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Interviews Interview with Hurt M Badd
Interview with Hurt M Badd PDF Print E-mail
Written by Westside ID256   
Saturday, 25 September 2004 23:58

Hurt M Badd; a legend in the record business. A composer/songwriter, producer and vocal arranger with tracks that have been used by Jay-Z, Mariah Carey and numerous other artist. But it is his work at Death Row and with 2Pac that has got him much recognition, most recently in XXL magazine. He was one of the main producers on "Makaveli - Don Killuminati-The 7 Day Theory". For those who read the article in XXL on the making of Makaveli in the Sept. 2003 issue, you have seen some of his work. For those who have heard 2Pac's Makaveli album; you have heard his work. Hurt M Badd wrote, arranged and produced the music for six songs on "Don Killuminati" The true gem that stands out from these cuts is ''Hail Mary". One of the greatest songs recorded by Tupac.

Hurt M Badd's music has been used to add flavor to many artists multi platinum albums. He is now an independent artist and is focused on letting the world hear his music...once again.

Thru his great management group, The Dilla Management Group; with special thanks to Nashawn D. Price, CEO; for hooking all this up for us.

Robert: First let me ''thank you'' for taking this time to talk to us.

Hurt M Badd: Thanks man. I appreciate it.

Robert: A lot of things were covered in the XXL article, but I''d like to hit on just a few things from the Death Row Days.

Hurt M Badd: Ok. Let’s go.

Robert: It is hard to believe that an album of the magnitude of the ''Makaveli'' album only took 7 days to record, much less 20 cuts in those 7 days. The pace must have been incredible.

Hurt M Badd: Well yeah, it was. Pac had just finished his album "All Eyes on Me" so, his next album he was like, "I want to get this done real quick". So I was already into making tracks and doing them quick so, it just really right up my alley.

Robert: Did everybody just stay there at Death Row for the 7 days?

Hurt M Badd: Basically, yeah.

Robert: Was that Tupac's normal way of doing thing's? Did he always do his cuts so fast?

Hurt M Badd: Quick, fast and in a hurry.

Robert: Was there a sense of ''urgency'' in Tupac's actions during the recording of the ''Makaveli'' album?

Hurt M Badd: He was just like, "I gotta get this done, I can’t let nothing stop me. I gotta get it done and get it done now".

Robert: Where you and the others comfortable with such a fast pace?

Hurt M Badd: Well like I said I work fast, so it was like right up my alley. I don’t know about everyone else but they seemed to take to everything and be on time as well.

Robert: The ''Makaveli'' album lists 'simon'' as the executive producer, can you tell us who that is?

Hurt M Badd: Yeah, sure that’s Suge.

Robert: Were Danny Boy, KC,and JoJo there for the 7 days or were the ''mixed'' in later?

Hurt M Badd: Uh, mixed in later. Danny Boy was there. He was in the studio as well as Tupac.

Robert: How are the Outlawz to work with?

Hurt M Badd: The Outlawz were beautiful man, they were ok.

Robert: You were at Death Row in the height of the west/ east conflict; was there alot of tension because of the ''conflict'' that was going on?

Hurt M Badd: Only when Tupac got full of Hennessey.

Robert: What is your opinion on the ''beefs'' that seem to be among many camps in today’s rap game?

Hurt M Badd: It’s a phase but to keep it real it’s really the ignorance of our people.

Robert: Before we move on from the Death Row days can you give us any insight to 'storm" the only lady Outlawz? Did you know her and do you know what she is up to now?

Hurt M Badd: Yeah, I knew Storm. I worked with Storm a few times. As a matter of fact, we was kind of close, she used to be in the studio all the time when I was in there. I don’t know what she’s doing right now, I haven’t talked to her in a while.

Robert: You worked on the ''Gang Related'' soundtrack and wrote, arranged and produced my favorite cut 'staring Through My Rear View''; was that one of those songs that just came easy and was done quickly?

Hurt M Badd: Yeah

Robert: You did work on ''Above The Rim '' , writing the lyrics and doing vocals on ''Blowed Away''. As an artist are you limited to create such songs because they have to be cleared by the movie people, or do they just except what you come up with?

Hurt M Badd: Well basically it has to be cleared by the music people cause everybody wants hits you know.

Robert: Is there anything about Tupac's personality, work ethic, attitude etc. that has stuck with you ?

Hurt M Badd: Yes, yes the way he worked real quick, the way he took things so serious. He knew what he could do and he just got in there and did it. That rubbed off on me as well.

Robert:If you only had one word to describe Tupac, what would it be?

Hurt M Badd: Amazing.

Robert: Do you still have a relationship with any of the artist from Death Row ?

Hurt M Badd: Yes a few of them.

Robert: What about Suge?

Hurt M Badd: We talk sometime.

Robert: It has been 7 yrs. now since we lost Tupac, and still there are many that believe in all of the theory's of him being alive. You were there at Death Row when all that happened. Can you give us your thoughts on the theory's and your personal opinion on all the theory's?

Hurt M Badd: Well the theories from the outside, I call that Hollywood, you know. But people gonna think what they want. Tupac is dead, but to each his own.

Robert: One last Question from those days; all the un-released cuts that there seems to be, how is it determined who owns what? I mean Daz Dillnger says he has some unreleased cuts and Death Row has some and Afeni has some. How is all that worked out on who owns what? And do you have any?

Hurt M Badd: I don’t know about their business but the tracks that we did together its all been worked out.

Robert: Do you see any artist out there that you feel would benefit from your expertise and talent?

Hurt M Badd: Yeah, all of them.

Robert: Now more recently your music has been used by many artist, Jay-z, 50 Cent , Eminem and Mariah Carey to mention a few. So it seems there is a call for your work. So fill us in on what you have been doing recently.

Hurt M Badd: Basically, I just been staying in the studio man and just continue to keep that feeling of shooting the ball so I wont lose it.

Robert: What the future holds for Hurt M Badd.

Hurt M Badd: Success.

Robert: Well Hurt thanks for taking time for me.

Hurt M Badd: Sure Robert

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Interviews Interview with Hurt M Badd

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