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Interviews Interview With Renegade Foxxx
Interview With Renegade Foxxx PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID601   
Monday, 27 December 2004 22:28


Renegade Foxxx


Just when you thought all ya had to look forward to in hip-hop and rap in 2005, was the those same old beats, someone comes along and drops a bundle in your lap.


The ‘bundle’ is the album from Renegade Foxxx called ‘Still Hustlin’. It's hott and it's coming fast.


Due out March 8th this album has some tracks you are already starting to see if you watch BET. The video with Trina and Renegade Foxxx ‘Scream (Get it Right)’ is in rotation on BET now.


Another video that is out is Renegade Foxxx with Petey Pablo and the Young Bloodz titled ‘Anything U Want’. This is going to be a club hit in 2005, if it isn’t already. Both are available in our video section.


The album has a lot of featured artist adding a good variety of sounds from the west coast to the east coast and the dirty south.


Artist who join Renegade Foxxx for his debut album include E-40, Petey Pablo, Young Bloodz, Trina, Prodigy, Bone Crusher, Memphis Bleek and another Still Hustlin Records artist Kym Rae, and others.


I should say this is an interview but really it is more than the 10 question PR pop off that some artist ‘grant’ you as a commercial for their album. I got to spend some real quality time just truly kicking it with Renegade. This is more of a really get an insight to who  Renegade Foxxx really is.


He gives insight to his upcoming album, how it all came about, how to handle ‘beef’ and he talks about his passion and his desires for the shows that he would like to put on for the fans.


Here is an artist who is hot now and getting hotter.  He is on the move and he is also a CEO of a record company and he can find time to spend time kicking it with a web site writer. Now that’s luv.


He answered everything and even added more. He was a cat that made me laugh and I had a blast doing this. But also he shared a lot of good stuff with us.


I know that if you seen any of the videos you will appreciate all the information Renegade Foxxx shares with us.


And just as he surrounded himself with quality people for the album, I would like to thank the rest of his quality crew for hooking all this up. The whole crew at Echoing Sounds did a great job as always getting it done all in a day. Now that to is luv.


Check out this read and make sure you check the videos and pick up the album on March 8th. Visit Renegade Foxx at his web site  HERE.


*See Renegade Foxxx's NEW video's  HERE .


Robert – Thanks for taking time to do this with us, I know you’re busy.


Renegade Foxxx – Naw dawg, this is gravy man. If nobody wants ta talk to me then that’s a problem.


Robert – The new album is truly a banger.


Renegade Foxxx – Thank you man.


Robert - It seems when someone comes out of no where, or they appear to come out of nowhere that is not true. Can you give me a little back ground on yourself?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea, I was always just grinding, grinding around in the background, ya know I was learning. Actually I was sitting back under Red Alert and I would just watch the industry, and watch the momentum. How things happen and just take notes and stuff like that. And then when it was just time to just unveil, I always had this thing that an artist should make an album with at least more than one or two singles; to actually sell the album. I try to get as many singles as I possible could. And I try to actually try to give somebody basically a whole different like a whole bunch of shit to listen to; just to have fun. So basically I just sat in the cut man, I was always in the industry somehow, sneaking around, having fun. I think I have been a rapper for about 5 years.


Robert – How long have you been in the music game?


Renegade Foxxx - Yea, I‘ve been in the game about 5 years just watching. Ya know I took my lumps. I actually had an album out before with this cat and it was terrible. It was, honestly I keep it real. If every successful artist that first album was terrible they made it big. Eminem, 50, Jay-Z’s; one of his first albums was terrible ya know then you learn from that. You learn all the crap not to do.


Robert – Still Hustlin Records is your company?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea that’s my company man. I just let people know that I’m just hustling, all day. I’m the real hustler.


Robert – How did that come about man that you come from – I’m not cappin on ya but it seems ya come from no where and all of the sudden you got a record company.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man shit, its 600 dollars.


Robert – 600 dollars? (Laughs)


Renegade Foxxx – 600 dollars and get ya a crazy ass lady to do the paper work. You know what it was right? I couldn’t get like a Laundromat or something like that; I always just wanted to be an owner, ya know. I always had this life where you felt like you wasn’t going to be shit. And I just thought let me start a record company ya know. Got my 600 dollars put it together and started dealing with artist and everybody just ; it’s weird right.-Because when artist meet me ya know these are artist that I actually like ya know I like a lot and when they meet me it’s like we family. It’s like the ego’s down; it’s no more business, its fun. One of my favorites is Trina and Bone Crusher. And Petey Pablo, when me and him kicked it he was at the top of the game ya know with Freek – A – Leek. And he’s a real humble cat and I respect that.


Robert – Are you originally from the east coast?


Renegade Foxxx – Well actually I’m from every damn where. My family’s from Alabama, I live in Jersey, I’ve lived in New York; I’m just like; I’m like the Kung Fu guy, remember the guy with the stick, walkin? That’s me man, I’m some of everywhere man.


Robert – Just wandering’ around huh?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man keep the pop o off my back.


Robert – I heard you said that the label is a ‘straight up criminal label ’


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man cause we just lie. We keep it real. We’re just a bunch of liars at the label.


Robert – It’s said ya know ya get cats just out of prison and give em job’s.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea cause when I came out of the joint there was no place I could get a job. I was actually a security guard and I was good. I ain’t had no gun, they gave me a flashlight.


Robert – You big enough you don’t need no gun man.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea but I, ya know ya just want ta say stick em up. Ya know ‘Put that back’ and they use ta put me in the worse areas of the mall and I had a flashlight so it was like crazy. And then they fired me because I came out of prison ya know. 20-20 did this thing about who’s guarding you at the malls. And they started doing background checks. It was sad. They had to let me go, and they didn’t want to. Everybody was damn near trying to protest to keep me. Because I was big ya know. I was like the security guard that was like a bouncer. And I look out for people. I don’t like to see people get hurt.


Robert – Well ya know it’s cool that you want to help people and give a hand up when everybody else turns their back on them.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man and ya know something; you catch these cats out of prison they don’t want to go back, they don’t. But this world is hard. And I’d be the first to tell you there is no such thing as rehabilitation in prison. Because you can rehabilitate yourself but society is going to destroy you. And they make you want to go back. Not me, but not everybody can be like me. When I walked out of them doors they were like ‘you’ll be back’. I said ‘ssshhiiiitttt not me’, and I mean it.


Robert - But ya know when Suge tried that over at Death Row, he gave cats a hand up and everything.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea, exactly that’s how you have to be. And that is why Suge is always going to be successful.


Robert – Yea but he was heavily criticized for that.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea ya know son, people are always going to criticize you for trying to help somebody that made a mistake. Ya know and I go on record to say that. These cats made a mistake. You can’t be haunted your whole life for a mistake. Now if you molest a child or something that’s not a mistake; you a damn fool. Ya know, but if you stole something ya know, you did it to try to make ends. But if you just out there stealing everything you a damn criminal. You don’t need a second chance; they need to cut your hands off.


Robert – Do you know Suge?


Renegade Foxxx – Naw, I would love to meet him. He seems like a real good brotha. Ya know I think a lot of people make up their own stuff about the brotha. I think he’s a good brotha ya know. He’s a collage man, so obviously he’s intelligent. Ya know half the rappers out here ain’t been to collage. Ain’t been to high school.


Robert – They haven’t built a multi-million dollar music business either.


Renegade Foxxx – Exactly. So I respect that brotha, I respect anybody that’s doing it.


Robert – You didn’t get to meet him thru Petey Pablo?


Renegade Foxxx – Naw I didn’t because after me and Petey Pablo did our joint I guess that’s when Suge came into the picture I guess later on that day. But I heard about it, I was like more power to ya.


Robert – You also have said you want to be the black Donald Trump.


Renegade Foxxx – HELL YEA dawg…Honestly I’m not even going to try; I’m going to do it.


Robert – Now wouldn’t this be a kicker; could you imagine yourself with a show like his ‘Apprentice’?


Renegade Foxxx – Oh Hell Yea. Bunch of prisoners.


Robert – (laughs) When I first read that, that’s the first thing I thought of. Man I’d like to see this dude on television with the apprentice.


Renegade Foxxx – Oh yea. Hell yea bunch of ex cons trying to run the company.


Robert – Which end do you enjoy most; the business end because you own the company or the rapping part?


Renegade Foxxx – Actually, I don’t like none of it, (Robert falls out laughing). I don’t like none of it. I think it’s all just crazy. I think this world really messed up when it let me come into it. Well not really messed up cause I’m just going ta have fun. They gave me an opportunity; this music industry gave me an opportunity to just have fun man. I ain’t about the drugs, the gangs; I’m just here ta laugh and sleep with all the women in Hollywood; that’s it. That’s my claim to fame. Give me the Grammy’s but I’m digging up Betty Davis bones. I don’t care. (Robert is still loosing it in the back). So if you see that on the inter net ‘Renegade Foxxx was caught trying to dig up Lucile Ball and Betty Davis bones, I was trying to sleep with them. I told America I was going to do it. I’m going to sleep with Oprah. Stedman don’t have a chance. I’m coming to town. I’m coming with a nice bacon sandwich and she is going ta be all mine. I am going ta be a straight up prostitute.


Robert – (trying to maintain) A prostitute?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea Julie Roberts in that movie; she ain’t a real prostitute, I’m the real one.


Robert – Hey man how long was you lock up?


Renegade Foxxx – Me? 4 years man.


Robert – (still can’t get it together-laughing) I’d hate to see ya after 6.


Renegade Foxxx – Oh yea, man. WHAT.


Robert – They should have let you out after 2 months.


Renegade Foxxx – Honestly, I thought I was crazy. Cause you be in a room talking to yourself. And the day you answer yourself there’s a problem. I use ta talk to this mouse. (Robert – Oh God (laughing)).Yea, Yea, I was like the Green Mile ( Robert – Yea the Green Mile dude) I done beat him out. I had a little mouse and a little roach. They were my partners.


Robert – Where was you locked down at?


Renegade Foxxx – I was down at Leesburg, and I was down at Northern State. They were just shuffling me around in prison. Cause I was bad. I was bad in the sense cause I would fight all the time. But ya know ya had to. It was always ya know – and I never did bother anybody. It was just like ‘why you want to bother me’?


Robert – So does that mean you’re on parole now?


Renegade Foxxx – Naw not no more.


Robert – You’re clear?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea I’m done. I’m done with that. That was my past life. I look at it as a stepping stone ta growing up.


Robert – A learning experience huh?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea, that was one hell of a pre school to learn though.


Robert – How old are ya?


Renegade Foxxx – I’m 29. I’m actually 30 but I say I’m 29. I’m going ta be 29 for about 10 years, so get use to that number. I’m 29.


Robert – We can just lock that number in right?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea dawg, they don’t have to worry about it in the interviews say ‘how old are you Renegade? 29’. K, lets go back to the tape 5 years ago ‘How old are you Renegade? 29’.Shit, my birthday done stopped.


Robert – Ok man, I really like the beats on this album. Who produced the new album ‘’Still Hustlin’?


Renegade Foxxx – I produced the joint with me and Bone Crusher. Ya know I got cats like Red Head Kingpin, Brice Wilson; I did some of everybody. I actually give a lot of these young brothers their shot ya know. They send me up their joints and they work hard on them. And what I do I try to take their joints and put a story with it, ya know.


Robert – So ya get the beat and you put a rhyme to it?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man I just, shit man I just be banging girls. That’s my whole life now. My whole life is to wear my jewelry, drive Ferraris and Lamborghini’s and bang girls. That’s my whole life.


Robert – And the music is like second thing?


Renegade Foxxx – Oh yea, no it’s third. Yea it’s third. Honestly I did this album and said ya know something; I’m going to make an album that’s fool proof. That’s exactly what I said. I want an album that can go mouth to mouth: people talk about it.


Robert – I hear ya; ya got one.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man, I think I did a good job man. Like I said with Red Alert he’s like my father. He be like ‘Man go back in the studio’, alright.


Robert – Who came up with the idea of using the Sanford & Son sample on "Leave Me Alone"?


Renegade Foxxx – Oh that was me man. I am the hugest fan of Red Foxx.


Robert – Ya know what it really worked to.


Renegade Foxxx – Ya know what it was right, it’s New Years, I don’t like going out on New Years and I was sitting there watching a marathon on TV Land. Man and I kept hearing that beat every episode. Ya know it come back to back. I said damn this would be hot. So I’m just humming lyrics as the beat coming. I got together with Red Head Kingpin and we just put it together and then I knew that the sample would be crazy to clear. So what I did was I found all the actual guys, majority of them that are still alive, to replay that: that actually played that with Quincy. Like the harmonica guy, he was kool. And we just got a live band and we just did it live, and it’s crazy.


Robert – The video for ‘Scream’ with Trina is out and it is giving a lil taste of the album to come. How has it been accepted?


Renegade Foxxx – Oh that joint; ya know what’s the scary part? I didn’t really like the record.


Robert – Fo real?


Renegade Foxxx – I really didn’t for some reason. Everybody loves that damn record. Ya know I just did it as a commercial point because I wanted to sleep with her.


Robert – (both are laughing) At least you are an honest man.


Renegade Foxxx – I keep it real. I wanted to tap that ass. And I was like shit. So I just did it and they just started getting crazy. My favorite record is the Royal Rumble with Bone Crusher. That’s my favorite record cause that’s really; I’m actually doing those lyrics with a passion. Majority of the lyrics I do I just have fun. But that one I was just so focus’ly passionate with it because not only did I produce it, it was just like that was my heart. And I just went bells on it.


Robert – How long does it take to make a video like that? We see like 4 minutes or something.


Renegade Foxxx – Oh yea, me and Trina; I would have kept her for 3 weeks. That shit real. I’s like baby we need to go back to the bed scene cause it didn’t come out right.


Robert – About how did it take?


Renegade Foxx – Actually that one took like 2 days. I did it the day after the Source Awards. We were all in Miami and me and her started filming; yea we knocked it out in 2 days. It was kool.


Robert – I know you got a video for ‘Anything You Want’.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea, me and Petey Pablo. That one took about a week.


Robert – A week?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea because we did it in Connecticut, we did it in Manhattan, we did it in Atlanta. That was one of the biggest projects I did so far.


Robert – Is that your bike in that video?


Renegade Foxxx – Hell no, I can’t ride for shit. I was going to. Then I was talking to this guy he didn’t have no face. He said you can ride. I said hell no. Shit. I’d be the stupid biker on the road, you see me with a mattress on my back, just incase. (Robert has totally lost it by now) My bike will be hot but I will have a damn Sealy Posture Pedic wrapped around my ass. You won’t even see the bike; you will just see a mattress coming down the street.


Robert – Have you thought of dropping anything with the Boo Yaa Tribe?


Renegade Foxxx – Naw dawg. To be honest naw.


Robert – You seem like their type of dude man.


Renegade Foxxx – Ya know something, I just did a record with Pitbull, cool cat man I was going ta do a joint with R Kelly, ya know I pulled it back. I just done with the artist because see I did that because they number one it’s kool I‘ve always looked up to these cats in the industry but now I look at them as I’m getting ready to pass these cats. I’m definitely going to pass them. This world ain’t heard enough of me. I’m the type of brotha that I give everybody an opportunity, especially these girls that want to be models. Hell yea, let a girl tell me she wants to be a model, yea gurl. I got a Polaroid for ya right here. Give me your best pose. Shit, she be like ‘How come you always taking pictures of my ass’? Gurl this is 2005., that’s what’s in now. Shit, I’m a damn pervert. (Ok Robert has totally lost it again). When I do a video, I ain’t doing a video cause I want to be on MTV, I’m just doing it cause the girls gonna give me ass. Shit, you’ll never see a behind the scenes… That was a funny thing cause when me and Trina was doing the video right, we were on the yacht and I’m banging out this chick in the bathroom right. Trina didn’t get in yet. Next thing ya know the bathroom door open – I got her legs cocked up to the ceiling, it was kinda embarrassing. I was like man. I said Trina I have seen some of your videos. Shit, I’m a damn pervert.


Robert – But your having fun right?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea, what? Im’a sleep with every woman in there. Shit the little Chinese lady in the corner that gets food. Come here gurl. If you ever hear any bad stuff about me in the future; about he slept with this artist and they were filming it – it’s true. And I’m going to be the one distributing it. Check out my new Video of Whitney Houston, she be smoking the crack and I’ll be naked in the corner.


Robert – We’ll have to keep an eye out for DVD’s from you right?


Renegade Foxxx – What? I’m going ta put them DVD’s out like I’m Blockbuster. And ya notice in the video I’m always smiling.


Robert – Well I guess. (laughing)


Renegade Foxxx – They don’t know that it’s being filmed. But I’m sitting there with my cool look on my face. So it ain’t like the paparazzi, I’m the paparazzi. Your going ta see me on Entertainment Tonight they going ta be like ‘Their snapping pictures of Renegade Foxxx’, no that’s actually me. Look at my arm. There’s a camera that I’m holding just snapping pictures, I don’t care.


Robert - Are there other video’s planned for other tracks?


Renegade Foxxx –


Robert – The video for the Young Bloodz and Petey Pablo track ‘Anything You Want’ is really tight. Where was that shot and how was it working with those cats?


Renegade Foxxx –


Robert – What is the next single off the album?


Renegade Foxxx – The next single off the album is going ta be Royal Rumble. We are going to do that video in January 20th something like that. Then I got ta go down to the French Riviera to meet them. So I’m trying to lock that video down right away, I can’t wait to do that video. And we only got the remix done with me and Pit Bull, so it’s crazy. We just having a ball.


Robert – I see there are a lot of quality people featured on this album. Bone Crusher, Mobb Deep, Memphis Bleek, Prodigy and many others. Was it hard to get so many quality people to appear on a debut album?


Renegade Foxxx – All my favorite artist. Naw ya know what it was. It was weird because right after I did the Anything You Want record; with Petey Pablo and the Young Bloodz, everybody was just like they was talking like I was just this kool cat that is getting ready to take over. And when I picked up the phone it was like yo hell ya dawg it’s luv lets do it.

Ya know Bone Crusher was the coolest. He’s like ‘come on down family, lets have some fun’. I was like ‘there it is baby boi’.


Robert –So you cut the tracks with the artist, they weren’t mixed in?


Renegade Foxxx – Naw, we cut the tracks together. We just sit in the studio and vibe ya know. Trina really held it down because it was like 2 o’clock in the morning and she was just killing it. Her little sexy ass came up in a little skirt. Shit at 2 o’clock in the morning; shit gurl. Shit ya know what I was thinking about. She’s talking about I want ta Scream. Shit I want ta make ya scream.


Robert – Well with them being with you or you being with them did that help elevate you to be like the best you could be?


Renegade Foxx – Naw not at all. I always knew what I was going to say ya know, and like I said with the Trina record I was basically paying more attention to her, ya feel me? So when I was ripping it, it was like, I was like ‘you a bad little mamma jamma’ I was for real. That was my way of saying give me some ass. I meant those lyrics. And I think I said that part ‘and you smell like baby lotion’, Shit I had some in my Louie Baton bag. I was ready to screw it on back. She could say all day ’Foxxx is so good to work with’. Foxxx was damn near naked. I was in the booth, I had a shirt on but I didn’t have no pants on. And I was hoping she came in.


Robert – It seems you cover a wide variety of different areas from east coast sounds to west coast to down south.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man cause ya know something man, I’m going to come at this United States with heat. I’m going to give them heat, heat, heat. The joint with E-40 is the only joint I didn’t do with him because I was all the way out in LA and he was like in the process of video’s at the same time we were going to do the song. So it was like I sent my crew down there because I had to be somewhere anyway. So I sent my crew down so he could lace it and he handled business. And when I heard what he ripped I just sat back and said oh I got, I don’t try to battle with these cats at all. I just try to vibe with them because I’m their fan. Ya know I got their album. I never try to be better than them; I just try to vibe with them.


 Robert – Well is Renegade Foxxx as versatile as his music is? I mean can you get along with anybody?


Renegade Foxx – Oh yea definitely. I get along with everybody. If I met Caucasians, Chinese, shit I’m Bruce Foxxx in Japan, I’m fucking Hi Bufuks (?) in India, I’m everywhere. I just get along, because I have no reason not to be happy, ya know. I could have stayed in prison for the rest of my life, I could have been dead. So I’m happy, and if a person can’t be around me and be happy with me; we can’t deal with each other cause I’m not going ta be angry. I’m not the mad rapper who is just going to sit there and diss people. If a person has a beef with me in the music industry, you ain’t got to talk about me. Let’s go to a parking lot and let’s just fight. When I get into a sit where cats don’t like me, I’m going to call out the bitch in a lot of cats. I’m bout ‘Ok you don’t like me, lets just go fight. Don’t bring no gun, don’t bring your friends. You whoop my ass, I whoop your ass, we shake hands and we be like alright dawg. And if a lot of cats do that you’ll see the bitch in a lot of cats. It’s easy to pick up a gun. It is so easy. But it’s hard to pick up them knuckles. Hell yea. Get your ass knocked out. I knock out your fronts that’s it.


Robert – Taking it back to the old skool huh?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea, exactly, and that’s the damn problem. I hate this shooting and Glock shit. Cause you’re a bitch. These cats are all a bunch of just, man I just want to put thongs on them. Hell yea man, all of them. I’m a killer, I’m a killer; you ain’t going ta kill nothing, and you ain’t going ta let nothing die. Ya know, there’s no beef. Where the beef? If you mad at me, you tell me. Then we understand our beef. Now if that beef is strong enough for us to say Ok I want to fight you because I don’t like you; ok let’s fight. Let’s just fight and get it over with.

So the rules of my life is; I ain’t never going ta have a problem with anybody in the music industry. I’m never going ta have a problem with anybody in the movie industry, because if they have a problem with me they can fight me like a man. And I’ll fight a woman to. Cause Missy Elliot is close to a man to me. I’ll fight her ass. I’ll fight her. She be jumping her weight up to shit. I’ll fight her; I’ll put on some extra pounds. She can say A A Freak out . Umm Umm gurl, I’ll put Vaseline on to. I ain’t scared, fuck that. (Robert is again laughing in the corner). All those women Jay Lo, Beyonce they can all say they don’t like me, fuck that. I’ll put on some pumps, we can fight, fuck that.


Robert – I want a picture of that to.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man, they don’t have to worry about beef’n with me. Nobody got ta worry about being angry with me because I’m not angry at you. If I have a problem with a person, I’m going to tell that person. I’m not going ta tell society. I’d be like ‘Dawg why you say that about me man?’ I’m cool with you. Ya know you’re my brotha dawg, you my sista; you don’t have to hate me. Alright I slept with her—OOPS, but I told ya I was going to.


Robert - On tracks like Royal Rumble 2005 with Bone Crusher, and Anything You Want with Petey Pablo it seems you can come gangsta.


Renegade Foxxx – Oh yea, hell yea dawg.


Robert - But on tracks like Come Ova with Kym Rea and Say My Name there seems to a serious side and a mellower side.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea that’s for the ladies.


Robert - So you can come gangsta or you can come mellow. Is one more comfortable than the other?


Renegade Foxxx – Right now I’m going to be coming like Luther in a minute, because I’ll be singing shortly. Wooo Wooo – I’m going ta be kick them lyrics dawg. Shit I’m singing all those songs. In The New York State of Mind, I’m doing all the classics. (Robert is treated to ‘New York New York line). I’m doing all them shits man. I’m going ta be the most versatile..Shit in about more 2 weeks I’ll be singing with Pavarotti that guy. I’m learning my opera. Shit, fuck that. I’m going ta do country. I’m going ta get me a cowboy hat and a horse. Well it ain’t going ta be a horse cause I’m afraid of them; I got a dog. But I’ll put a saddle on his back; you’ll never know the difference. (Again Robert is loosing it) Shi, I’m doing country ‘My dog ran away, yes he did’; them lyrics are easy. But a couple of adlibs in there with some ‘Glock Glock’, ya know keep it gangsta country.


Robert – Is Kym Rea signed to your label? Are we going to see a solo album from her?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea that’s my artist. She’s so damn pretty.


Robert – She sounds awful good.


Renegade Foxxx – What, and ya know they say don’t sleep with your artist; it’s hard. That’s hard. That’s like a stupid rule. Cause she sounds; she sounds sexy. She’s just damn.


Robert – Well are we going to see a solo album from her?


Renegade Foxxx – Oh hell yea. Her album is going ta be crazy. She is going to drive these boy’s crazy. Cause she’s pretty. She look like a Toni Braxton/ Hallie Berry/OJ Simpson.


Robert – Yea but she got like a voice like Jewell or somebody one of them that just grabs ya. .


Renegade Foxxx – Yea dude she’s got that sensual voice, man that shit is poppin. Like she was singing, right; and I just kept looking at her. I think I look scary. Cause if ya notice my side of the studio is dark. I don’t want no lights I want candles. I‘ll have that shit all romantic. And they be like well he’s so crazy. Better not come over here cause I don’t have no cloths on.


Robert –How did you and E-40 hook up?


Renegade Foxxx – E-40, my boi Bobby Steward was real kool with the click and I always thought he was like fun with these words ya know and cats don’t really understand who came up with all these crazy ass words. And I always just found him amusing ya know. I sit back and just look at his interviews I like ‘what the fuck is he saying’, ya know and I be like I got ta do a record with him. So when the lyrics, I was just if ya notice if you listen to my lyrics I’m just being goofy. I think I said like ‘you can smell the Crystal in my urine’, I’m like uhh. I’m just out of control with it. But I basically, when I’m rapping, I’m not rapping to no fella’s I’m rapping to gurls. Ya know I love the ladies; all of them, midgets everything.


Robert – Midgets!


Renegade Foxxx - Go get a midget dawg. I’m telling you now. You don’t have to worry about it when they say Foxxx is dating this gurl 2 ½ feet tall. That’s my baby. I’m bringing her to the award show in a book bag. That’s my baby. I love her.


Robert – (laughing) Wouldn’t that be like dating one of your arms man?


Renegade Foxxx – NAW DAWG, it’s special. They got that little chick on Howard Stern. I’ve been writing her letters, she ain’t answered me yet. That one that be on Howard Stern with the real big head, she fine; just ass and feet. I say yea gurl. I’m going to buy her a long mink coat. (That did it, Robert is now just totally lost it). Dawg I’m not going ta lie to ya, I called the escort place and they hang up right. No some real shit right; I get them kinda mad cause you can’t be you got ta be good to the customers that’s calling. So they ask me what kind of lady I’m looking for ya know. I say short. And they say we got somebody 5 ft. 4. No no sweetheart – short. Well what kinda short? Ya have anybody 2 ft.? Ya know you got ta give me a variety. I go on the internet, try to find them all day.(Robert is having more fun than he is suppose to be having) I was in the little people town; let me tell ya something dawg; they got towns yo all some little shit yo.

We like family right we kool, you my boi Rob right? (Right). They got towns man, like little gyms and shit. I come up in there. I come up in that little fucking tread mill. I’m like ‘How ya doing baby?’ Sometimes the machine, like their legs ain’t fast enough, so they shoot off the tread mill, that’s my pick up line. I’m like you all right baby? Shit and I always buy them big cloths. Cause ya know sometimes it’s embarrassing you in society ya know and ya with them ya know, and people watch. Give her like a big dress. Big evening gown. Fuck that, give her big shoes. Because then it’s like normal and shit. (Robert is almost in a laughing coma). Heck yea man, I’m going ta get married – to a midget. I’m going to sleep with everybody in Hollywood but I’m going to marry a midget.

How much half of my money can she take? I’d be like ‘your honor come on. Just give her a quarter of the money. She going to be mad talking about I miss treat her and then I’m going to keep her on a coat rack, hang her up. That’s my baby, Everyday see her little legs, I kiss her little feet. That’s my baby; you don’t understand. You don’t like them? (of course Robert is unable to answer). They like hot. They are hot. Man


Robert – Ya know what’s really hard to believe about this?


Renegade Foxxx – What?


Robert – I’m talking to a CEO of a company. (Laughter)


Renegade Foxxx – Yea dawg its crazy right. No but fo the real shit right; you don’t like them? Cause right, check it out right; If you look at it right all it is, is ass. It’s about 5 ft. of ass packed up into one spot. Gorgeous.


Robert – Yea, plus when their standing next to ya, ya always have a place to set your drink.


Renegade Foxxx – I’d be wishing Pamela Anderson and Toni Braxton was midgets. OOO – I’d be all over them. Yea I’d be like yea your Toni Braxton sing breath to me baby. She be short. Shit, we be having kids. Little heavy eye browed, big arm midgets.


Robert – (laughing) Can you imagine a little midget with 20 inch arms?


Renegade Foxxx – Fo real, me and my kids we’d be all over the place. Ronald McDonald Land, Disney World I don’t care. I don’t care what society thinks. It’s my baby. Get her like for real; get her like a big hat and just walk around. People be laughing. You know me, I look angry anyway (right), you ain’t gong ta laugh at my baby. They be like ‘Look at that big ass brotha with that little ass woman’. That’s my baby. And I’d be giving guys, ya know how guys right, be checking out your lady and shit? I don’t like that shit. Like yo man why you checking out my ol lady man? Yo man do you realize your gurl is short? Come on dawg, holla at your boi. Shit. I keep em locked down ya know. Because like ya know we going ta have a little house right because she got ya know the little stove and shit. (Robert laughing says man your killing me). I’m going ta loose all my muscles cause all my meals are going ta be for little people. I’ll be skinny as a mutha fucker; but that’s how you loose weight. Think about it. If you got a gurl that’s short, she’s going ta make little meals. That satisfy her belly. All our silver and stuff going ta be small. Little cup to get my kool aid on.


Robert – (laughing) Man I want a job at your record company, cause it has to be off the hook.


Renegade Foxxx – At my company we be having fun man. I think I had an interview right, and I was actually driving to Atlanta to do this block party thing that Atlanta does for all the kids’ right. So I went down there. So I was doing interviews on the way down with all the radio stations. So each state I went thru they were trying to get me on the phone right.  So they would give me shout outs ‘Like Renegade Foxxx crew to crew, uh such and such Virginia and I’d call up. Man we was cracking up. I had the chick right and I was like ‘so how she look’ and she was the DJ right. I was like come on; they told me she was blushing. Shit I was like ‘is she short’?

Right now I’m putting an ad in the paper cause I’m getting a midget DJ Lady. That’s how I’m doing my shows dawg, I keep it real dawg. They can scratch too. She can actually get on the turn table and spin around like a ballerina. Like yea look at my gurl. And I’m very passionate about that man. That shits passion. I know it’s hard to believe I’m the CEO right? (laughing).

I sit in the meetings with these big exec’s right and they be serious as shit. I’ll be sitting there talking about midgets.


Robert – That’s what I was thinking; ya know ya got all these meetings. And if one of them happens to show up with a secretary that’s a midget,(What?) it would totally be off the hook.


Renegade Foxxx - That’s going ta be the biggest sex scandal in the history of the world. E Entertainment Tonight – Renegade Foxxx was humping this midget, it was true. I told them in interviews don’t bring them around me.


Robert – Your kool as hell, I swear. (laughing)


Renegade Foxxx – Yo dawg, I just have fun man. I just have a ball. All these ladies I love.


Robert – So ya don’t have any future wedding plans coming up or anything right? (laughing)


Renegade Foxxx – Hell yea. Yea, hell yea. Dawg I’m tell ya something man, look at my web site. I got a little web site page, right, for little people. This is real, this is my passion. So I make this little web site for the little people. I call it still huslin for the little ones, alright. Only for midget chicks. Yo I be getting some wicked pictures man, the shit is crazy. I had this chick right; she sent me a picture of her in this big ass wedding gown, right. Talking about we going ta get married. Yea gurl, so I went out there and bought her a 12 carat ring. (laughs one of those deep scary laughs too). She thought I was playing. Ya know like when you propose ya damn sure got ta lay down on the floor, cause on one knee I was still taller than her. I love them women, oh. Aw also you know any?


Robert – (laughing) Naw man. If I did I’d turn ya on to them fo real.


Renegade Foxxx – If you chillin ya know, your in the club right , and you see one on the turn table or sitting at the bar, or on top of the bar, ya know holla at her.


Robert – Pass her your number right?


Renegade Foxxx – yea, Renegade Foxxx is feeling you right now. And ya know they always try to play all sassy and shit. Like brotha’s are really jumping out of the woodwork for them; no just me.


Robert – Lets come back for a minute. Do ya have anybody out there that ya haven’t worked with yet that you’re looking forward to working with?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea man, I’m definitely looking forward to working with Elvis.


Robert – (busting) What about Tupac? Well ya want to drop one with Tupac while you’re at it?


Renegade Foxxx – Naw man Tupac was to good man. He’d be, cause I don’t think Tupac’s into, ya know; my lifestyle. Imagine me and Tupac chilling. He go: yo dawg, Yo Foxxx, lets go to the go go bar. Naw dawg lets go to the little people town. Kick some lyrics, cause I know they like ya dawg.


Robert – Yea but when he was with Digital Underground he had that little doll man.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea I know dawg right, that was crazy.


Robert – See maybe that’s something you could get into. You could get ya like a little midget doll.


Renegade Foxxx – I think he was just like me, maybe he hired a midget. Not many people like, like that shit, but its fancy; keep it real. I’m definitely looking forward; I want to work with Elvis right. I definitely want to do a song with OJ.


Robert – OJ?


Renegade Foxxx – Hell yea. I’ll even write his rhymes. I DID IT – those would be his lyrics. OK I DID IT. And you will hear me in the back ground screaming like he beating me, right. That would be hilarious. I seen him at the airport right, in Miami. And the door opened up and this chick jumped out right and I was going ta peek my head in there and say yo you did it right? You did it. I just want to ask him. Cause what is he gonna do? Ya know, is he going to hit me. The rage ya know. I bet like a lil bitch on the ground ahh, cause he just killed somebody. You the real gangsta. Everybody else we just faking; he really gangsta. Ya know my girl cheat on me, I leave. That mutha fucker took breaking up to a whole new level. He said ‘You gonna leave me’? And ya know how he got that voice right ‘Oh you gonna leeaaavvveee meee’? Yo nigga it’s a break up. Not in his world. I think he took that football career to far. I’d do a record with him in a second. Oh my God ya know, and I’d put like some horror music, it be like a scary song. Horror movie, music in the background – I DID IT. And I’d be like yea. I’d be kicking my lyrics – yea.


Robert –Well ya know sometimes when these debut albums come along they are more hype than anything, but this albums got teeth to it ya know.


Renegade Foxxx – yea, yea.


Robert – Is the album still going to drop Feb 22end?


Renegade Foxxx – Actually we moved the date to March 8th. We had to move it to March 8th, that was my fault.


Robert – Is there a distribution deal for it? With who?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea we have distribution going thru Universal / D Dub. It’s pretty cool, I guess they cool.


Robert – Have you been doing any shows out there?


Renegade Foxxx – I got so many damn shows lined up man. The problem is, and I got ta cut this shit out one day and my publicist and everybody says it; I want midget dancers. Sry, sry; that’s how I get down.


Robert – (laughing) Is that straight up?


Renegade Foxxx – Yea dawg. I’m trying to get a whole dance routine. Ya know what, I on the stage in between their legs. Remember how Prince did it?


Robert – Wait a minute. If they are only 2 foot tall to begin with, you’re a beefy guy there ain’t no way.


Renegade Foxxx – I know that’s what’s awesome Fucking up the show right.


Robert – There ain’t no way as beefy as you are, you’re going to slide between some midget’s legs.


Renegade Foxxx – I tried and my shoulders got stuck on her ankles, and she fell down.


Robert – Call for the Jaws of Life to cut ya free? (laughing)


Renegade Foxxx – Yea dawg man, I was fucking mad man. Like I got ta get a bull legged midget.


Robert – A bull legged midget? But it gets worse?


Renegade Foxxx – Hell yea dawg, that’s what I got ta find. Man cause my show is going ta be off the hook right. Because ya’all really think I’m bull shitting. I’m going to be throwing chicks into the audience. And ya’all are going to throw them back to me. (Robert is laughing) Tell me if you went to the show right, You be like ‘yea’ and I’m like naked up there right. Fuckin shorts on, no shirt and my dancers come out right. Fuckin dancing with these big tall ass canes, alright. And I just grab them and toss them to the audience. That shit would be hilarious man, that’s real. That’s a real show. I be like a circus act on stage. They be like yo. Girls be up in the fuckin lights hanging cause I just be throwing them cause I’m strong. And ya know when ya get animated with your lyrics and shit ya got yea yea and ya just toss her. Agh, she up in the speakers. Yea baby and she holding on for dear life. And ya see her little legs just stealing the show. She’s still dancing. But that’s my baby, she never stops working.


Robert – (laughing) Well….Man I got ta bring this back down. What else does Renegade Foxxx have in store for 2005?


Renegade Foxxx – For 2005, actually I am going to have a lot of laughter. I’m going to take this hip-hop and make it funny. I’m not gonna be angry, I’m just going ta have a good old time. I’m going ta live my dream. My dream is to be very very amusing, fun and keep people bouncing their heads. My mom is looking at me from heaven she gotta be proud. Cause I’m gonna have a ball. This album right here is official. It’s dope, I love it and it’s all my money. And I meant this album. This album wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t a fluke, I got tons of more stuff coming.


Robert – Like here’s the question I ask everybody I interview. Ok like if you weren’t blessed to be an artist and you weren’t into the music business at all. You didn’t own it, you didn’t rap you didn’t do any of that; what do you see yourself doing now instead?


Renegade Foxxx – Being an escort for midgets.


Robert – (laughing) I knew that.


Renegade Foxxx – I’m sorry that was my first choice of business when I walked out of prison. I even had an ad in the newspaper. It was a big tall ass picture of me telling I would satisfy the littlest midget in America. Call me.


Robert – Now was you locked up with any midgets man?


Renegade Foxxx – Naw dawg, ya know they never go to jail. Yo there was none.


Robert – Maybe they keep them in a little jail somewhere.


Renegade Foxxx – Yo dawg, I wish they’d put me over there. Cause I was writing to this chick that was in prison to, right.  And ya know she never wrote me back after that. But I asked her I said ‘Yo is there any midget chicks in there’? Ya know she really got offended; I was like bitch you is locked up with me. She was a question, and ya know I wanted little Polaroid’s and shit like that. Ya know cause you can do prison pictures, right (right); and I was telling her ‘listen this ain’t crazy or anything like that, any midget chicks in there? She didn’t write me back, that bitch, I was mad as hell. 


Robert – Is there anything you would like to get out, or anything I have missed?


Renegade Foxxx – Well naw, the album is crazy, it’s fun. I’m launching it March 8th, I need everybody to go cop this album cause this is a feel good album. Its fun, I did my best.


Robert – It shows.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea, and I’m not going ta stop until I’m the most power fullest cat in the industry. I already got millions; I want to be the most power fullest person in the industry. That’s what I want to be. And I want to give everybody their chance. That’s what I’m going ta do.


Robert – Well I got ta tell ya it’s been a pleasure. It was a lot different than I thought.


Renegade Foxxx – Yea, and ya got ta get me a copy of this.


Robert - I’ll do that man,


Renegade Foxxx – Alright big dawg


Robert – Get at me and keep in touch - Peace


Renegade Foxxx – Be save home boi - out



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