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ThugLifeArmy Tupac The Comedium
Tupac The Comedium PDF Print E-mail
Written by Site Staff ID1263   
Tuesday, 26 April 2005 02:44

Tupac Shakur, the late west coast hip-hop rap icon, has many theories surrounding him and his death. There are even those who say that the rap artist is not dead.

Tupac was murdered in 1996 in Las Vegas. Since then people refuse to let him rest in peace and now there is a new twist to this picture.

There is a psychic medium and comedienne named Beatrice Marot, who is writing a book called "Moviestars, Mobsters, Merlin and Me". It is about different people but there is a chapter on Tupac Shakur that will get the ‘alive theory‘ people motivated, but maybe in the opposite direction.

Beatrice tells me “Tupac Shakur has been around me for the last couple of years and I know this sounds crazy but it is the truth”.

The following chapter is from her yet unfinished book "Moviestars, Mobsters, Merlin and Me". It explains exactly the way Tupac came to her in a dream. Beatrice says “perhaps you have a way to get this to his mama (Afeni Shakur) because Tupac is all about his mama”.

Beatrice tells me that “Tupac also gave me a rapper name because I do a little rhyming for my stand-up! Tupac christened me "Ten Percent" because "I''m 90% angel and 10% bitch!!!"

Now I am not approving or dis-approving what she is writing because who am I to say. I am just letting you know what kinds of Tupac works are in progress. She was nice enough to let us have the full chapter as it now stands so sit back and enjoy the read. Feel free to comment on this in our forums HERE.

After you read this if you would like to know more about Beatrice and keep up on the books progress and her upcoming documentary her web site is HERE. Check her out.


My friend Ginger is a celebration of womanhood.  Ginger and I always create wonderful, fun, loving situations wherever we go.  No matter how the encounter begins, it ends with my three favorite things - Love, Light and Laughter.

One of our most wonderful adventures began in late February of 2001.  I was lounging around my house one Sunday morning when the telephone rang.


“Hey, Bea, it’s Ginger.”

“What’s up?”

“Well, I’ve got two tickets for a screening of the new Chris Rock movie “Down To Earth,” and I was wondering if you’d like to go?”

“Yea, sure, I’d love to.  I love Chris Rock.”

“O.K. then, I’ll come by and pick you up.”

We went to see “Down to Earth” which was a very funny movie and considering what happened next, the title of this movie is very significant.  This is how it went “down.”   Following the movie, Ginger and I were cruising down Hollywood Blvd. when she asked me, “Bea, have you ever had the mulled wine at “The Cat and The Fiddle.” 

 “No, I haven’t been very big on mulled wine in this life.”

“Oh my God, it’s soooo amazing.  I have to take you there.”


We went to this great pub but were dismayed to find out that mulled wine is only available for the holidays, so I settled for a Corona.   We found a table in the patio and

I pulled out my Tarot deck and asked Ginger if she’d like a reading.  She said “Sure.” 

As I was giving her my insights, this black guy walks in, points at Ginger and yells out, “YOU!”  Startled and slightly annoyed by the intrusion into our space, I became more open when he introduced himself as Demetrius which in Greek means “Belonging to the Mother Goddess.”  For me, that was a sign.  A sign of what I did not know.  He was quite taken by Ginger and there was some lighthearted flirting going on between them and then he asked us, “Hey, do you like George Clinton and Parliament?”  I said, “Hell yea, I love George Clinton.”

 “Do you want to see them play at “The House of Blues” on Thursday night?”

Ginger was trying to place who George Clinton was and I said, “Come on girl, you know “The Mothership Connection.”  Then I started singing, “One nation under a groove, getting down just for the funk of it.” 

Demetrius said, “Yea, you know it.”

“That’s right baby, George Clinton . . . he’s my Daddy.”

We accepted his invitation and Demetrius and Ginger exchanged numbers.   When I got home that night, I decided to honor George Clinton with a little rhyme.

Your life is a movie

Do you prefer Drama or Comedy?

If your script needs a rewrite

I can help you see the light

See who you really are

So you can shine, be a star

Then play your divine role

To help make this planet whole

So we can be

One nation under a groove

Getting down just for the funk of it!

Four days later we went to see “Clinton-The President of the United States of Funk” and as I was grooving to the beat, I turned around and there was Chris Rock standing right behind me! 

Then, I was invited to come on stage and dance to my favorite Parliament song “Atomic Dog.”  George Clinton even did the booty dance with me.”  Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippee Yay!   When I got off the stage, Clinton’s manager Archie walked up to me and said, “When I saw you dancin’ I could tell you’ve been funky for a loooong time.” 

On the way home from the concert, I was talking to Ginger about my ex-boyfriend Carl and I said, “Carl is going to freak when I tell him that I was dancing on stage with George Clinton.  He loves him as much as I do.”

“Oh, really.”

“Yea, that’s one of the reasons we bonded so well despite of our age difference.  He loves the music of the seventies and listens to Parliament all the time.”

A few days later I was sitting at home and I was taken over by an overwhelming sense of hate towards Carl and a former girlfriend of mine who had moved in with him.  This woman and I had a huge falling out and even though they said their relationship was plutonic I was still very resentful and that night I just felt so much hatred for both of them.  I burst into tears and prayed to Jesus from the bottom of my heart.  I said “Jesus, I know I’m here to bring love and light into the world but right now I want to kill my ex-boyfriend, so I can’t possibly have these feelings of such intense hatred. I really need your help.” 

I fell asleep and I had a dream that her dog appeared to me and said, “Beatrice, I’m really really sick and I need to go to the vet.”  When I awoke I immediately called Carl and asked him, “Carl, what’s wrong with Bonnie’s dog?” 

“I don’t know.  We’re trying to figure it out.  She’s really sick.”

“Well, you need to take her to the vet.  Her dog came to me in a dream last night and said she was really sick and needs to go to the vet.” 

“Bea, what an amazing gift you have.”

“Yea . . . . what ever.” 

That same night I had another dream.  In the vision, I saw myself with the dog in a vet’s office.  She was lying on a steel table and I was petting her stomach when all of a sudden I look up and I see the rapper Tupac Shakur coming through the ceiling.  Two other rappers were behind him in the shadows and I couldn’t make out their faces but Tupac was as clear as could be.  Tupac started rapping to me one verse after another after another all night.  He rapped about me, about my life and my mission.  It’s like he knew everything about me including my relationship with Carl.  Normally I would have written down the rhymes but he was rapping so fast I just enjoyed the show.  At one point Tupac yelled out letters while the two rappers behind him yelled out "period" and this is what they said, “L” period, “O” period, “V” period, “E” period.  Let’s Overcome Violence Everywhere.   IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO STOP THE HATE.  That’s the name of the movie!”

The following morning I called Ginger and told her what happened.  Demetrius was there with her and she said to him, “Beatrice had a dream that Tupac Shakur rapped to her all night.”  Demetrius took the phone and said, “I’ve met Tupac Shakur’s mother.”

“Oh, really,” I said.

“Yea and Tupac and George Clinton wrote songs together when Tupac was alive.” 

“Really, I didn’t know that.  I really don’t know much about Tupac.  Hold on a second, my other phone is ringing.” 


“Hey, Bea, it’s Michelle.  How are you feeling?”

“A little Bow Wow Wow without the Yippee Yo Yippee Yay.  Michelle, you won’t believe what happened to me last night.  I dreamt that Tupac Shakur came and rapped to me all night.”

“Bea, I’m listening to Tupac Shakur right now on the radio singing a song about his mother.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No, it’s on the radio right now.”

“Let me call you right back.”

“I want to come over. I’m just down the street.”

“Sure.  Come on over.” 

I called Ginger back immediately and said, “Hey Ginger, I was telling my friend Michelle what happened and she tells me, “Tupac’s on the radio right now singing a song about his mother.” 

Demetrius got on the phone and said, “Yea, Tupac wrote a song about his mother called “Dear Mama” about her struggles and how she inspired him to become who he was.” 

“Wow, that’s beautiful.  Listen my girlfriend is at the door so let’s talk later.” 

I opened the door and there’s Michelle with a big smile on her face hiding something behind her back.  She says, “Bea, I had to give this to you.  I was doing a photo shoot for Sony with a fourteen-year-old rapper named Lil Bow Wow and look.”  She handed me an album and the title was called "BEWARE OF DOG!!"

A couple of hours later I received a call from a guy named Fidel. Demetrius had told him all about me.  Fidel hosts a socially conscious, politically aware, spiritually motivated hiphop radio show called “Seditious Beats” and guess who he had just interviewed?  Yep,  Tupac Shakur’s mother.  There are certain people who are guided to me because they are here to do a lot of good in the world and I feel Fidel is one of them.  I offered Fidel to come and see me for a session as a gift.  When I met with him, he informed me that he had also produced a documentary about Tupac Shakur.  At one point during our reading I asked him, “Are you working on a movie that is like a modern day hiphop version of West Side Story?”

“Yes I am.”

“Well, I think that the L.O.V.E. thing could be the name of the movie Tupac was talking about.

After I finished the reading I said, “Now Fidel, I’d like to guide you on a meditation where I take you into a higher realm of consciousness within yourself.  You just describe to me what you’re seeing, then, I’ll read it back to you and interpret the symbols.  It takes an hour or so but it’s really fun and very healing.”  The following is the last part of Fidel's vision.

I go up the path of clouds.  I see my great grandfather Librado.  He says, “Build your garden and I will help you always.  All you have to do is ask and I will be there for you.”  I ask him to take me to a place of healing.  I take him by the hand and he takes me to see my Grandmother Lena.  She looks how she did when I used to play with her as a child.  She gives me a big hug and says, “I’m so proud of you.”  I give her my rosary and she transforms it into a necklace of all white beads.  It signifies wisdom . . . the coolness to soothe the fire, to keep my head cool.  I ask her, “Is there anything else I need to know before I go back?”   She says, “Show your children how to love in this world.” 

At this point I said out loud, “Fidel, I hear Tupac saying he would like to come into your vision but he needs your permission.  Is it O.K.?” 

“Yea, I see him.  He’s wearing black overalls and a bandana tied over his head.  He says “Thank-you so much for doing that stuff for my mom.  You know, I’m just dropping seeds to change the world.”

 “Fidel, can you say thank-you to Tupac on my behalf please?”

Tupac says, “Don’t trip.  I know what you’re all about.  You’re a great woman and that comes straight from G.O.D. - “Gangsta of Destiny.”  He’s telling me, “You need to talk to Papa G and my mama and you need to get off your ass and write this movie or someone else will do it and you’ll miss the opportunity.  You can do it.  Hey man, my mom needs to be in the light.  There are too many sharks around her.  Everyone wants a piece of my pie and I left that pie for my mama.”  I ask him “What about L.O.V.E.  Is that the name of the movie?”  “Hell yea, I wouldn’t have said that shit if I didn’t mean it.  It’s already set in stone up here and I’m gonna put my flava in it.”

Two weeks later, Tupac's new album “Til the End of Time” was released.  Thank-you for coming to me Tupac and I really hope I get to meet your mama soon.

In June, Ginger and I went to see actor Jeff Goldblum and his band play at a club where Ginger introduced me to a young man named Rebellum.  A few minutes later Rebellum walked up to me and started rapping.  I listened to him and when he finished I asked him, “Did you know Tupac Shakur by any chance?”

“No, but that’s funny you said that because earlier today I got a video about Tupac.”

“Can we go outside?  I have a story I want to share with you.”

I recounted the whole Tupac story to Rebellum and when I finished I said, “Look Rebellum, I know it sounds crazy but I when I heard you rapping I immediately thought of Tupac because when he came to me in the dream he sounded a lot like you do.  I really feel that Tupac wants to help you from the other side.”  I was not prepared for what Rebellum said to me next.  “Well, I want to tell you something.  My mother is like you.  She’s a renowned spiritual healer and advisor and the night Tupac got shot, my mother was called to be at Tupac’s side when he died.”

“You’re kidding me?”

“No man, I’m not.”

“Wow, Tupac is on top of it.  I wasn’t even going to come tonight but I changed my mind at the last minute.  Rebellum, Tupac guided me to you and there’s no doubt in my mind he wants to help you.”

Rebellum and I spent the rest of the night dancing and celebrating.  The following evening he came over to my home and we watched the Tupac Shakur documentary. 

The video gave me another confirmation I had been looking for.  I wanted to know if Tupac made phrases out of words like he did with L.O.V.E. and G.O.D. while he was alive. On the video, one of Tupac’s friends said Tupac was always making things up like “N.I.G.G.A.-Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished.”

Does Rebellum make it to the big time with his smokin'' rhyme?

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Tupac-Gangsta of Destiny.”

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