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Tupac News New Hip-Hop Tribute to Late Rap Icon Tupac 2Pac
New Hip-Hop Tribute to Late Rap Icon Tupac 2Pac PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID2485   
Tuesday, 04 April 2006 14:09

The name Johnny “J”, and the man Johnny “J”, are a part of hip-hop history that can never be over shadowed and his mark as a music producer can never be challenged. Making ‘classic’ hip-hop and rap tracks is his benchmark in a business where it seems that everyone who owns a Casio keyboard now days is a wanna be ‘music producer and beat maker’.

Johnny “J” is a true beat maker. He has sold over 60 million plus records. Johnny “J” is a man who has worked with, and that is recognized as one of the best in the business by many artists and fans.

Johnny “J” is responsible for much of the music laid down beneath the lyrics of the legendary hip-hop icon, rap artist Tupac Shakur (2Pac).

Sometimes when an icon in hip-hop and rap works with, develops and releases a protégée, fans look for the artist they associate the icon with. In Johnny “J”’s case, we all know he made classic records with and was a good friend of the late legendary hip-hop culture icon rapper Tupac Shakur (2Pac).

Johnny “J” and his company Klock Work Entertainment have slowly been developing new artists and doing what Johnny “J” does best – making good music.

Johnny “J” and his Klock Work Entertainment have a new artist whose name is T-Jay.

Johnny “J” along with T-Jay has laid a new Tribute to Tupac track titled ‘Still’. It is not a ‘twisted’ Tupac track, in fact you don’t hear Tupac’s voice at all; but ya can feel his spirit.

So if you want to hear Tupac go buy ‘All Eyez on Me’ (a classic) and support the real. If you’re looking for Tupac chopped and screwed – Johnny “J” doesn’t do that either; he doesn’t have to – he made the ‘classic’s’.

Johnny “J” produced another Tupac tribute with his friend Napoleon of the Outlawz. That track was titled ‘Never Forget’ and was produced by Johnny “J” and the vocals were by Napoleon and featured Val Young. That track and the accompanying video did not get all the shine it deserved. It was truly a classic track.

Although Tupac Shakur (2Pac) was and is Johnny “J”’s friend and he worked along side Pac, he knows that the music must go on and this new track he produced for T-Jay, ‘Still’ shows that there are still talented MC’s out here working the mic and that Tupac (2Pac) may be gone physically but he will never be forgotten.

In the mold of the Napoleon and Johnny “J” tribute song ‘Never Forget’, which featured Val Young; the track from T-Jay is another ‘classic’. The T-Jay Tupac Tribute ‘Still’ is produced by Johnny “J” and has those amazing Johnny “J” beats that we all love. The flow that T-Jay displays on this track leaves you wanting to hear more from this amazing new Klock Work Entertainment artist, and don’t worry he is coming with an album produced by Johnny “J” very soon.

We are privileged to be the first to present the Johnny “J” and T-Jay – Tribute to Tupac track ‘Still’ in this On-Line Exclusive..

Thanks to Johnny “J”, his Klock Work Entertainment Company and of course T-Jay for letting us have this amazing track as an exclusive and for all the friendship and support Johnny “J” has afforded us. We feel very blessed for his friendship.

T-Jay is an amazing young man. We are going to be doing an interview with him and just sit and get to know him before his album comes out.

His album is being produced by the king beat maker himself Johnny “J” and will be released on Klock Work Entertainment very soon.

This tribute track ‘Still’ will be on T-Jay’s debut album so make sure you watch for it. We will let you know a release date when we can get one and watch for the upcoming interview with the Johnny “J” protégée T-Jay to be posted on the site next week..

Click Here to hear ‘Still’.

 ''THANKS TO OUR AFFILIATE PARTNER CRN LIVE (The Original Chicano Radio Network) for hosting the track.

Tupac (2Pac) Tribute “Still” Lyrics

*Copyrighted Klock Work Entertainment

Verse 1:

How do I start this off all eyes on the part that I lost, drug life 2 the thuglife that started it off

Against the world 2 the better dayz couldn’t find a better way 2 find a better way 2pay tribute kuz niggaz is missin u every day.

We still ryde 4 u gotta keep it live 4 u slid. threw the sky whiie we screaming westside 4 u. We pop the cris 2 2pacalypse hit the block arid dip with my thoughts I sit and get insplred when u drop a hit.

U and Johnny killed the game u yall niggaz made still down now still frown kuz im whising u wuz still around.

U in a better place so imagine how u feel now, ye memory lives on so I guess u still get around.

Alot rapprs wana bite yo shit i ain’t trippen just let u know how tight u iz.

Johnny mlssing u like krazy we racking them up now every thing a touch goes platum plus. Sit back arid i bust im so motavated my flow iz rated i know they hate it ur so the greatest ill go and say it Pac I never knew u, but it felt like I did that letter 2 my unborn child it felt like my kid.

Everything u talked about man it felt like I did and when u pass’d I know a million people felt like I dld “Sad”. But wait I tryna make another life goes on this on this mic that im on inspires me 2 wright more songs.

Me Johnny listen 2 producers reck yo songs a thug nlggaz in the house so u can rest yo dome. Pac U waz the best that I known and Johnny J said that its a must that I rep now that u gone.

Missing u so and we just listen 2 old 1s u and Johnny shared kodak moments we picture u roll’n. Now we pouring out a lil liquor haters get a lil sicker kuz I put down and its coming 4rm a lil nigga.

This aint the same song with the same hook when u dropped Makaveli u had the whole game shook.

Ur so diverse never had the same look rose 4rm a concrete its like im in that same book.

Same crooks live and die niggaz barley getten by tine gos by puffin ly while im gettn high.

Ita never b a better g nigqaz a never see the letter P capital A capital letter C.

Chill niggaz Brenda drop a kid wounder why they call u trick no contradiction u a real nigga. Thats the truth im just saying how I feel nigga put it down with Johnny over 33 mill nlgga.

4rm the west 2 da east lessons i teach heart of a solider made me be the best I can be.

Giv, a shot of 2 Afeni ima bless her seed 4rm me and Johnny and the fam Pac rest in peace

Hook: Still missin u tuff, still wishing u wuz , still here with us, tears isn’t enough, 2 explain all the pain in my brain it’s a shame feel I lost everything, but I main tain. Still missin u Pac. Still sit on the block. Still siting with thoughts it don’t stop. We still ryde 4 u. Westside 4 u. all eyez on u. 2 live and die 4 u. Still missing u.


Tupac News New Hip-Hop Tribute to Late Rap Icon Tupac 2Pac

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