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News Hip Hop Notable Daz Dillinger Speaks Out
Hip Hop Notable Daz Dillinger Speaks Out PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shemia Miller ID3145   
Monday, 04 December 2006 04:07

Multi-platinum artist and producer Daz Dillinger has decided to speak out against his cousin's recent police woes, police surveillance, the climate of Hip Hop and the music industry as a whole. Daz Dillinger p/k/a Delmar Arnaud has found himself in a peculiar circumstance as he is forced to re-examine the Hip Hop industry and Hip Hop police as a whole, after Snoop Dogg, his cousin found himself, in what he deems to be "police harassment and unfair targeting."

This has prompted him to be an advocate for the urban community and set up different community center's that addresses not only brutality, but also helps young African American and Latino men and women learn about the music industry, to get them off the streets. "Snoop Dogg is another Black man that is getting harassed, if you take the title Snoop Dogg away there wouldn''t be any media attention, he''d silently be harassed every day until they created some type of scenario to lock him up. Luckily and hopefully the media can shine its light on this ridiculous double standard of the legal system." Daz Dillinger explains. "This among many different things

No newcomer to being outspoken, Daz Dillinger goes on to speak out against the recent miscarriage of justice that occurred against Sean Bell in New York. "This has got to stop. I know that I will be watched even more, but we as Black people need to raise our voice and if necessary our fists against this continued and blatant murder against Black people."  Dillinger continues, "I am beginning to believe that slavery is back. In fact my next album will be entitled just that."

Daz Dillinger believes that the usage of the N-word was an eye-opener and realizes that he will after this album, Dogg Chit comes out curb his usage and in addition be more responsible with his lyrics. "I think this hit us all hard. I have always wanted to speak out about issues, hanging around Tupac (2Pac) his political mind state definitely rubbed off on me. I have been political. However this industry doesn''t want anything now that doesn''t have you killing yourself or dancing." Daz Dillinger recently parted ways with So So Def because of that.

Dillinger goes on further, "At So So Def I wanted a different route, I wanted a different direction, but I never was heard.  They wanted me to tap into a market that was in the 90s. They wanted me to dilute my message. Dogg Chit will be the last of that type of catalogue that really has a self hatred mind frame. I speak to those black men who are out there barely trying to survive. But there are different levels of being a gangster, the president of the United States is a gangster, and I want to address those issues and the many levels and sophistication that is attached with that word."

According to DJ RG, "Dogg Chit, Daz lets everyone have it. I think you can tell he is re-focusing his brand and re-energizing. And I got a chance to check out the lyrics of his new and upcoming album Slavery is Back, man! He is another Ice Cube and Tupac combined." Arnold White, Promotions Director, "Daz has always wanted to be more political but the powers that be didn''t allow him.  So now he will be like Prince and let everyone know that he feels that he is a run-away slave. Escaping and helping others escape." Daz Dillinger urges others in the community to become more active and also pro-active regardless of what anyone states or the threats that one might receive. Dillinger reveals, "Everything is a plantation, rather you work downtown or you work at a factory, we are still in a plantation.

And just because someone receives money doesn''t mean they are free, especially if they are threatened to lose the money if they don''t do what they are told. This is slavery in 2006 and in 2007, and it is my goal to make sure we escape and get free."

Dogg Chit is the last of that type or style of music. Daz Dillinger believes there are different levels of being a gangster and different levels of sophistication and power that most don''t even realize. "Black people are operating on a lower level, gang banging. Real power is owning a country not a block. Especially not a block that has no resources on it. The streets we are fighting for doesn''t have oil in it, diamonds in it.  So what are we killing each other for? It's time for Black men and Black women to realize that yes you maybe a gangster for killing someone. But if you are killing someone and have the fear of going to jail over your head, that isn''t a gangster. A real gangster like President Bush doesn''t even have to fear that. I want to expose that. And in my upcoming album Slavey is Back I will."

Tracklisting for Dogg Chit, the last of that era due out February, 2007:

01. Get Out My Way

02. I''ll bury ya (Snippet)

03. Everybody (Full Version)

04. Anybodykilla Featuring The Game (Snippet)

05. More Murder

06. Vibe Wit A Pimp Featuring Snoop Dogg (Snippet)

07. Can''t Get Enough Featuring Too Short (Snippet)

08. Thiz Gangsta Chit Iz Our''z

09. 1 N 1 Out

10. Where U From Featuring Bad Azz

11. Throw Ya Hood Up

12. Good Day

13. Pull Ya Draws Down Featuring Snoop Dogg

14. Blast On''m Featuring Brotha Lynch Hung (Snippet)

15. Bucc''m Featuring Snoop Dogg & RBX

16. Dat Aint My Baby

17. Blaze It Up Featuring G.Malone, Jayo Felony, B.G Knoccout, Dresta

About Daz Dillinger, Multi-Platinum Producer for Tupac Shakur (2Pac) and has produced acts for Black Eyed Peas, TI, Lil'' Moe, and countless othes in the entertainment industry. Daz Dillinger responsible for Tha Dogg Pound as a rap group recently joined Jermaine Dupri's So So Def to produce So So Gangsta.

Dogg Chit the last of that era will be the last one for the catalogue that has that sound and theme. The new CD will be available in February, 2007.

Article written by Shemia Miller

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News Hip Hop Notable Daz Dillinger Speaks Out

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