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Reviews Crooked I - Young Boss Vol2 - RapHip-Hop Mixtape Review
Crooked I - Young Boss Vol2 - RapHip-Hop Mixtape Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gza Genius ID2139   
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 12:49

With the long awaited Boss Music album from rap artist Crooked I pushed back, Young Boss Vol. 2 is the perfect way to make the wait easier. With 19 tracks of original production and lyrics, Vol. 2 take's off right where Vol. 1 ended.I wasn''t expecting to much as far as production goes, being that it's just a free mixtape. But i was surprised that they weren''t sloppy or cheap beats. If you’re familiar with his single "Boom Boom Clap," the beats have an overall similar style to that and a lot of today’s rap and hip-hop production.

I can''t complain about the beats, because i was more interested in what Crooked was going to rap about. Crooked I didn''t disappoint with his lyrics or emotion; this tape is full of aggression and raw westcoast hip-hop. I think this tape was a way for Crooked I to release his frustrations about his album being pushed back, and all the trials and tribulations that have been surrounding him at this point in his career through his best outlet, rap..... 

Crooked I - Young Boss Vol. 2 - Album Review Score 8.2 out of 10

(1. Intro) 10/10

The intro grabs your attention right off the bat with Crooked giving props to the founders and vets in this rap game. The music kicks in and has a real aggressive beat that's perfect to prepare the listener for the album, for us that have been waiting for new Crooked I material this intro just make's you even more anxious to here what's to come on the album.

(2.) 8/10

This track is an intro in itself, Crooked sounds like he's just giving a sample of what’s to come. The beat is constant, and has a nice synch through it. But this is only an intro to what’s to come.

(3.) 8/10

On this track the beat would remind you of a beat Twister has been known to spit on. There is a sample that’s similar to those used a lot lately like the one's in Kanye West style. Crooked shines’ on this style of beat, where he can spit fast or slow and still ride the beat. Emotional would be the best word to describe the vibe of this track.

(4.) 7.5/10

Right here you got a mix of the southern style production, with the lyrics and verbal skill only a Crooked I can possess. Crooked spits like a verbal assassin on this track. Only thing that brings this track down is that the beat gets a little annoying after a couple listens. But it's worth listening to over and over just to comprehend what Crooked just spit.

(5.) 10/10

Skit, No need to explain this one; let's just call it a booty call

(6.) 8.5/10

This track is a perfect follow up track for the previous skit. So u can tell what the lyrics and beat are about, no need to explain.

(7.) 9/10

This has a good beat; it's not your normal monotonous beat that's around nowadays. Ever since Crooked stepped on the scene, he's been known to be able to kill any genre of beat he gets on. His lyrics fit the beat, and you will enjoy the story he tells.

(8.) 7/10

I like the original track better that he recycled the lyrics for on the first part of this track. He continues to just kill the mic, and show his skill on any beat he's on.

(9.) 7/10

The beat is ok, but aside from the beat, you gotta respect the lyrical content of the feature artists on the track, there aren''t many rappers out there that can match them on a lyrical level.

(10.) 8/10

This track Crooked talks about a girl who grows up in the ghetto, and the different things that surround her and make it a struggle to keep her head up and rise above the madness around her. A nice Spanish guitar make's the basis of the beat, and the hook is covered by a female who does a pretty good job.

(11.) 10/10

Skit, Crooked give's his "f*ck you" list, of people he would like to send a big f*ck you out to. Bill O''Reily, Bush, William Bennett, and a few others get what’s coming to them on this skit. Props to Crooked for expressing what a lot of people would love to say.

(12.) 7.5/10

To me this track is just a continuation of the f*ck you list, just in song form. He's got a tone in his voice that would easily be taken as anger, but it's just aggression, and him getting his feelings out about certain issues. The beat fits his emotion, but isn''t anything new or out of the ordinary.

(13.) 9/10

Crooked's voice is distorted on this track, which helps to portray his emotions even better as he continues expressing his feelings. This is a ryder's track, just close your eye's and let him take you to where he's coming from.

(14.) 9/10

This is a refreshing track; it's got that good hip-hop feeling to it. The feature artist's does a good verse, although the track is really short, it's a nice way to introduce one of Crooked's artists to the listeners.

(15.) 8/10

Again, on this track the beat isn''t very special, but it's a perfect platform for the Horseshoe Gang to showcase how deadly they are when it come's to this rap game. Every one of them holds there own and make this a very good track.

(16.) 8.5/10

Here's the female's track for this mixtape, Crooked even does his best job of singing on this one. It's got that comedy feeling to it, but it's also refreshing to here what Crooked is capable of, even though he joke's about himself singing, he did a pretty good job..

(17.) 7/10

This is a pretty good club style track. Crooked's been spittin on these kinds of beat alot lately, even though i like hearing him on the older style westcoast beats, he can still shyne on beats like this.

(18.) 7/10

This is a real aggressive track, kind of like a climax to end the album with, i didn''t care much for the beat, but again Crooked spits like he's got something he wants to get off his chest.

(19.) 8.5/10

One of the better beats on the mixtape, Crooked keeps his lyrical content in tact with the rest of the album.

Mixtape rating score is = 8.2 out of 10

I hope on Crooked I’s upcoming album has a little more variety on the beats and lyrics. But for a mixtape, this is really nice and is one of the better one's I’ve heard in a while. You got to give credit for having all original beats, and lyrics just for a mixtape for the fans. I''m really looking forward to his album and the Horseshoe Gang's projects. With Young Boss Vol. 1, and now Vol. 2, Crooked I did a great job of introducing his label mates and what kind of skills they possess.

Watch for this one from Crooked I, it is great westcoast music.

Reviews Crooked I - Young Boss Vol2 - RapHip-Hop Mixtape Review

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