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Urban Culture News Support Ali Khalid Abdullah Bid for Parole
Support Ali Khalid Abdullah Bid for Parole PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID2384   
Friday, 03 March 2006 11:56

Ali Khalid Abdullah is a political prisoner being held at Mound Correctional Facility in Detroit, Michigan. Please read on and see how to support Ali Khalid Abdullah bid for parole and successful re-entry

Ali is in prison for the charge of "Assault with Intent to Rob while Armed". He was convicted to 10 to 20 years for his involvement in trying to shut down a major drug dealer because one of the drug dealer's drug sellers sexually molested an 11-year-old girl as payment for the drug bill owed by the girl's mother. As a result of finding this out, Ali and three of his comrades went to take people's justice out on the drug dealer and his companion by going after their phony business where volumes of drugs were distributed and large stashes of money were held and transferred. For his actions, the courts felt he acted a vigilante for taking the law into his own hands - the hands of The People where it belonged- rather than allowing the state to do nothing.

Since Ali has been incarcerated, he has continued to fight for the people. He has continued to struggle for liberation and justice for all people. However, as a result of his political activities, Ali has met much repression from prison authorities. This has ranged from being constantly transferred from facility to facility, mail rejected and tampered with, property damaged by corrections officials and an attempt on his life by other prisoners. This was based on a bogus story put out by prison officials, hoping this would stop Ali's political attacks of them. Ali has been up for parole since 1996 with a recent parole hearing in February 2000 and each time, they have denied him parole for unsubstantiated reasons.

Ali, through PPWC (Political Prisoners of War Coalition), has developed a powerful network where revolutionaries, activists and socially conscious individuals have come together from all walks of life... bridging the barriers of language, distance and borders to defend truth and to fight for freedom.

Action is needed to support Brother Ali Khalid Abdullah and his struggle for a fair parole hearing.

Plan of Action: Send letters of support for Brother Ali Khalid Abdullah to the Michigan Parole Board. This brother has been locked down since 1990, and was denied parole in 1996 for dubious reasons. Abdullah was convicted for his role in bringing community justice to drug dealers, gang members and a child rapist.

Purpose of Action: As a prisoner of conscience who has developed self-help programs for other residents during his detainment at various state prisons in Michigan, as well as kept his mind sharp and his spirit healthy and strong during his detainment, Brother Ali Khalid Abdullah has more than paid his debt to society by serving out his sentence, for which he should have been paroled in 1996 but was denied. To date, he has served more than the 10-year minimum his sentence called for, and we must band together to call for his non-parole release, which will be in the next 19 months, with nothing owed to the state, provided that the Michigan Parole Board finds reason for him to merit release. Again, he meets with the Parole Board this month..

PLEASE Participate

What You Should Do Now:

(a) Write a letter of support For Ali Khalid Abullah.

(b) Address the letter (not the envelope) to:

The Michigan Parole Board

P.O. Box 30003

Grandview Plaza Building

Lansing, MI 48909

(c) Send this letter directly to Ali Khalid Abdullah. The Parole Board won''t accept the letters unless Brother Ali gives the letters to the Parole Board directly when he meets with them this month.

(d) Mail the letter to:

Ali Khalid Abdullah #148130


17601 MOUND RD


In the letter, express your desire to see this brother released, why you want to see him released and what support you would be able to offer him upon his release. If you are affiliated with any community-based organization, and are able to send the letter as a representative or officer of that organization, please do so. Sign and date your letter, and please be certain there is a return address on the envelope. See sample letter here.

Follow through with any commitment you propose. If you are able to link Brother Ali up with any community resources, including job leads upon his release, commit yourself to follow through on that proposal.

Brother Ali writes and distributes pamphlets through two distribution companies, and relies on donations for the pamphlets to obtain basic necessities such as postage and other provisions. It would be helpful if we could make small donations and order his pamphlets, even if just one, as this will also likely constitute one of his small streams of income once he is released. These pamphlets can be obtained through the following:


P. O. BOX 442438


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Request pamphlets ‘The Shaping of Marcus Garvey’; Race: Why and How it is Used; The New World Order


P. O. BOX 721


Request Letters, Writings and Poems; In the Trenches and PPWC Declaration


Sample Letter to Parole Board

Letter of Support (includes instructions)

Goals & Outcomes


Petition the Michigan Parole Board for the release of Ali Khalid Abdullah.

Raise awareness about Ali’s case and identify resources he may use upon release.

Support the political awareness work and livelihood of Ali.


Ali Khalid Abdullah is successfully released after serving 16 years.

Ali Khallid Abdullah successfully re-enters society with our help.

Inspire community activism in low-income areas around world.

Ali Khalid Abdullah can begin to earn a living through his community work and writings.

For more information visit: http://www.assatashakur.org and


"Now is the time for us to come together with one another, to organize, to speak out and speak up on behalf of each other. There is no time to waste, while we debate, define, and discuss; the enemy continues his genocidal plan. We need to bear in mind the Ashanti proverb: ''Two men in a burning house must not stop to argue.'' " - Dr. Mutulu Shakur


Assata Shakur Forum - http://www.assatashakur.org/forum  

Buy Hands Off Assata T-Shirt - http://www.cafepress.com/assatashakur  

Pan African TV - http://www.PanAfrican.TV  

The Talking Drum - http://www.thetalkingdrum.com

Urban Culture News Support Ali Khalid Abdullah Bid for Parole

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