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Urban Culture News Chairman Fred Hampton Jr Responses to State Slander
Chairman Fred Hampton Jr Responses to State Slander PDF Print E-mail
Written by Fred Hampton Jr. ID2335   
Saturday, 11 February 2006 02:36

Combating the continuing COINTELPRO

By Fred Hampton Jr.


All Power to the People! Now the computer ain’t never really been my thang. For out in the field has been more my line of work. I’ve historically moved with caution as to how I deal with criticism and have moved with more prudence in fact when it comes to as if or how I deal with slander at all. Case being that one runs the risk of validating every dissenting voice as an official envoy. Add to that, the dilemma that one may get caught up with more struggling for struggle sake, as opposed to struggling to win. However, in this case, at this time, recognizing that this smear campaign is part of a bigger plot…I felt it appropriate that this attack be objectively addressed. With that being said, straight to the chase: or better yet, straight to the state!

Structure stops a lot of bullshit as well as enables you to at least identify state shit. So let us put this contradiction, an antagonistic contradiction at that, in its correct context. The improper title of Fred Hampton Jr. (Black Panther) vs. Allah Jihad (Nation of Gods and Earths) served as a warning sign through the door, that you are about to be dealt nothing but deceit. It is recognized by various organizations, the people in general, and I’m sure the state also, that I Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. am the Chairman of the P.O.C.C. (Prisoners Of Conscience Committee), and a cub of the Black Panther Party. The BPP, though militarily defeated, ideologically they won. Militarily defeated by the United States government’s infamous COINTELPRO (Counter intelligence program), which was not limited to assassinations, frame ups, and false imprisonment, but also propaganda and state slander that set the stage for these same frame-ups and assassinations.

Prior to the launching of the barrage of slanderous attacks by this negro who presently identifies himself as “Allah Jihad”, I had no personal knowledge of him. However, a P.O.C.C. investigation has revealed that this criminal is long overdue to be exposed as an agent of the state. Although he claims membership in the Nation of Gods & Earths, as well as acknowledges that he has been kicked out of or expelled from at least eight (8) organizations within the last three years. His only consistency has been that of slinging slander either via internet (check www.myspace.com  then www.immortalbirth.com) or other venues that don’t call for face to face encounters. In particular, this internet gangsta or coffee club killa, has targeted those out of the Black community that have a known name or history. Whether it be artist, activist, religious leaders, or revolutionaries, he uses an attention grabbing tactic similar to the one that was employed by a cat that was cut from the same sort of counterinsurgent cloth, Fifty Snitch.

His physical “altercations” are mostly limited to the closed fist knocking out of women. Community accounts report that within the last five (5) months, he has assaulted a minimum of three women. Latest case being at a public establishment in which according to his statement “a whore that (he) slapped”, after knocking her to the floor in front of forty plus witnesses, he then walks outside to a marked Chicago Police squad car. When the victim comes out of the establishment, blood flowing from her mouth with these same forty plus people accompanying her, attesting that she is the victim, the pigs retort to the young woman, “If you say anything else, we’ll lock your ass up!” With this as well as other contradictions in which I shall point out, let the lines be correctly drawn. There is no war between Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. (P.O.C.C./Black Dragons) and “Allah Jihad” misrepresenting himself as a member of NGE (Nation Gods & Earths). However, there is and has been a war waged by that what “Allah Jihad”/Marcus LaQueal Cartlidge aka Mujahid aka C-Medina – The Mother of Civilization truly represents: the U.S. government. On that which I Chairman Fred represent, the P.O.C.C. in particular and the People in general. That what I have, I do and will defend.

This example of the state’s historically utilized tactic of tapping into the emotions of the people in order to cause a reactive response is a strategic move in order to isolate their designated target: This case being myself and the P.O.C.C., away from the people. The mere mention of an infant’s death with no basis of proof, no call for accountability from the accuser…nothing! A pre-colonial witch hunt ain’t got nothing on a choreographed set up by the state and its respective agent provocateurs.

In response to the said charges an objective P.O.C.C. P.I. (Peoples Investigation) was launched. Not simply because Chairman Fred was the one whom the allegations were directed at. Because of our consistent position being that anytime there is a complaint or crime reported in the community, we say don’t take it to the pigs - the all time high purveyors of crime - take it to the people! And that it was: An objective P.I. resulted with more than enough evidence that the criminal who portrays himself as a victim be convicted in any community court of crimes committed against the people.

_Not only were the allegations of the January 23, 2006 shooting of Marcus LaQueal Cartlidge’s home unfounded…

_It has been brought to our attention that there is No Wife, No Twins, No Infant, No dead child.

A logical question is how and why would someone produce such a detailed tale? The fact is that this agent provocateur backed with an unlimited amount of state’s resources, has been able to move around in “concert circles” and “kick conscious conversation” with no questions called! P.I. results have also revealed that Cartlidge’s claims of benefit concerts for the youth, in which he has duped artist as well as patrons alike, has about as much validity as to why the U.S. claimed that they invaded Iraq…none! No center, nor have any children received any benefits. Nothing! With this he moved with full confidence in pushing an Angela Lansbury urban murder mystery. To every media outlet, internet address, and any one whom would lend an ear. He also adopted a tactic that was employed by Adolf Hitler’s propagandist, Dr. Joseph Goebbels…”when you tell a lie, tell the biggest lie possible in order that no one would believe that it is a lie.”

That well worn tactic by the state of identifying its designated target as a gang banger or any other media making catch phrase, is another attempt to flip the script and justify any/all moves. It was even brought to my attention that there were questions raised as to if I was a Crip, due to my presence at the services for fallen Souljah and stand-up legend Stanley Tookie Williams. If I were alive during the time of the late great Paul Robeson, the megalamaniac U.S. Senator McCarthy might have hit me with the arbitrary labels they were dishing out in order to destroy various individual’s lives. Whether it be Adid in Somalia, or fellow fallen Pantha’ cub Tupac Shakur on a Vegas strip, or Big Took on San Quentin’s death row; whether they word it as a warlord, gang chief, or a rap war, these are the steps and stages by the state of snatching someone from the streets. I recognize the writing on the wall. From first glimpse it may appear that Cartlidge is simply a case of nuts gone wild in need for attention. Not negating or devaluing the number of reports that we’ve received that he in fact has a serious history of mental illness. However, the principal contradiction, the string puller that has backed this buffoon is the U.S. counterinsurgency. This is state spray paint that intends to set the stage for further action and to literally cease the people’s action. I’ve always been one to be extremely careful and to objectively dissect the entire scenario before placing the pig jacket on anyone. In this case I’m placing the pig jacket, boots, shoes, pants, hat, shirt, and socks on him!

It has been brought to our organization’s attention that at least on two of my previous speaking engagements, both being in December 2005, a day before the actual event Cartlidge has come through scouting out the area and inquiring as to when will Fred Hampton Jr. be speaking. For in this jungle where the consequences can be costly…If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, talks like a pig, oinks and operates like a pig…It’s a PIG! A quick history of state set-ups for wet-ups (assassinations) and/or frame-ups include but are not limited to:

_September 20, 1958 stabbing the chest of Dr. M.L. King by a mentally deranged Black woman in a Harlem, NY department store as King autographed a new book.

_Former CIA director Richard Helms instructs his agents to do everything they could do to “monitor” the activities of Malcolm X. Shortly after, Malcolm is poisoned in Egypt. His home bombed February 14, 1965 while his wife and children were asleep. State sanctioned slander says that Malcolm bombed his own home.

_Mentally deranged black man posing as a member of the Black Panther Party, George Sams, is used by the government to front as if he were fleeing federal authorities in order to justify massive nationwide raids upon Black Panther Party headquarters.

_I would be remiss if I were to negate to mention the case of the P.O.C.C. Minister of Defense Aaron Patterson whom, after being victimized by a vicious slander campaign, was framed up by the federal government via an agent provocateur, Mario “the fox” Maldrano.

In reference to Marcus LaQueal Cartlidge, this peon presents no problem as an individual, for these negroes come a dime a dozen. However, with the backing of the states forces and resources, he as well as any other number of the countless numbers of collaborators with COINTELPRO, could prove catastrophic. Interestingly “whore” was Cartlidge’s choice word in which he claims was the cause that kicked off the spiral of so-called events which resulted with the loss of the mystery family that no one has knowledge of…with the exception of himself. Cartlidge, a willing whore for the system, a mercenary at most, has chosen an occupation in which his pimp (the U.S. government) sees no long range value and has no vested interest in him, or his likes in particular. The laundry list of lap dogs for this system that they’ve exposed and expired themselves when they were through using them is unimaginable! With U.S. imperialism they literally “ain’t got no love for them ho’s.” Examine the William O’Neils, the Julius Butlers, the Tshombes, Mobutus, and the many other similar sad stool pigeon stories of those that the state got rid of in one way or another after they had no more usage for them.

Throughout my history the state has sent more agents at me than a James Bond 007 movie, and more mothafuckahs’ wired with mic’s (microphones) than a hip hop concert. Warren Gilbert was used to frame me for the dubious fire bombing of two Korean owned stores in Chicago, IL. While held captive, they placed them inside my respective cells. I’ve had my inner circles infiltrated in order to facilitate assassination attempts on me. They’ve placed known rats close to my residence and provided them with the means in order to engage in activities that could be used to catch me up. You name it, they’ve done it: and I’m sure will do it again, and again, and…

I must add also that for all that it is worth; telltale signs may also come with questioning community accountability. No, not how many “friends” he/she may have or not on a myspace blog. Or how many chat rooms they’ve checked in. While captive, in isolation in particular, we had what we referred to as the “chuckhole gangstas”. These were the cats that took advantage of being in isolation 24/7 behind solid steel doors with a small opening. Only when chow/”food” was being served, it is at this time they would talk felony shit, well knowing that if the opportunity presented itself, they wouldn’t commit a misdemeanor. In this technological age a cat could pretty much be who he/she wanted to be or better yet, who he/she could never actually be in reality.

Malik Yusef, who has a well, earned rep throughout the communities from coast to coast regardless of streets, affiliations, or geographical location, etc. Yusef is also respected for his representation and points of unity with the P.O.C.C.’s Code Of Culture, for not only talking some good shit, but also doing some good shit! Allah Jihad/Marcus Cartlidge’s maligning of the character of Malik Yusef was not only a straight out lie, but also a reactionary retort to Yusef’s refusal to participate in the scam concerts in the name of children that Cartlidge has been so easily able to pull off.

A simple street check would have revealed that this cat was as fraudulent as a Reverend Billy Graham sermon. A simple street check that might have saved some artists some time and energy, as well as the patrons a few dollars. A check that would have revealed that the only thing that has come out of this criminal is paperwork with poetic promises and grants in the name of those that know not what he do. An inquiry that would have revealed that “Allah Jihad, Marcus LaQueal Cartlidge, C-Medina/The Mother of Civliization, Mujahid” were all one in the same person and that 7 Crescent Entertainment is a government front. A simple street check that would have provided them with proof that in the same city that they were about to be scammed by this so called “Allah Jihad” is where the P.O.C.C. proudly hosts a coalition which the criteria is that we do more work before 10:00 a.m. than the marines or any elected officials in an entire two week time period. A simple inquisition that would have unveiled that when it comes to the people, Marcus LaQueal Cartlidge’s community card is bankrupt! For the proof is in the people.

Speaking of which, this situation has caused me to further ponder on previous concerns. What if some of these same said artists and patrons and their likes whom were duped, were to invest a tingent of the time and resources that without any questions or hesitation was, has been in the past, and is still being allocated, to either straight out state sanctioned, state backed or the state has in some way or another deemed to be safe – organizations, venues, events, etc. – were to be allocated to assist those that are from the valley? Those that dare to go against the grain and are clear that in the people’s respective cases, the state has set the grain! What if the energy that was invested from those that were previously idle whom hit their ignition keys via internet or gossip grapevines providing life to these lies, were redirected to put out mass call outs for court dates for P.O.C.C. Minister of Defense Aaron Patterson: Or were to heed the call for the need of Souljahs and Souljahrettes in the P.O.C.C.’s latest response to Hurricane Katrina America by providing assistance with the mission of P.O.C.C. International making the big move to the not so big easy, New Orleans, La February 28, 2006. Imagine if simply an eighth of that inertia was to be implemented with the 1 prisoner/1 contact Campaign for the Imam Jamil Al-Amins, Sundiata Acolis, Move 9s, Marshall Eddie Conways, Mumia Abu Jamals, Jerry Odinga Dunigans, the brothas down the street, the sistah up the way, and just common kinfolk? Man!...the sky would be the limit!!!

In closing, I must seize the time and call to attention the vitriolic manner in which Cartlidge referenced Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. and his respective organization, the Black Panther Party. An organization again, that ideologically won. An organization that to this day the people possess an undying love for. An organization that the U.S. government has not forgotten. An organization that like the legacies of Malcolm X and so many more remain under attack: attacks designed to either water them down, change their objectives or straight out obliterate them from history. An attack that has been and shall be combated.

I feel that legacies, and revolutionary legacies at that, are more important than our lives, for our physical shells have a certain amount of time to be here. But the long lasting legacies serve as the prototypes and examples for generations to come…as to how we should come. The assailant of my character also attempted to give the impression that I some how live off the legacy of Chairman Fred. On the contrary…I live to defend the legacy. Revolutionary love, respect, and appreciation, for the support from those that I work for - my employer, the People, for the P.O.C.C. official position is…”We work for the people, the streetz are our office, the concrete is our desk, our work hours are 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and the street Souljahs are our secretaries.


Your Servant

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.


©Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Forward to making the sky the limit

Forward to making Free ‘Em All! a reality.

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Urban Culture News Chairman Fred Hampton Jr Responses to State Slander

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