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Tupac News Fans of Late Hip Hop Icon Tupac Need to Chill
Fans of Late Hip Hop Icon Tupac Need to Chill PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID3090   
Wednesday, 25 October 2006 10:36

Fans of Late Hip Hop Icon Tupac Need to Chill by Robert TLA Admin.

The first singles are out now for the upcoming album from one of the greatest hip hop icons in history. Slain hip hop icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac) will release ‘Pac’s Life’ November 21st.

So called Tupac hip hop ‘purist’ are already dissing the album, even though they have not heard it. The singles are receiving mixed reviews from fans but to be fair the more you listen to them the better they sound.

Many fans want the OG versions of everything which is a valid statement but we have to recognize that Ms. Afeni Shakur is in charge of the legacy of her son and it is up to her what is put out.

Now dissing the album, and even a few dissing Pac’s mom Afeni, is just pure ignorance.

The single ‘Pac’s Life’ is right on point, for all you ‘purist’ Pac says it best in this track. Pac says ‘Everybody needs to chill’…‘to all ya niggaz conversatin’ on my life, mind your muther f*ckin business’… ‘Only real niggaz stay on top’   Why you mother f*ckers all up in my sh*t?’ And what do you think he would say to those who are attacking his mother over his music?

It is good to be a fan and to have luv for an artist, especially one of the status of Tupac (2Pac), but there is a difference between fan and fanatic.

Can you remember when ‘R U Still Down? (Remember Me)’ was released on Jive Records? Many did not like that album and were ‘mad’ because it had 26 older Pac gangsta rap tracks on it. So now many are mad because there are newer versions of Pac’s work. The point being you can not make everyone happy all the time.

The work that Afeni Shakur and everyone at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation (TASF) is an expensive venture. Building the Tupac Center for the Arts was not an easy thing to do and it is still not totally finished. If everyone who has an opinion of where the Legacy of the hip hop icon is headed donated one night of club hoppin to the foundation that would show support for the legacy of the greatest hip hop MC ever to rock a mic.

But these ‘fans’ would rather do the easy thing and sit back and complain because they don’t have this or that instead of being grateful for what we have.

Seriously to diss an album you never heard is really a depressing look at some of the fan base that Tupac has. A world loved icon not only in hip hop culture; but Tupac was a poet, actor, writer, activist and a strong Black man who made his mark in this world and is due more respect than he is showed. The most distressing thing is to see Afeni have to go thru this with every album that Amaru puts out.

I admit I did not like the ‘Loyal to the Game’ album, but I don’t like a lot of albums that are put out. You can not like every album an artist puts out. I bought it so I have it, but truthfully it is seldom played; compared to having to re buy ‘All Eyez on Me’ four times because they wear out with play.

Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur recently said "I say it every time, that Tupac left us the blueprints to follow, and without the amazing contributions made by everyone of these artists, producers, musicians, everyone, I do not know how I would get this great task accomplished," … "I believe whole-heartedly that Tupac sends the people he wants to these projects."

And still these so called hip hop heads, or fanatics, find fault with everything that is done with Tupac’s name on it. They don’t like the track list, the cover is wrong and when the album comes out it will be some fault with the liner notes.

So like Pac says in ‘Pac’s Life’ ‘Everybody needs to chill’ … ‘to all ya niggaz conversatin’ on my life, mind your muther f*ckin business’… ‘Only real niggaz stay on top’   Why you mother f*ckers all up in my sh*t?’

It has been 10 years since we lost this marvelous lovely individual and it is time to let go; not to forget or dis respect but to let go. Pac was before his time. His music would have not stayed the same, if he had lived, over the last 10 years. We do not know who he would work with or even if he would still be rapping, so accept what is put out or don’t; but don’t sit back and just complain about it and in the same breath say you rep for Tupac.

Tupac Shakur (2Pac) is a hip hop icon and nothing can ever change that or his place in hip hop history, so like he says in ‘Pac’s Life’ ‘Everybody needs to chill’………Period.

‘Pac’s Life’ will be in stores November 21st , pick it up. I have seen in different fan forums where people are saying they will wait and download it, and in fact some fan sites have the singles available for illegal download already, which is stealing for the man they are suppose to be representing. Buy the album: don’t download it.

Full track list for Pac’s Life can be found at http://www.thuglifearmy.com/news/?id=3086

Please visit and support the only Official Tupac Shakur web sites at



All of you sitting back just bitching remember what another icon, Malcolm X, said “Think of the image of someone sitting. An old woman can sit. An old man can sit. A chump can sit. A coward can sit. Anything can sit. Well you and I have been sitting long enough, and it’s time today for us to start doing some standing.”

So all you so called Tupac fans get up and stand up and support the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation and buy a brick for the Tupac Shakur Center for the Arts; lets finish this project.




Tupac News Fans of Late Hip Hop Icon Tupac Need to Chill

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