contraband into the prison. This actualization of the programs was halted by an administration with alterior motives. They hated in their hearts the very sight of inmates working out their problems to avoid violent conflict. That the various races, contrary to other prisons, were able to develop a managerial process of dealing with conflict. That we were moving to a higher form of human dignity.

As you will see an error in judgment created an opportunity for a diabolical administration to create rumors and lies in order to undermine the collective consciousness of the entire prison population. A population who had attempted evolving to become better people, by rejecting all destructive stereotypes.

The attack has been waged on myself and John 'strap'' Harris, and maybe others. I do know that in U.S.P. Atlanta, Lateef Varo Brooks was also questioned about me with a host of allegations. Mind you, Latif has never been to Coleman II. Also attacked was staff deserving of the upmost respect, Chaplin Beston and the inspiring Unit Manager Mr. Martin - the allegations were numerous and anything that the administration could use to taint my reputation to inmates and staff to give my incident a report, which would impact my crucial parole hearing in a negative light.

The first allegation, as you will later see in the Q&A between myself and the South East Regional B.O.P. representative, was to determine what I knew of how a film clip (which I haven''t seen) of a workshop held at the July 29 2K6 "Hip-Hop Summit" at Coleman II got on Myspace and on a DVD being sold on the streets of Atlanta (a). The second allegation was that I made a DVD of the clip for personal financial gain (b). The third allegation was that I was in violation of prison rules by running a business while incarcerated by way of my web site (c). The fourth allegation was that the clip of the workshop from the July "Hip-Hop Summit" was meant to promote a gang rivalry (d).”

Mind you while I was incarcerated in Atlanta a number of years ago, I was put in the "hole" along with 13 other poets when a group of poets on the outside decided to read our poems at a club as a fundraising for N-Cobra, a community activist group in Atlanta. Further allegations that there is support of Horizontal Aggression and Sexual Exploitation of Women in my projects is not even an issue - there's no shred of evidence to support any of the above accusations. All of you who are aware of my presence on the internet know my positive objectives quite well, and it's those objectives that the administration wants to smother even though my free speech is constitutionally protected.

I do also believe that I have an obligation to carry on my commitment to support the generation that is effected and inspired by Hip-Hop. As a continuation of my son Tupac's (2Pac) Legacy, your support for our recent "Dare 2 Struggle" project ensures me that you agree it is an important part of the process. The community based non-profit projects that we contribute our share of the proceeds to are very relevant and serve an important purpose in our community. And we''re proud of that association.

This is a very informative letter and we would encourage all to read it in its entirety HERE.


Visit the official web site of Dr. Mutulu Shakur at http://www.mutulushakur.com .

There is much going on and much that everyone should be aware of and be concerned about.

Although Dr. Mutulu Shakur is presently in total lock down, his address is below if you would like to send him a word of encouragement and support.

Dr. Mutulu Shakur #83205-012



P.O. BOX 150160




Urban Culture News Hip Hop Icons Father Dr Mutulu Shakur Update

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