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News Hip Hop Album Review The Game The Doctor's Advocate
Hip Hop Album Review The Game The Doctor's Advocate PDF Print E-mail
Written by John ID3207   
Thursday, 04 January 2007 08:05

“The Game is back, the Aftermath chain is gone“.

As always I like to take a bit of time before I review albums. I always find that on the first listen, some tracks that you don’t like on the initial hearing actually become your favorite tracks.

For a number of years West Coast hip hop; which was at the forefront of the hip hop scene in the early nineties has gone off the boil. It seems everywhere from Houston to St. Louis has rappers coming out with their own style and swagger. This isn’t a bad thing; hip hop has always been a fast changing genre. But if you’re like me, then West Coast hip hop is where it’s at.

The Game blew onto the scene a couple years ago, signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label and co-signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit label; you could say that it was a perfect recipe for a great career. If you took note The Game was in the background when 50 Cent’s career was blowing up. He appeared in the music video In Da Club and from there appeared in numerous Aftermath/G-Unit videos and guest appearances on trackz brought out by the label.

His first album “The Documentary” went more than 5x Platinum, and this was even with the beef that occurred between The Game and 50 Cent.  It goes back to the old saying that too many cooks spoil the broth. I think this was the case here. From 50 Cent’s point of view, I would have been annoyed that The Game got Dr. Dre’s best beats of the year on the album. But all of that to one side; The Game and 50 Cent squashed the beef and they departed company. If we look in history Ice Cube produced his best work after leaving NWA, maybe this will be the case for The Game.

From there The Game signed to the label Geffen, not exactly known for its hand in many hip hop artists, but it is now the place that The Game calls home.

In the last month we saw the release of The Game’s second album, titled “Doctor’s Advocate” a dedication to his mentor Dr. Dre. The album was pushed back and back with release dates, and the anticipation behind what The Game was about to deliver was high.  I myself was anticipating this to be a great album, but without the presence of Dr. Dre I was also worried that maybe The Game couldn’t go on his own.

So here it is my track by track review of “Doctor’s Advocate”.

Total rating for Doctor’s Advocate is 9/10

1.       Lookin’ At You – Produced by Urban EP Pope – A great beat to this track, full on G Funk beats with The Game giving a great introduction to the album. This sets the standards of what is to follow on from this track.  8/10

2.       Da Shit – Produced by DJ Khalil – As soon as I heard this track I thought of Xzibit. It’s the type of track that he would have loved to spit over. The Game is on fire on this track, letting everyone know how good his skills are and that he his from Compton. He is putting the “W” back into the West Coast. 8/10

3.       It’s Okay (One Blood) – Produced by Reefa – The lead single from the album and The Game states that he only did this track before the album was released to show the public what to expect.  He didn’t really expect it to blow up like it did. What a great track though, great beat, great chorus, great lyrics and a great street banger. “Got no beef with Fifty, no beef with Jay, what’s beef when your getting head in the 6tray”. 9/10

4.       Compton – Produced by Will.I.Am – People forget that long before Will.I.Am went pop with Black Eyed Peas he was signed to Eazy E’s label Ruthless.  He provides a great funky West Coast beat to compliment The Game’s lyrics and does a good job on the chorus. I didn’t really feel this track when I heard it at first but after a couple of listens I am really feeling it now. 7.5/10

5.       Remedy – Produced by Just Blaze – I think Just Blaze provided The Game with his best beats and gave the ones that The Game didn’t want to Jay-Z for his new album. Back to the track though, what a class beat and once again The Game showing how good of an MC he really is.  Lot’s of shout outs to Dr. Dre and Aftermath. 9/10

6.       Let’s Ride – Produced by Scott Storch – The second single from the album and what a club banger. If this track was released in the summer, it would be the track of the year and would sound good in anyone’s 64 Impala. How this track isn’t by Dr. Dre is beyond me, I would have bet money that he had produced this.  But Storch’s beats are always very similar to the good Doctor. “Ain’t nothing but a G thang, baby it’s a G thang, bounce like you got hydraulics in your G-strings”. 9/10

7.       Too Much – Produced by Scott Storch – Another Storch production and brings in the best chorus maker in the game, Nate Dogg. Another great West Coast track and once again The Game spitting at his best. 8/10

8.       Wouldn’t Get Far – Produced by Kanye West – A track to all the women out there who get with rappers just ‘cause they are rappers. Great production from Kanye and a good guest appearance from Kanye too. A dedication to Tupac Shakur (2Pac) at the end of the song, where he talks about the same women in the same videos, as ‘Pac talked about 10 years ago in his song All About U. 8/10

9.       Scream On ‘Em – Produced by Swizz Beatz – Not the biggest fan of a Swizz Beatz beat and this is a reason why. The Game does well to try and rap to the beat, but to me it just doesn’t work. This is my least favourite track on the album and the one that I skip every time. 5/10

10.     One Night – Produced by Notzz – This is one of my favorite trackz on the album. The beat, chorus and lyrics go together so well. He talks about his homies that are not homies anymore and who to trust and who not to trust. A song for all those fakers out there (you know who you are). 9/10

11.     Doctor’s Advocate – Produced by Jonathan ‘JR’ Rotem - A dedication to his mentor Dr. Dre. You can tell the emotion in The Game’s voice in this track. He is almost crying whilst spitting the lyrics. A great guest appearance from Busta Rhymes who lays it all on the table. 8/10

12.     Ol’ English – Produced Hi-Tek – A great drink but not really a great track. Not one of my favorite tracks on the album. Once again I don’t feel like the beat fits the rapping. Some great writing by The Game though, just a shame about the production. 6/10

13.     California Vacation – Produced by Jonathan ‘JR’ Rotem – A great West Coast track. Featuring the Big Snoop Dogg and also Xzibit. It was great to see Xzibit on this track, as The Game and Xzibit had beef at one time, but they shook hands in the studio and X to the Z dropped a great verse. A great track to turn the volume up on a dark and stormy night and kick back to. 8/10

14.     Bang – Produced by Jelly Roll – Tha Dogg Pound making a guest appearance. I would have liked Daz Dillinger to produce this track; too many people forget how many platinum trackz Daz has produced.  Jelly Roll does a great job on the production though and takes me back to blasting Kurupt’s album, ‘The Streetz Are a Muthafucker’. Nonetheless it’s always good to hear Daz and Kurupt spitting on the same track again and The Game fits well on the track too. 7/10

15.     Around The World – Produced by Mr.Porter – Not one of my favorite tracks, The Game should stick to real West Coast beatz. The Game spits some great lyrics on this track showing once again his stature as one of the top MCs. Still the track does work and Jamie Foxx provides a good chorus. 7/10

16.     Why You Hate The Game – Produced by Just Blaze. Another great track by Just Blaze and a class guest appearance by Nas. What a final track to finish the album with. 9 minutes of some great lyricism, great chorus and great production, what more could you ask for? 9/10

To be honest when you listen to this album, you will be amazed how Dr. Dre has not been part of it. The Game just shows that even without the best producer in the game, he can take it to another level and truly shine on his own. This album is far better than The Documentary, far better with no input from 50 Cent and an example to all other rappers out there.

This album is putting the West Coast back on the map. This is by far the best hip hop album of the year and from here things can only go to the top for The Game. All other artists need to raise their bar, stop taking the money for mediocre albums and step up your game. Don’t get me wrong the lyrical content isn’t going to change the world, The Game is not a Chuck D or Tupac Shakur (2Pac) but if we think back to the godfather of Gangsta Rap Eazy-E, he talked about Compton and his life growing up. The Game is talking and representing the same and it works.

Hate him or love him, at the moment this is my MVP in the hip hop scene and is exactly what hip hop needs in a time when its direction is going in the wrong way. Everyone needs to cop this album, listen to it, tell your friends and hear what a Westcoast album should sound like.

My thoughts on The Game – He’s ahead of THE GAME.

*John can be reached for feedback This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by email.

News Hip Hop Album Review The Game The Doctor's Advocate

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