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Reviews Hip-Hop Rap Review Rasco - Dick Swanson Theory Pt 1
Hip-Hop Rap Review Rasco - Dick Swanson Theory Pt 1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gza ID2204   
Thursday, 15 December 2005 07:43

Many know rap artist Rasco as the number 1 Cali agent, others know him from his work with the Hip-Hop veterans of the Living Legends, others may not know him at all. But the time has come for Rasco to get the shine that he has deserved for many years in the rap game.

With a true Westcoast hip-hop foundation behind him, Rasco brings another classic album to table. From the jump you’ll see that this is no ordinary rapper, with beats that bring the old school and nu-school closer than ever, you will undoubtedly enjoy what he brings to the table. Showcased from track to track is Rasco’s pronounced flow, and aggressive wordplay, nothing too joked about.

Rasco - Dick Swanson Theory Pt. 1 - Hip-Hop / Rap Album Review

Intro - 9/10

The album kicks off with a series of scratches that introduce Rasco to the listener. Even though this intro isn’t doing anything as far as being a song, it let’s you know that the album isn’t gonna be your average dull rap album that is so common amongst rappers these days

Theory - 9/10

This track has Rasco introduce himself to the listener the way he knows best......rap. A great classic beat with old school touches all through it. The track is short, because it’s an intro to himself, and his music for people that may be new to his style and music. It definently grabbed my attention, making me think that this album is gonna be something special.

Pressures of Life - 8.5/10

This is a great example of mixing old with new. The beat is very much a new school sound, but also has a hint of old school which is lacking in much of the music nowadays. Rasco has the first chance to showcase his very dominant style of rap, which does a very good job of keeping your ear tuned to what he says and how he says it.

Backdown - 7/10

Backdown has a unique sound to it, a very raw uncut underground sound that many aren’t use to. When people think of Westcoast rap, the typical response u get is; NWA and gangsta rap. The majority people aren’t even aware that Cali has some of the best hip hop u can find anywhere in America. The Bay area is represented very well by Rasco, and he take’s the westcoast sound to it’s full potential on every track.

Lighting it up - 9.5/10

This is a great track, very bright and smooth. For some reason it gave me a feeling that was hard to explain, almost a spiritual feeling. I had to close my eyes, and it took me high up, above everything and made me forget anything that was bothering me at the time. It has a heavenly feeling to it, and I really enjoy the track every time I listen to it.

Interlude - 10/10

I listened to this the first time and was shocked it wasn’t a full song. The beat is amazing, and I wish I could hear a full song made of it. Pure funk and classic at the same time, and I love how it was just put in between the album to give a little preview of what this westcoast hip hop is all about.

No Love - 7/10

This song use’s the classic sample at the begging of "what this world needs now, is love sweet love." Then the song kicks in and the lyrics are the adjacent of what u would think was to come from the sample. Rasco give’s his view on the ways u gotta deal with life and what you gotta do to strive and be the best u can.

Worlds Collide - 10/10

One of my favorite tracks on the album, worlds collide has a very street and rugged appeal to it, yet the beat is very clean and addictive. The piano keeps ur head bouncing, and the feature artist does some very unique twist with his lyrics that make u say, "what, rewind that." Rasco’s verse is very rough and rugged, and this track is overall a very street oriented sound.

This is how it goes down - 8/10

This is one of those tracks that slowly builds up, and Rasco gets more in depth as the song goes on. It’s like a climax in the album, or a intermission type of feel, and it’s setting the listener up for the upcoming tracks to finished the album off in spectacular fashion.

Making the rounds - 8/10

This track features Ras Kass, so u know there’s gonna be some lyrical skills showcased on this track. The beat has a sci fi feel, and I was just waiting to see what Ras was gonna spit on it. He didn’t disappoint, he made u rewind it a few times to fully comprehend what he just said.

Emotions - 9/10

This is another interlude track where I almost wish it was a full track with vocals and everything, because the beat is really nice. I think the title of the track explains what the beat is doing, it’s just a nice refreshing break for you to just sit back and feel the music.

Chances - 8/10

It was funny, even before I heard a single lyric in this song, the beat kicks in and for some reason I knew it was gonna be about a female. The beat just fit that style of track, and Rasco does exactly that, he speaks about a girl he’s checking out. It’s a nice track.

What Happened to the game - 9/10

Pure hip hop right here. Like he says off the bat, "Hip hop never felt this good." I really appreciate this music, and that Rasco is putting it down like he is on this album. He really brings that pure hip hop vibe back that was lost in the ear of the mainstream listeners. I hope this style of music get’s the mainstream attention like it use to.

Situations - 9/10

Bounce ur head to this hip hop masterpiece. It’s a perfect example of the side of hip hop that is a lost art to many now. There always time’s I love to listen to a variety of rap, but the majority of the time I enjoy listening to what make’s me feel good, and bounce my head to, not some fake BS that Tv and Radio have been packed with lately on major gimmicks and sh**.

San Francisco Giants - 8/10

San Quinn features on this track. It’s a good outro for the album, because it sounds different than most the other tracks, and that is a similar trend to this album. There was nothing dull or common about this album it had everything from raw uncut underground rap, to smooth light hip hop, to some harder stuff like this track. I really enjoyed this album, and hope you do to. It’s a must have for any fan of rap music.

Rasco - Dick Swanson Theory Pt. 1 *Rap Album Rating - 9/10

Reviewed by Gza

Reviews Hip-Hop Rap Review Rasco - Dick Swanson Theory Pt 1

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