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Tupac News Hip-Hop Rap Legend Johnny J Shout Out
Hip-Hop Rap Legend Johnny J Shout Out PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID2140   
Wednesday, 23 November 2005 00:53

Among hip-hop and rap web sites it has become a form of validation or vindication for artists and industry people to give the site a ‘shout out’, so fans and visitors can see that certain artist think enough of that site to take time to record a ‘shout out’ to them. This more or less shows the site is legit and pointed in the right direction.

We have had some artists ‘shout out’ to us but the one we just got holds a special meaning for us since the core base of ThugLifeArmy.com are fans of the late rap icon Tupac Shakur.

Super hip-hop, rap, R&B and all around beat maker and producer Johnny “J” took time to drop a ‘shout out’ to us. Although Johnny “J” is best known in the hip-hop culture for his friendship and working relationship with the late rap icon Tupac Shakur, but he also has worked with many artists through out his legendary career.

Johnny “J” beats were the foundation that many classic Tupac hits were built on. It is hard to forget some of the tracks this awesome duo of Tupac Shakur and Johnny “J” Jackson put down together or how their talents flowed together to make enduring classic music that is still unconquerable today.

Knowing that Johnny “J’ is a very busy man: with his artists and his company Klock Work Entertainment, he has just finished up a track for the upcoming Lil Eazy E album titled ‘Letter to My Homeboys’, and he is working on music for the upcoming Tupac (2Pac) album; for Johnny “J” to take time to do a ‘shout out’ to us, or even remember us at this busy time is just incredible to us.

Johnny “J” and his long time friend and engineer Ian Boxill, who has been with Johnny “J” since day one, took time to get this ‘shout out’ together and send it over for us, and we are very appreciative to them for remembering us. Listen to Johnny “J”’s shout out to ThugLifeArmy.com HERE.

We all know studio time is money and besides that when Johnny “J” hits the studio he is all business, so that also makes this extra special for us. The net is full of hip-hop and rap fans arguing in chat rooms or on forum boards who Tupac would ‘ride’ with today if he was still able to be with us. The names mentioned range from 50 cent, Ja Rule, Eminem and countless others; but all this is really in vain because we will never know. But one thing is for sure. Tupac did ‘ride’ with Johnny “J” and the proof is in the classic music they created together; that will remain part of hip-hop culture history forever.

Johnny “J” is just not a musical genius; he is also a family man. He and his wife Capucine have been married for over 14 years and have 2 beautiful upright children; his son Niamyja and his daughter Zhani. Johnny “J” told me that Capucine is his ‘Bonnie’ like in Bonnie and Clyde. They roll together and it is a beautiful thing that in the industry that Johnny “J” is in, that he and his wife are such good partners and can maintain that love they have for all these years. That is truly an accomplishment in today’s world.

So with all the accomplishments that Johnny “J” has done, he is still doing his thing and along with the talents of his engineer Ian Boxill, are getting ready to release some new things thru Johnny “J”’s Klock Work Entertainment.

In a recent interview that ThugLifeArmy.com did with Johnny “J” he told us “Johnny “J” is getting ready to debut quite a few artists, which is going to consist of definitely rap music and R&B. You are definitely going to hear some alternative and a little bit of country and all those different elements coming out of me. So you’ll hear different styles and all the different elements just coming out of me. So I am going to hit you from every direction possible, because I love it all.”

You can read the full interview with Johnny “J” HERE and we have plans to do another interview with Johnny “J” and speak on his friend and business partner; rap icon Tupac Shakur. There is a lot of miss information floating on the net and who else to ‘clear’ some of that up except for someone who was actually with Tupac (2Pac) and knows the real deal. So watch for that upcoming interview and we will keep you posted on it.

Again, ‘thanks’ goes out to Johnny “J” and Ian Boxill for the ‘shout out’ to us. You really went out of your way and we all can see why Tupac would ‘ride’ with you. And in the spirit that Pac showed by helping the ‘lil guy’ out by spitting a track with them to ‘help‘ them on their way, you taking time to ‘shout out’ to us shows the ‘spirit’ that Tupac planted is still alive and well in some of the ‘old crew; and as fans we appreciate and respect that.

Keep check back with ThugLifeArmy.com for all updates on Johnny “J” and Klock Work Entertainment news, and watch out for the interview – it’s coming at cha.

Hear more artist shout outs to ThugLifeArmy.com HERE.

Tupac News Hip-Hop Rap Legend Johnny J Shout Out

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