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Tupac News Hip Hop Icon Tupac's Father Mutulu Shakur Exclusive
Hip Hop Icon Tupac's Father Mutulu Shakur Exclusive PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID2999   
Thursday, 07 September 2006 01:32

Hip Hop Icon Tupac’s Father Mutulu Shakur Exclusive - Mutulu Shakur's 2Pac Book Preview.

In this ThugLifeArmy.com exclusive, incarcerated freedom fighter Dr. Mutulu Shakur premieres an exclusive preview chapter from his forthcoming historical fiction novel about Tupac (2Pac) entitled "N 2 Da Gutter".

The first "N 2 Da Gutter" preview chapter appears in Dr. Shakur's new charitable CD "A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle", currently available on First Kut / Kent Entertainment. ThugLifeArmy.com is proud to premiere Dr. Shakur's second preview chapter in anticipation of the 10 year Tupac anniversary, currently being honored not only in the hip hop community but all around the world.

By blending his legendary political history, his current wrongful incarceration, and many untold stories about his relationship with his famous hip hop icon son Tupac into a fiction framework, Dr. Shakur's novel is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated hip hop related books of all time. It is tentatively set to release June 16th, 2007.

[N 2 Da Gutter: Second Preview]

It was August 1993. Walking into the prison cafeteria, Mutulu "Doc" Shakur and his colleague Wayne "Akbar" Pray were in the midst of a spirited discussion on the merits of what Mutulu called the ''Thug Code''.

          The idea of a Thug Code slowly gathered steam over the past year. Little had changed in the hood since Mutulu had been arrested in 1986, for allegedly leading a clandestine paramilitary unit that helped free his sister Assata Shakur from prison. Mutulu realized that as his sons Tupac and Mopreme began gaining more attention in the Hip-Hop community, that the opportunity would arise to unite both the revolutionary and rap generations.

          The Thug Code would be their tool of unification. It would consist of several tenets - rules that would regulate, monitor and control the behavior of thugs and gangs across America. The code would be assembled during in-prison visits Tupac and Mopreme made to see Mutulu, and would call for an immediate end to the escalating violence of turf wars. The Thug Code would also have several tenets dedicated to ending violence against women and children in the inner city communities.

          Discontent over this violence had always been a well-publicized gripe among the African-American community, but the Hip-Hop community viewed the self-destruction as the price of hustling to eat in the hood. Many in both camps recognized that their chances of survival would grow much slimmer in the 21st century, unless something was done together to halt the mayhem.

          Akbar pounded Mutulu's fist, giving him dap. "Man, that's mad love for our peeps out there. The Thug code will be like a universal Hip-Hop/Thug Life constitution. I''m feeling that and you can count New Jersey in."

          "Good looking out Akbar, but we need to move quick with this because the sooner we get the Thug Code up and running, the sooner it will stop young brothas and sistas from filling these prisons up." Mutulu stared into the distance. "The US criminal justice system already got us in here stacked up to the roof and man, they still not satisfied. And that's why the Thug Code is of vital concern to this Hip-Hop generation."

          "You ain''t gotta convince me Doc. I''m down and if you can get ''Pac to be the spokesperson, I believe we''ll be on the path to seriously toning down all this black-on-black violence." Akbar pounded his chest in triumph. "It makes me feel good that us elder brothas on the inside are finally stepping up to the plate for our younger peeps on the outside."

          "Yeah, maybe this time they''ll see that it's us, the ones on the inside, with the answer," said Mutulu. "Anyway, we got the support of the NAACP, and Lord knows they''re tired of inner city killings."

          Akbar paused. "I know the thugs will listen to ''Pac, and I honestly believe that one day, the Hip-Hop Nation will get behind the Thug code 100%. Like we''re not trying to stop a playa from getting his grind on because that's impossible as long as there's poverty and unemployment, but I do believe we can take away the senseless violence."

          Mutulu was ready to leave the dining room. "Let's walk." The two men stood, walking slowly to place their food trays in the window of the dish room. Outside, they made their way towards their Lewisburg prison's education department.

          "There is one problem," said Mutulu. "And it's one closest to my heart."

The men stopped walking. "This could be very dangerous for my son."

          "Tupac?” asked Akbar. "Dangerous for his career?"

          "Naw, I mean dangerous for his life," said Mutulu. "This code of ours will be the first attempt to bring the revolutionary and gang communities together under a code of conduct." Mutulu turned pensive. "No doubt, Tupac has the intelligence and the influence to introduce the code and to put it down, but the people who profit from the prison system aren''t just gonna sit back and let ''Pac throw a monkey wrench into their government money machine

- the US prison system."

In early September 1993, unknown to the media at large, America's inner cities were focused on a small Brooklyn home. Taking place was the first ever Thug Code conference, its attendees who were adamant in putting a permanent end to the inner city gang violence which was destroying their communities.

          High profile representatives from both the street life and Hip-Hop worlds were in attendance of this conference, but there was no argument over who the real star of the evening's meeting was. After hearing one of his first public speeches at a recent grassroots organization's function, those in attendance felt they were listening to the next Malcolm X or Nelson Mandela, with a Hip-Hop twist.

          He had no second thoughts about stepping up to the task which was being asked of him - this was his destiny. Yet despite being ready to move forward with the courage of a lion, even he couldn''t see the devious plans which were about to be put into action to stop Mutulu's Thug Code and political goals cold in their tracks.

          His constant presence on the streets was vital to gang members across America agreeing to implement the Thug Code. Yet less than one week before the Thug Code was to come into effect, individuals were being paid to make their best attempts at drastically changing the course of his family's history.

          An attempt on his life would later be read as a recording studio robbery. A concocted legal scheme which took months of planning would later be read as a hotel room rape. And the acceptance of bail money to flee from in-prison attempts on his life would later be read as nothing but a record deal.

          But tonight, his magnetic personality was focused on promoting the benefits of the Thug Code to the attendees in his family friend's home. As he stood up to read a written statement from his adoptive father Mutulu, all eyes in the room were focused on Tupac Amaru Shakur.

To be continued June 16th, 2007

Dr. Shakur's new CD can now be ordered at:


Watch the video for the CD, thanks to www.CRNLive.com for sponsoring Mutulu Shakur's ''Video Mixtape'', which you can download - HERE.

Visit Dr. Shakur's www.MutuluShakur.com and Dr. Shakur's www.DareToStruggle.org web sites for more.

Tupac News Hip Hop Icon Tupac's Father Mutulu Shakur Exclusive

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