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Tupac News Davey D Hip Hop History Tupac Shot
Davey D Hip Hop History Tupac Shot PDF Print E-mail
Written by Davey D ID3002   
Thursday, 07 September 2006 09:07

2Pac (Tupac) Shot Again He Loses a Lung-Suge Knight Also Hit

Today marks the sad 10th anniversary of 2Pac getting shot on the Las Vegas strip. I remember that day as clear as yesterday. I also recall thinking to myself, that there was no way 2Pac was going to die. He had already been shot before and had experienced so much drama, his death seemed inconceivable. As we know, his injuries eventually led to his lose of life and it came as a shock for all of us....

We decided to reprint those original stories and in the upcoming week we will reprint the original ''get well letters'', we recieved and the aftermath remarks of his death. We hope that people take time out to not only remember the loss of life of one of our greatest emcees, but that we take time to reflect on the senseless deaths of thousands of young brothers and sisters in ghettos everywhere throughout the country and the world.

It's sad to note that as we reflect upon 2Pac, we have two rich men, 50 Cent and P-Diddy engaging in a war of words. Wouldn''t it be great if they could sit back and pool their resources and do something groundbreaking that could benefit us all? Oh well I guess that’s what we call wishful thinking.

peace for real

Davey D




Las Vegas...Saturday Sept 7 1996...


T he hip hop world came to an abrupt halt this past weekend [9/7/96] after a disappointing Mike Tyson fight...Anyone who saw it..knows it was fixed... According to witnesses 2Pac was in a car driven by Death Row Ceo Suge Knight. The two were part of a 10 car caravan that was driving down the Las Vegas strip... They were enroute to Club 612. This is the establishment owned by Suge... Suddenly at a busy intersection a white car pulled up alongside Pac's car and several people stepped out and proceeded to spray Pac's ride with a hail of bullets.. The result was 2Pac being hit 4 times including three in the chest...After two-three emergency surgeries.. 2pac had one of his lungs removed... Suge Knight suffered a minor wound when he was grazed in the head by a bullet...

Witnesses including J. Scott.. the associate editor for San Jose's Booty Crack Newspaper.., reported that Suge Knight was up and about immediately after the shooting while Pac was carried away in life threatening condition... There were reports that said the assailants got away on foot..by blending into the massive crowd that outside on the strip...

There has been a lot of speculation about who and why 2Pac was shot... Rumors ranging from it was a deliberate hit to a retaliation for an earlier altercation 2Pac had are the main one's circulating around the Bay Area... Others are gleefully pointing the finger at the east/west coast drama that has been plaguing hip hop.. At the time of the writing.. this particular author has no idea as to who..what where and how.. and has no confirmation to validate any of the rumors circulating around the town..

Whatever the case may be.. this latest incident adds yet another strange chapter in the life of 2Pac Shakur. One of the things that was noted by another source close to the scene was that 2Pac always wears a bullet proof vest... In fact at the last Tyson fight..Pac had on a vest... It was reported that this time he didn''t have one... Folks are also in awe at the fact that 2Pac managed to survive this latest attack..Two years ago.. 2Pac survived 5 bullet hits.. He now has been shot 9 times.. and is still alive to tell the tale... It's obvious that God wants this man alive.. How he intends to use 2Pac is a whole other story... With 2Pac losing a lung and coming so close to death, one can only wonder how this will change 2Pac... The Bay Area is definitely wishing him a speedy and healthy recovery...

For those who wish to send 2Pac a good well card.. you can send your cards and letters... 2Pac c/o Euphasia Records.... 849 W 3rd st..La, Ca..90048

For those of you who can''t make it to the post office.. you can email your letters to me.. and we''ll forward them over to his camp.....

Email... 2Pac a Get Well Letter...


Let's all hope and pray that this 2Pac recovers and that all of us step forward and help make this world less violent...

written by Davey D

September 9 1996

Tupac News Davey D Hip Hop History Tupac Shot

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