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Urban Culture News Atlanta's Global 'See-Peace' Concert Aug 28 2007
Atlanta's Global 'See-Peace' Concert Aug 28 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID2943   
Wednesday, 16 August 2006 01:25

"Peace is the sweeter music...a cosmic melody far superior!"---Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Anniversary of: "I Have A Dream"...Let's Co-Create the World's Biggest Peace Concert.

President Clinton, along with Bono, Sir Bob Geldof, and Sir Richard Branson are being invited to create ''World's Biggest Peace Concert''

Organizers for “World’s Biggest Peace Concert” (Global “See-Peace”) implore President Bill Clinton to schedule Atlanta press conference for: “I Have A Dream” Anniversary -- August 28th ... "Please bring Branson, Bono, and Geldof too!"

Peacemakers in Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthplace, Atlanta: City of Peace, are very excited about the prospect of having President Bill Clinton speak at their upcoming press conference. They are asking President Clinton to endorse and announce plans for “World’s Biggest Peace Concert” (one year away). The event is scheduled for August 28th (exact anniversary-date of Dr. King’s world famous speech: “I Have A Dream!” However organizers have yet to receive an RSVP.

John R. Naugle, Lead Coordinator of the 2007- Global “See-Peace” Concert, proclaims… “President Clinton, please drop what you’re doing, schedule and speak at our press conference August 28th! Accept leadership/founding position to create “The World’s Biggest Peace Concert” that will bring a 300,000 live audience to Atlanta on “I Have A Dream” Anniversary-2007, plus a 3 billion televised-audience. Your important facilitation of this historic event will GREATLY advance the goals of: The Clinton Global Initiative: www.ClintonGlobalinitiative.org . President Clinton, with your powerful support, plus assistance with PR, and a few telephone calls to other press conference invitees/dignitaries (i.e., Sir Richard Branson, Bono, Sir Bob Geldof) then our historic initiative will discover launch-success!”

Concert organizers will announce plans for creating “The World’s Biggest Peace Concert” on August 28th -- “I Have A Dream” Anniversary. Their research has proven our Global Family desperately needs additional degrees of Global Peace. Andrea Kay Smith, founder of Partnerships In Peace and concert co-creator states: “President Clinton is positioned to help us set powerful, courageous, and inspiring new precedents for our new Century and new millennium ahead. In addition, uniting creative energies with The Clinton Global Initiative, we can all greatly further the goals of the 700+ organizations worldwide now registered with The United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace: www.Decade-Culture-of-Peace.org. In addition, we can greatly inspire the 1400+ Peace-Cities of 119 nations registered with the global organization... Mayors for Peace: www.MayorsforPeace.org. President Clinton, let’s courageously seize this huge ''Window-Of-Opportunity!''"

President Clinton recently delivered a powerful speech at Coretta Scott King’s Memorial before 3 other US Presidents, 200+ Congressmen, and hundreds of millions of televised-viewers. His speech lit a “fire-of-action” within this “World’s Biggest Concert” Project. John R. Naugle, Lead Coordinator of the 2007 Global “See-Peace” Concert, proclaims… “President Clinton, thank you for challenging us by saying: ‘What will happen to the legacy of Martin Luther King and Coretta King? Will it continue to stand for peace & non-violence, and anti-poverty, and civil rights, and human rights? … What are YOU going to do to make sure that it grows? Atlanta, what will happen to the King Legacy?”

Organizers of “The World’s Biggest Concert” proclaim they have responded to President Clinton’s challenge. Their courageous plans to recreate the global success of Bono & Geldof’s LIVE-8 Concert (that generated ~3 billion televised-viewers) is evidence. However, for their Global “See-Peace” Concert to succeed they challenge President Clinton with this question: “What will YOU do to nurture Dr. King’s legacy, and will you assist us in addressing the 3-Evils that Dr. King still implores us to address: Poverty, Racism, and Violence? Will you assist us in developing Global Peace for our Global Family?”

The Atlanta Peacemakers deeply appreciate President Clinton’s challenge. His inspiration (in addition to planning “The World’s Biggest Peace Concert”) has also motivated them to lay plans to create “The World’s Biggest Peace Garden” (ATL): www.PL-G.org; “The University of Peace-No. America” (ATL): www.UPatl.org; and “The Global Peace Museum” (ATL): www.GlobalPeaceMuseum.org. In addition these Atlanta Peacemakers believe President Clinton inspired and challenged their courageous mayor -- Shirley Franklin… She recently led a group of business, civic, and business leaders to remove Dr. King’s historical collection of papers from Sotheby’s Auction-House, purchase them for $32 Million, and return them to his birthplace.

Organizers of “The World’s Biggest Concert” state that millions around the Earth (in their own way) say: “I Have A Dream” about a more Global Peace and a healthier Global Family. This courageous group of peacemakers is urging President Clinton to please telephone Sir Richard Branson and urge him to also attend the August 28th press conference. Branson’s Virgin Music Company would be an ideal co-producer of “The World’s Biggest Peace Concert.” In addition, Branson’s “World’s 1st Commercial Spaceline”-Virgin Galactic 2008 Maiden-Flight is just around-the-corner. “Global “See-Peace” organizers proclaim: “We need Branson to accept our proposal to carry our Team4Peace and a Peace-Flag (setting a great new millennium precedent)! Our dream is that President Clinton will urge Sir Branson to also bring Bono & Sir Bob Geldof to the August 28th press conference.”

Concert organizers are encouraging Bono & Geldof to announce their acceptance of their invitation to be Executive Producers of our 2007-Global “See-Peace” Concert (“The World’s Biggest Peace Concert”). It is known globally that Bono & Gledof’s LIVE 8 Concert addressed one of Dr. King’s 3-Evils (Poverty) for one continent (Africa). John R. Naugle, Lead Coordinator of the 2007- Global “See-Peace” Concert, proclaims…”President Clinton, please bring Bono & Geldof to Dr. King’s Birthplace to address all 3-Evils (Poverty, Racism, Violence) for all continents: Global Peace for our Global Family.”

Many dignitaries from various parts of the US and internationally have been invited to the Aug. 28 press conference. President Clinton, a few simple telephone calls on your part will bring GREAT success to our upcoming press conference August 28th. See complete details here (www.See-Peace.org ) regarding specific invitations to: Bono, Sir Bob Geldof, Sir Richard Branson, ATL-Mayor Shirley Franklin, Mike Eskew/UPS, Arun Gandhi (grandson), Dexter Scott King (Dr. King's son), President Jimmy Carter, GA-Governor Sonny Perdue, ATL's-Nobel Peace Prize Nominees: Senator Sam Nunn, Ted Turner, Dr. John Endicott, plus R.E.M., Peter Conlon, Louis D''Amore/IIPT, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs/UNMDG, Dr. Deepak Chopra/PWGC, Steve Leeper/MFP, Dr. Helen Caldicott/WAND-PSR-NPRI, Alice Lovelace/USSF, Dr. Cheryl Tarr/USDoP, James C. Kennedy, George Hirthler, Yael Oestreich.

About the 2007-Global “See-Peace” Concert:

Organizers proclaim: "WE Have A Dream" about world peace (as millions & millions of others around the Earth do) because Dr. King first said: "I Have A Dream!" John R. Naugle, co-creator to the Atlanta: City of Peace Initiative has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and has donated his time and talent to 100+ nonprofits throughout the Atlanta over the last dozen years. He has also campaigned to be elected Mayor of Marietta twice (1993 & 1997). His current primary focus is finding key individuals who can assist with professionally packaging, polishing, and launching this global peace initiative.

Visit http://www.see-peace.org for more information.

Email...Global "See-PEACE" Concert: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Urban Culture News Atlanta's Global 'See-Peace' Concert Aug 28 2007

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