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Urban Culture News Meaningful Hip Hop 'In The Shadow of an Icon' Hits Stores
Meaningful Hip Hop 'In The Shadow of an Icon' Hits Stores PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID4134   
Thursday, 17 January 2008 10:47

Set to re-arrange the urban hip hop landscape with the release of their highly anticipated hip hop project ‘In The Shadow of an Icon’, grassroots record label Thug Life Army Records is pleased that the project is now in stores nationwide.

‘In The Shadow of an Icon’ is a unique project bringing artists from all across the nation together for a meaningful message filled CD, built on the ‘thought process’ of the late hip hop and rap icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac). The project contains no music by Tupac (2Pac), but it does reveal artists who grew out of the ‘shadow’ of the hip hop Icon

As we see the urban hip hop musical landscape infiltrated by corporate hip hop and what seems to be so much music with out a meaning, this unique project from Thug Life Army Records focuses on the ‘real’ things going on in the streets and in the lives of many in hip hop culture.

Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur was more than a rap artist. He was also a poet, an activist, a reporter and yes a teacher. The artists put forth on this unique project have all learned and have crafted their skills out of the ‘shadow’ of the teacher Tupac Shakur; they too have re-taken the place of ‘street reporter’ to enlighten, spread the news and/or deliver true street messages in their rhymes.

This project, from Thug Life Army Records, distributed by Fontana/AMG/Universal/, was released to all the major digital download sites in mid December and is available now for on line download.

If your local record source does not have the CD ask them to order it and if your local radio station is not playing tracks from ‘In The Shadow of an Icon’ please request that they do. Support of this album will show that Hip Hop is not Dead, people are just not looking in the right places for it.

When asked about the direction the music takes in the CD, RB explains “The various sides and teachings of the ‘man’, Tupac Amaru Shakur are represented on this CD - from his street side, to his political side, to his deep inner self. A total look is taken at the course Tupac had traveled in his short life. A picture of Tupac’s life is a picture of many of our lives. His up’s and down’s are roads many of us have shared along the way. That is why Tupac gained the respect of almost everyone in the hip hop community - we could feel his pain and joys, as he felt ours. His words and teachings remain relevant today because the situation has not changed since Pac first started exposing the real truth of hood life, and the artists on this project continue with

Pac’s message of ‘keeping it real’ thru real talk. No spinning rims or drinking in the club, just solid true about the reality of being raised in a society that does not understand you or your situation.”

“Violence has touched many in this country, not only the hip hop community. This is not only a requiem for the life of Tupac and for all the fallen ‘souljahs’ who have died needlessly or have found themselves in situations they cannot control, but it also emphasizes why the lyrics that Tupac spit and the knowledge he put forth is still relevant today; because nothing has really changed over the last 11 years since Tupac was murdered, and the artists on this project came together to put out a hip hop album with a ‘meaningful message’.”

With over 25 different artists participating in the project, there are many backgrounds and each artist has their own region where they rep from and their own experiences in life. From the west coast, to the east coast, to down south, and even Canada, artists from all across the nation prove on this project that hip hop is not dead.

The project has been endorsed by many including the Hip Hop Association, The Hip Hop Congress, The Black Coffee Channel, and many others.

Here is the track list for ‘In the Shadow of an Icon’ and more information can be found at http://www.myspace.com/intheshadowofanicon or on the Thug Life Army Records web site at http://thuglifearmyrecords.com .

Track list for ‘In the Shadow of an Icon’

Disc One

1.) Boo Kapone - KNOWLEDGE

2.) Concrete Souljahs - Walk wit me

3.) allfrumtha i - Everywhere I Go (good and evil)

4.) SUPe – The System

5.) Hustle Creed - We Live and We Die

6.) Purple Lounge "H.O.P.E"

7.) Nolan – PEOPLE

8.) 1223 - Wish I Knew

9.) Jasiri X and Franchise - 2 Pacs More

        Producer: Paradise Gray (X Clan) and GM3

10.) Page 1 - Fallen

11.) Ebony Burks – Choice

12.) G Luv  - Revelation

13.) FAME – Next 2 Kin

14.) U.N.D feat. Teeka – Understand

15.) binky mack - Conflict Of Interest         

Disc Two

1.) Kemo the Blaxican - Breathe

2.) Celly Cel - No Tomorrow

3.) Dolo - So Much Drama

4.) Qwiccshott - Never

5.) Sammy B feat Big Dee – No Half Steppin

6.) 3RDegree – Broken Home

7.) allfrumtha i - Me & My Dawg

8.) K – Loron – Speed of Life

9.) Concrete Souljahs - Related to the Undergroud

10.) Tommy Danger - Run for Cover


12.) binky mack - Taken Over

13.) Malign20 - Hopes and Dreams

14.) Queen Josie - Young Men of Today (Spoken Word)

Web Site - http://thuglifearmyrecords.com

And on MySpace at - http://www.myspace.com/intheshadowofanicon

and http://www.myspace.com/thuglifearmyrecords

Press Contact

RB Riddle

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Cell – 513-673-3144

For radio mp3’s and/or a press promo copies of the album for review or banners to help promote this project on your site please contact RB Riddle or Thug Life Army Records at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Urban Culture News Meaningful Hip Hop 'In The Shadow of an Icon' Hits Stores

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