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Interviews Interview With Westcoast Rapper Kos
Interview With Westcoast Rapper Kos PDF Print E-mail
Written by Westside ID48   
Saturday, 25 September 2004 10:39

There is a westcoast rap artist that is starting to finially get his promps. Kos has been rapping since an early age. Being a product of a rough ''hood'' life has helped grow and at times has landed him in some trouble.

He is causing a 'stir'' on the westcoast and finially is starting to get some of the promps he deserves.

I had a chance to ask him a few questions. Visit his web site at http://www.freekos.com  and listen to his audio's and find out what the buzz is about. And remember to support the westcoast artist...

Robert - Thanks for taking time to do this , We appreciate it.

Kos - Oh its nothing man , I appreciate the opportunity to holla at the people

Robert - Well I know ya were born in Richmond Ca. and now from Marin, So fill in the early life and experiences that brought about the man we all know as KOS today.

Kos - yea man richmond is my hometown , the southside to be exact , ya know I would say shit was coo , not really nothing special that regular ghetto shit like they say u don’t kno u doin bad cuz that’s all you know , but I loved the enviroment I got a lot of luv for the rich even im doin my thing in marin now

Robert - Your first album collabo with Dobad (also from Marin), ''Pick Your Poison'' has some tight tracks on it: like ''Thug Till I die''. How is it doing?

Kos - its doin real good man , the streets have been loving it , we about to re press and shit so we can supply all the people who have asking about the album feel me ? the web site has been helpful too because people have been showin interest from all over the world , but the streets is where its at and the streets definietly are feelin me , im the future

Robert - Are you signed to Solitary Confinement Records or just have close ties to them?

Kos - naw I aint signed to scr , but that’s the fam , very close ties

Robert - So what is Lucative Co. all about and who is all involved?

Kos - that’s my company feel me ? me and my business partner dre , we tryna do our thang ya know ? we got a lot of shit coming up

Robert - You seem to causing a lil bit of a stir on the coast, people are starting to notice ya. Did it start gettin better for ya after the release of ''Pick Your Posion''?

Kos - hell yea , cuz it finally let the world hear me and niggaz could see that aint just talking when I say im sick and muthafuckaz cant fuck wit me , that and getting noticed by muthafuckaz who copped the cd and shit , the money aint bad either…………

Robert - I know ya got a mix tape coming; have ya been on any other mix tapes?

Kos - I was a mixtape called "marin underground" , it was coo

Robert - Can ya give us any of the artist that will be on the mixtape?

Kos - my mixtape is only going to be me , and it will feature dobad

Robert - Do you see a rise in peoples interest in the westcoast again since the recent big hits by Westside Connection and The Boo Yaa Tribe?

Kos - yea I think the game is ready to get back on the west coast bandwagon

Robert - Does it appear to you that people are getting tired of the same ol same ol that is coming out from the major label artist?

Kos - certain muthafuckaz are , real niggaz like myself are fed up cuz as an artist you notice shit that regular fan muthfuckaz don’t notice

Robert - Can you elaborate on what artist may notice that us fans don''t.

Kos - well as a rapper when u listening to a song you catch certain things like maybe a bad hook or a mess up where it could''ve been spit better ......

Robert - Are you familar with the New Bay Movement going on out in the west? ( With Balance, Locksmith, E-A-Ski and more)Any thoughts on what their doing?

Kos - them niggaz is doin they thang, I love anything that shines more light on the bay , ya feel me ? tell them to holla at me so we can collab on some shit

Robert - Who do you see as some of the better rappers on the westcoast now?

Kos - well me first of all , dobad , yukmouth , crooked I , the game

Robert - What about in rap and hip hop altogeather? Anybody really shinning to ya?

Kos - outside tha bay?? Man im feelin lloyd banks

Robert - What kind of music do you listen to? What is banging in your player now?

Kos - right now all I listen to is my shit , im listening to me and dobads new record we working on right now

Robert - What about growing up; who did ya listen to and who infuenced you musically?

Kos - e-40 , mac dre , the whole bay man , mobb deep , nas

Robert - I know your working on an upcoming album. Are you hooking up with anyone to be a feature on it?

Kos - man we working with a lot of niggaz on this project , we got a couple of features spitting some heat on there and some niggaz blazin it up on the beats too , I don’t wanna drop no names but as soon as the project is finished we will be promoting it

Robert - Who do ya have doing the producing and beat making?

Kos - man we fuckin wit some heated ass producers on this new project , we got joe-l he produced pick your poison , we got a couple of heaters from him on there , we workin wit another cat named tony the butcha blazin shit , coz pacino , yea we got some shit

Robert - Will it be a national distribution deal or just available on the westcoast?

Kos - well we waiting until the project is done then we will weigh out our options , but regardless it will be available online at my website www.freekos.com

Robert - Is there a release date for either the mixtape or the album yet?

Kos - not yet , both will be out this year fa sho

Robert - Do you see that is a lil harder for westcoast artist to get signed and to get a real shot thru the major labels, or is that just the way it seems to some of us?

Kos - naw definitely , aint no labels out here they all on the east so niggaz out gotta prove we can sell unlike some niggaz on the east who get deals off a nigga hearing them spit feel me ?

Robert - If you could do a callob with anyone out there, who would ya pick and why?

Kos - man in the bay I would have to say e-40 , that’s self explanatory

Robert - Would you consider working with the Death Row camp, since Suge is looking for new artist to hook up with?

Kos - yea fa sho , tell Suge to holla at me too !!!

Robert - Since you are a part of what's poppin in the west; What do you feel westcoast artist can do to bring the westcoast back to the top?

Kos - man we gotta be versatile and creative and get all these muthafuckaz fascinated with the west again

Robert - Well we will be looking for the mixtape and the album. I hope ya keep us up ta date on all the release info and whats going on with Kos.

Is there anything I failed to mention that you feel needs to be hit on?

Kos - yea man check out www.freekos.com , and free my nigga lavish too while y’all at it

Robert - Any shout outs or briefs ya have?

Kos - yea fuck the haters!!!!!!!!!!

Robert - Well I would like to encourage people to visit your web site at http://www.freekos.com , so they can see more about ya and listen to the tracks ya got up there. After they listen they will know why you are finially starting to get your promps.

Thanks again for your time with us, and please keep us informed.We wish ya the best........Peace

Kos - one


Interviews Interview With Westcoast Rapper Kos

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