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Urban Culture News Internet Gangsterism Hip-Hop's New Millennium Drive-By
Internet Gangsterism Hip-Hop's New Millennium Drive-By PDF Print E-mail
Written by Khalil Amani ID4469   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 08:25

The "hateration" and "bitchassness" in hip-hop is unparalleled on the Internet! Sometimes I wish I could jump through my computer screen, right into a dude's bedroom and slap fire out a cat's ass (Beam me up Scotty!)—put my foot so far up a dude's *ss that his breath will smell like shoe polish—hit him so hard that it''ll jar his kinfolk in Africa—punch him with a left until he begs me for a right! Goddamned Internet thugs!

The Internet gives a nigga courage to say shyt that he would otherwise keep to himself. No more "liquid courage" (alcohol) needed! It's all about the keystroke! It's all about Rams, megabytes, gigabytes, high-speed Internet access and a shyt-load of time on your hands.

Bloggers and hip-hop heads feed into this need to expose and hate on rap stars at every turn! Admittedly, some of these rappers need a good literary lashing (Suge Knight, Ricky Rawssss!), but a lot of it is just plain ol'' hate and bandwagon jumping!

The Internet litmus test for writing negative shyt should be, "Am I man or woman enough to say this to their face?" If everybody applied this simple and soul-searching concept, there''d be a lot less hate going on—take a moment and choose your words wisely, keeping in mind what "The Good Book" says, "…the tongue is a little member and boasteth great things… for every kind of beast…hath been tamed but the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison… Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it [talking shit] shall eat the fruit thereof [get what's coming to them!] (James 3:5-8, Proverbs 18:21). The truth can be written about your favorite rap star without dehumanizing him or her!

As a hip-hop blogger who blogs about gays & lesbians, I''m the target of a lot of hateration and bitch*ssness! Niggas blog about me like it's the strangest concept for a straight man to big-up gay people! They can''t fathom the thought that a straight cat could/would endorse gay & lesbian rappers! It is beyond their homophobic comprehension! What a foreign concept! They say it's a "gimmick." They say all sorts of vile and ignorant shyt about me, yet I keep paving the way for that breakthrough gay or lesbian hip-hop artist into the mainstream.

"The Destruction of Khalil…" (Hoodgrownonline.com) "Khalil is an Aids-Ridden DL Brother." (Byroncrawford.com) "He's Straight…At Least That's What He Says." (Highbridnation.com). These are the kinds of malicious blogs written about ya boy, intended to put me in a blogger's coffin, but I''m still here blogging about that gay hip-hop shyt and any other subject that I feel like! They wanna drown an emerging voice within the hip-hop community! Gay hip-hop! Boy! You Negroes have learned well from your white slave masters! The "Good-ole Boy" motif in full effect! Tiger Woods can''t join that golf club in Augusta and these faggots can''t join our heterosexual hip-hop club!

They come over to my blog and say, "Oh Khalil! Can you change the subject already? Enough of this gay talk!" "This shit needs to be censored!" You ain''t heard? I''m your muthafuckin'' "Gay Friend's Favorite Straight Friend!" I''m the Spiritual Advisor of Gay Hip-Hop! I''m the author of the first book ever written on gays in hip-hop! (Hip-Hop Homophobes… iuniverse.com) Change the channel or start your own blog and talk about the shyt that moves you!

Personally, I''m flattered by the time invested in trying to "destroy" me. One blogger wants me "destroyed" and the other wishes I die a slow "AIDS death!" Dayum! Nigga writing that I got that "Ninja!" (HIV+) (I oughta sue that fat-ass motherfucker for slander!) Are my blogs having that kind of effect that niggas wish death upon me? Wow! Now I''m feelin'' 50 Cent! (Many Men). As much as I''d like to bitch-slap these niggas into the next millennium, I don''t wish that they die! I just want to beat them up! Old man strength style! (Lol!)

Character Assassination is the new millennium drive-by! Dudes used to get their knuckle-game on. Next came drive-by shootings. Now, all a nigga's gotta do is fire up his PC and get stupid-busy assassinating a person's character and career, with no ramifications of payback or incarceration. Internet Gangsterism!

The Internet is the new Witness Protection Program! Niggas write dirt and then hide behind screen names and shyt!—Change their names to ATL, Mr. Man, Swahili-Wannabe, GunActor! Blogging hard with fake-ass pictures of white actors or old pictures—when they were young and physically fit. This allows the shyt-talking blogger to indiscriminately go in on his victim, with no accountability for their words. They fight like terrorists—undercover, hiding among the hip-hop populace, waiting to throw a rock and hide their hand! And then they freely walk the streets of Harlem and St. Louis, having no thought of being confronted because they are INCOGNEGRO! No one suspects that the fat cat with the limp is that guy who blogs for XXL! No one would guess that an Iowa-bred white boy is the foster-child of a black Harlem family, whose writing style is so overtly racist… I said, "Whose writing style is so overtly racist… so overtly racist" by ebonically over-accentuating how he thinks black people write to feign black, while hiding behind his moniker—Glock DeNegro! This is the strategy of a coward!

Internet Gangsterism is cowardness exposed! It is bravery behind a computer screen! 

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Urban Culture News Internet Gangsterism Hip-Hop's New Millennium Drive-By

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