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News Interview w Rising Female Hip Hop Artist Lil Spreezy
Interview w Rising Female Hip Hop Artist Lil Spreezy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bani Chapman ID4176   
Thursday, 14 February 2008 10:20

Esprit Johnson, better known as hip hop artist Lil Spreezy, was born on a hot summer day in Atlanta, GA. Raised in Stone Mountain/Gwinnett County, the young and hard female hip hop rapper always made a great environment with the strength of character she obtained at an early age.

The essence of music; instilled in her from as far as she can recall, developed into her as a second nature. Lil Spreezy would endlessly entertain her family members and friends by singing, dancing and acting which later became her expertise as she incessantly dwelled in the spotlight.

Her confidence and optimism preserved in her the passion for hip hop and rap in Junior High School as she slowly emerged as a talented hip hop female rapper. Lil Spreezy found her niche in entertainment as she devoted her time to the dance team, step team, various talent shows and performed in school plays. Out of pure pleasure, she commenced to mix rhymes and beats and certainly took pride in doing so.

It was not until High School that Lil Spreezy left the place of simplicity and became serious about her music. Her fast-rising fame among her classmates then became apparent. With such an amazing sense of style and an appeal to her generation, Lil Spreezy took the initiative to distinguish herself from the many young rappers of her area during the summer of 2006 when she went in the studio to record her first track.

Her admiration for music fostered many more songs which came from the original source of her works and became a catalyst which stimulated the pursuit of a hopeful hip hop music career. Lil Spreezy's early acquaintance with music, the great work and discipline she acquired from her loving parents who cultivated in her the wisdom of life, the diversity in her songs and her remarkable commitment to such an art has put her name at the tip of everyone's tongue in her surroundings.

A marvel, sagacious, eminent, lovely with a firm personality, Lil Spreezy is recognized for her new and unique in-your-face lyrical style. A rarity among the current hip hop teenage rappers, the soulful voice is eager to bring something fresh for your ears and to the hip hop community.

Youngest in her style, the perfectionist is destined for success. Lil Spreezy yearns to deliver a message to her listeners as she allows them to familiarize themselves with her feelings. As she opts for quality, remaining responsible and mature, "The Official Spreezy" is ready to upgrade the sound of music and add some much needed talent to the hip hop community.

Lil Spreezy was listed as the “Top 51 MySpace Rappers”-In the December issue of Vibe Magazine, various features and collaborations with hip hop sensation Soulja Boy, Georgia Gurlz, Promise, Spark Dawg and many more to come.

The extremely talented Lil Spreezy is one of the next best things on the scene. Watch her as she astoundingly climbs the ladder of success!! ENOUGH SAID.

ThugLifeArmy.com guest journalist Bani Chapman sits down with Lil Spreezy for a one on one interview.

Bani Chapman: How did you respond when you found out you were listed as "the top 51 Myspace artists" representing Atlanta, Georgia - in the December 2007 issue of Vibe Magazine?

Lil Spreezy: I was extremely excited!! like wow..meBani Chapman!! thatz wuzup I just wanted to tell and show everyone. It was like a mini accomplishment for me!! I was ecstatic!!


Bani Chapman: How did the idea come about for your hit release "So Sididdy?"

Lil Spreezy: Well at first the song was going to be called "Shop 2 U Drop" somewhere along those lines. It was my solo song so of course I was on the hook----BUT it was a mutual friend idea to maybe add some RnB vocals to the song to "jazz" it up a little. Soncerea had the voice for it-and we switched around the hook. The hook was then changed. It was now about young ladies in charge or more of a young ladies empowerment song. We can get what we want and WILL get what we want. you know?! so it turned out to be something great!

Bani Chapman: What's your real name?

Lil Spreezy: Esprit Johnson. it's French haha

Bani Chapman: At what age did you start rapping?

Lil Spreezy: I began rapping in my Elementary school years. About age 8 with my cousins. We used to have contests with each other and make the adults judge haha.

Bani Chapman: Tell us about your first mixtape "What the people wanna Hear"

Lil Spreezy: On this 1st mixtape I present my fans and people with different sides of me. You might see the serious hard side, then next thing you know you''ll see the sweet feminine side. You know?

Bani Chapman: Who are some of the artists you feature on the mixtape?


Bani Chapman: Are there any new mixtapes or albums in the works?

Lil Spreezy: As of right now, I''m working hard to complete my 1st album. This is a very important project for me! But there is no set date of release yet-but it's all in the works

Bani Chapman: Being from ATL what makes you different from any other artist out of the area?

Lil Spreezy: What makes me different from any other artist out of ATL is I don''t limit myself to one style of music or style period.

Bani Chapman: What can we expect from Spreezy this year?

Lil Spreezy: You can expect more of a growth from me. especially if you''re already familiar with me-you will see. Also, there shall be more shows and appearances, a hot new collab with a young mainstream artist whom everyone is familiar with. and hopefully my 1st album! Stay Tuned!!

Bani Chapman: What is one of the biggest obstacles you''ve had to overcome being in the music industry?

Lil Spreezy: Being a YOUNG female artist, and people not expecting much or whatnot. I have to open they''re eyes

Bani Chapman: Do you have any influences?

Lil Spreezy: 1st and foremost I would like to say GOD is my influence. We all should want to be more like him. He is the highest and the almighty one who has done so much for us far beyond words. As far as a person, I shall say that Iam my own influence. If I don''t believe in myself or trust myself...then how can anyone else?! My mama is also 1 of my most important influences. She keeps me going-period. But, there are a few in the music industry and entertainment industry who I look up to and inspire me!.you dig 

Bani Chapman: Do you feel like by being a female MC you get overlooked sometimes?

Lil Spreezy: Yes-but it's all good because my talent will ALWAYZ speak for itself

Bani Chapman: What was one of the most unforgettable times you''ve experienced while performing?

Lil Spreezy: wow.the unforgettable time is when I got so hype and started feeling it..................

Bani Chapman: How did you get the name Lil Spreezy?

Lil Spreezy: wow-lol me!! all because part of my real name is pronounced -"spree" and folks use to alwayz be like, "wuz hatnin sprizzle, or spreewells and etc" so I just took the spree and added that zy to tang it on out you dig!

Bani Chapman: When you record a song, how conscious are you of the image you may be delivering to your younger fans?

Lil Spreezy: I am conscious about it so I try to deliver my message in the best way possible but I am also conscious of the fact that I have folks my age and older listening. So I may create certain songs for each of the audiences to relate to. ya dig?

Bani Chapman: What type of messages do you hope your fans will receive from your music?

Lil Spreezy: That it is alwayz ok to express yourself or be YOU. To alwayz handle yours and get yours. and just Have fun!

Bani Chapman: Did your Mother and Father have a say in the music you listened to?

Lil Spreezy: No, growing up my family and  I listened to all kinds of music. from reggae to pop, to rNb, to hip-hop, to just plain rap.

Bani Chapman: What do you feel is more important - selling records and or downloads, Radio play or live performances?

Lil Spreezy: I think they are all equally important. An artist always needs the promotion and people need to see how you can kill it live!


Bani Chapman:  Do you have a celebrity crush?

Lil Spreezy: hmmm.hahal there are a few. I love Chris Brown but I also like Plies, Spectacular[Pretty Ricky], Omarion, and probably more that I can''t think of right now, but nothing major haha

Bani Chapman: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Lil Spreezy: I see myself successful with money and a career. I see myself as an entrepreneur or one who has expanded in many areas. This is so, because Im not just a female rapper-I am an artist. So there will probably be more from me later on in other areas besides music. you never know.

Bani Chapman: What is the most important advice your mom has taught you?

Lil Spreezy: To never give up, work hard. When you work hard for what you want, you will get what you want [most of the time] and there will be great results.

Bani Chapman: What would you like  people to know about you?

Lil Spreezy: 1 thing  I want everyone to know about me is like I stated before, don''t just categorize me as another female rapper. I am an artist in many ways. Photography, acting, writing, fashion. and I could go much more in depth but yeah, I love all types of ways of expression

Bani Chapman: Any words of advice to your peers and fans?

Lil Spreezy: thank you for listening and supporting me!!! I love all of you. stay in school. stay focused and stay positive with whatever you are pursuing.! much luv and GET MONEY!!!

Bani Chapman: How can  fans/people contact Spreezy?

Lil Spreezy: Yeah you can get at me on www.myspace.com/officialspreezy and/or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Manager Nichelle G-       This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bani Chapman: Thanks for taking this time and all the best to you.


News Interview w Rising Female Hip Hop Artist Lil Spreezy

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