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News Hip-Hop Rap Album Review - Ice Cube LNCL
Hip-Hop Rap Album Review - Ice Cube LNCL PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gza Genius ID2670   
Monday, 29 May 2006 13:57

Hip Hop Rap Album Review: Ice Cube - "Laugh Now, Cry Later"

Ice Cube....the name alone speaks for itself. As one of the founders of Westcoast gangster rap, and former member of the group who changed hip-hop; NWA. Cube made his mark with hip-hop changing releases like; Amerikkka's Most Wanted, Death Certificate, and Lethal Injection. And now in 2006, Cube is back with a bang, or should I say, back with a banging album. 

After taking a short break from the music scene, Ice Cube is back to let rap fans know what this game is all about. With his success in the movie business, many people forget that Cube is one of the most influencial hip-hop icons and legendary rappers in Westcoast history.

His albums have been a blueprint for many of the rappers you hear today. His new album, "Laugh now Cry Later" is bound to impress. With a single like "Why We Thugs," and funky records like, "Growin Up," this album has something for everyone. 

Cube has come along way from his lyrical, and political heated verses on Amerikkka's Most Wanted, but he still controls the mic better than anyone in hip-hop out there. My advice is; put this album in, turn the speakers up, and let Cube preach!


‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’ drops on Ice Cube’s own record company Da Lench Mob Records June 6th. 2006. BUY it don’t download it. Support the west coast artusts and good hip-hop.


Album Rating: 8.5/10

1) Definition of a Westcoast G


2) Why We Thugs

Cube's first single, ''why we thugs'' will get ur speakers hitting. It can appeal to the mainstream and still satisfy the underground audience. With a deep Orchestra and high clap, it makes for a great club record.

3) Smoke Some Weed

If u don''t already know by the title of this record what it's about, than i don''t need to explain. Over a abstract beat, Cube goes into depth about the life of smokin that chronic. The Indian style beat makes it easy to let urself go to another place.

4) Dimes and Nicks (A call from Mike Epps)

Mike Epps - Funny skit; after all we are talking Mike Epps.

5) Child Support

Alot of people can relate to the lyrics in the song.  A controversial record, going into the subjects of deadbeat dads, child support, and other topics in question. Cube takes u back to his early days, when he brought everything out in the open. The aggressive lyrics, and hard hitting beat make for a deadly combination.

6) 2 Decades Ago

Short interlude

7) Doin What it Pose 2 Do

Here's a bangin track for ur ride. Perfect for cruising down the street and it's got a new age westcoast sound. Cube has kept it westcoast so far, but the tracks can appeal to a nationwide audience with this sound as well.

8) Laugh Now Cry Later

A calm relaxed track, with a piano in the backgroud, deep bass, and jazzy drums help Cube express his feelins about life.  With a variety of topics, Cube keeps focused on living everyday to the fullest. The track is like fools gold, with the calm beat u think everything is all good, but the track is trying to portray life. You can be doing great and having fun, but the next thing you know your locked up in jail and everything in your life turned on you. Laugh now and cry later, so live life to the fullest.

9) Stop Snitchin

Cube gets more aggressive and goes off in this record.  You get the feelin that Cube had alot to say, and this track shows the emotion he had when he made it. A deep synth sets a perfect drop for Cube, and the tracks speaks for itself.

10) Go to church ft. Snoop Dogg

The beat is produced by Lil Jon, you can tell that right away. With a southern whistle, clickin hi hats, and anthem style sound, if your down with that sound than this track is just for you. I was kinda confused why a track that Snoop was featured on would have such a southern style beat, but other than that, i could see this track getting rotation in clubs everywhere.

11) The Nigga Trap

The beat is dark and serious, the topic is just as serious. The ghetto, or as Cube calls it, "The nigga trap," takes the listener into life in the ghetto, and the traps that are set to make is easy for one to fail, and end up in jail. Even though the track is portraying the dark side of the ghetto, it's for a reason, it's to help the listener avoid those traps, so u can have success in your life.

12) A History of Violence


13) Growin Up

This is my favorite track on the album. A classic funk record, it's a perfect backdrop for Cube to take u down memory lane to the days of his childhood. To the days when he met Dr. Dre and Dj Yella, and how he got his start in music. A great track, and it shows the maturity in Ice Cube, from a young ruthless artist of the lynchmob, NWA, to the man he is today.

14) Click Clack (get back)

You can bounce to this track, go dumb, crunk, whatever you do, just get down to this track. Upbeat and loud, Cube lets loose on this track, just a all around good feel to this track.

15) The Game Lord

This is a hustlers track, just lay low, creep, or just kick back, it all fits when your bumpin this track. A futuristic sound, and lyrics from Cube take you on a ride full of nothin but Cube spittin game.

16) Chrome and Paint ft. WC

This track was released early as a street single, and it got a good reception. It's got funk, oldschool, newschool, and originality all wrapped up in 1 track. Cube keeps his style oldschool, and brings the early 90's to the 06. WC of the madd circle takes over and wrecks the mic with his verse. A true westcoast Mc who spits those street wise lyrics in a complex matter. Who said the westcoast can''t rap?  critics bow down.

17) Steal the Show

A Scott storch beat, and club style lyrics from Cube make for a real club banger. This one will get rotation in clubs nationwide, Dj's get ready, cus this will get the dance floor going.

18) You Gotta Lotta That

Snoop and Cube break it down when it comes to groupies and females alike. 

All this track needs to be a classic is a verse from Too Short.  The beat has player written all over it, and Snoop and Cube put it down like some westcoast players.

19) Spittin Pollaseeds ft. WC

I like the beat, it's upbeat with some funk in it.  Cube and WC showcase there lyrical ability, spittin the truth about the westcoast rap game.

20) Holla at Cha Boy

This track is a mixture of the south and west.  It's got that universal sound that’s popular these days; I don''t like it that much.

As far as being considered a classic, I wouldn''t go as far as to say that. 

But this album has a good variety of tracks, a few for the club, ur car, and a few to just lay back and relax to.

Cube showed his maturity and the progression in his style from his early days. The music definitely fits in with today’s music, it's got a mass appeal, but he brought a lot of originality along side that.  Go get the album when it hits stores and support Ice Cube's latest release, "Laugh Now Cry Later."

News Hip-Hop Rap Album Review - Ice Cube LNCL

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