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News Hip Hop Rap Album Review 'Back B4 You're Lonely
Hip Hop Rap Album Review 'Back B4 You're Lonely PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gza Genius ID3519   
Sunday, 01 April 2007 03:42

The album ‘Back B4 You’re Lonely’, in stores April 3rd, from hip hop duo Butch Cassidy & Damizza is sure to shake up the hip hop world. This album proves hip hop is not dead. If you think hip hop is dead: you''re just ‘depending’ on the majors to provide it, and your not looking in the right places.

This unique mix of hip hop talent makes this album a stand out and one everyone should take a close look at.

These two hip hop notables have combined to produce an incredible collaboration that has something for everyone.

West Coast hip hop vocalist and rap artist Butch Cassidy, who has worked with reliable hip hop talents such as Snoop Dogg and Xzibit, adds his distinctive vocal sound to this album. Damizza and Butch Cassidy have hit the mark on this album and it is sure to be noticed by the hip hop community.

These two hip hop notables, Butch Cassidy and Damizza, really proved with this album that two different styles can create something special. There weren''t any tracks that made me want to skip past, and as Damizza said, "Butch brings degrees with every hook he breeds; I can''t wait for him to sing". That says it all when it comes to Butch Cassidy. I''d love to hear a new solo Butch album; he seems to be able to take over anything he touches. If you remember he had the chorus on Snoop Doggs single "lay low", so it's good to see Butch is back at it again with a very solid album. If you want to hear a singer/rapper that has no comparisons, than this album will open you up to the world of Butch Cassidy.

Butch Cassidy & Damizza - "Back B4 You’re Lonely"


1) Get your party on

The track starts off with a nice futuristic sound. Damizza does a good job of introducing his style on this track, and Butch Cassidy can''t be mistaken for any other artist as he harmonizes his verse. His chorus's always get stuck in your head and this one will surely be one of them. I like how the beat progressed from the intro into the chorus and turned out to be a solid club record.

2) Cruzin''

This was a breath of fresh air. It's a great mixture of old school soul music, and of course Butch and Damizza bring there west coast flavor to it. Even on a rainy day, you can''t help but picture yourself under the sun, just cruzin'' down the street. The beat had a mix of old piano notes, along with a couple perks that bring that west coast ‘zapp’ sound.

3) In 2's

First thing that caught my ear was the funky bass line. Damizza showcases his skills on this track; he does a great job of keeping on tempo, as the beat is very upbeat. The beat kind of reminded me the bayou in the south; it had a little rock and a little country sound. Butch does the hook, and it's another one you''ll end up singing along with.

4) Talk 2 me

A real smooth and relaxing track right here, this has got to be one of my favorites on the entire album. Butch is real calm and collected as he hypnotizes you with his vocals, accompanied by a nice female singer. Butch is a real old school type of artist; he can bring melodies out that take you right back to the early days of funk and soul. I guarantee you''ll be a Butch Cassidy fan after kickin back to this one.  This is what music has been missing, a artist bringing out the music from there heart, you can tell that Butch really enjoyed this track.

5) Gangsta Lean

With Jayo Felony onboard, you know he's gonna bring a little gangsta twist to the table. At the 1:53 mark, Jayo really takes over on his verse. A San Diego hip hop rap veteran, Jayo brought some added energy and emotion to this track. Butch's background vocals blend in so well with the beat that you almost forget he's there, that’s how talented he is.

6) Back before your lonely

This was a ok track for me, Butch's verse and chorus was the only part I really enjoyed. I think the beat was a little off, but it wasn''t un-listenable. It just wasn''t as good compared to the prior tracks so far.

7) Top Billin

A simple bass and guitar rift made for a nice upbeat track to bounce your head to. I felt the beat was missing a few components, but like I said before, with Butch singing along you really forget about any faults the beat might have. Damizza carries himself really well and his lyrics really stand out on this beat, and i''ll quote him "with every hook he breeds, I can''t wait for him to sing". Butch makes is so easy to listen, that most the tracks so far have a very high replay value for me.

8) Once lovers

Butch can really carry a track on his own, a real nice story teller as well. If you pay attention you''ll enjoy listening to what this track is about.

9) A view from the top

This is a real strong track, every artist brings a lot of emotion and truth to there verse. It's good to see couple new west rappers really shine like this. Bishop and Roccet both explain there record label situations, and why there at where there at. If they keep putting out music like this, it won''t matter what label there on, everyone will have to respect them. Vanessa Marquez does a nice job on the hook, I would have like Butch on it, but it didn''t take away from the importance of the track.

10) Straight Playa

As the title says, it's a track for the players; a smooth pimpish beat, with lyrics to match. And when you have someone as smooth as Butch Cassidy on the hook you can''t get much more playerish than that.

11) Click, Clack

This was the only real street track on here, other than the Jayo Felony one. It shows that not every album needs gangsta lyrics or beats to have a impact. I liked the variety on the album, and having a couple street tracks like this worked out really well. The piano and base make a gritty backdrop for Taje and Noni Spitz to showcase there talent.

12) Trajic end

They picked a great track to end the album; it has the perfect sound to close with. Damizza and Butch have a good connection when collaborating, and this was one of the tracks that show that best. The piano really helps close out the album, and Butch on the hook can''t be beat.

Butch Cassidy & Damizza have combined forces for their collaborative debut album, ‘Back B4 You’re Lonely’ in stores April 3rd on Damizza’s Baby Ree Reecordingz. BE SURE TO GET THIS ONE!!

News Hip Hop Rap Album Review 'Back B4 You're Lonely

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