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Interviews Interview with Compton Rap Royalty - Lil Eazy-E
Interview with Compton Rap Royalty - Lil Eazy-E PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert ID1963   
Wednesday, 12 October 2005 09:35

This January brings a new generation of west coast rap or should we say gangsta rap to the forefront. Not being able to call it hip-hop but pure west coast gangsta rap, from one of the ‘realest’ artists I have had the pleasure of talking to.

Lil Eazy E, oldest son of the legendary west coast gangsta rap icon Eric ‘Eazy E’ Wright, will drop his debut album on Virgin Records – ‘The Prince of Compton’ this January 2006.

It is said that first impressions are lasting impressions. If this is true the entire game of hip-hop and rap better be aware that it is time to take it up a notch or two if they want to stay up with Lil Eazy E.

You can have respect for artists in the game but the best kind of respect is respect that is gained; and this interview did just that for me. I gained much respect for Lil Eazy E and knowing that he is busy finishing his album and with all the other things going on that he has; to take time for his fans and to sit and chew it up and not rush thru this interview shows his appreciation for his fans and the fans of his father. He is the type of artist we need in rap today. Everyone is complaining about the state of rap and hip-hop and where it is headed; well with Lil Eazy E you get the feeling it is headed in a new direction; a real direction.

In talking with Lil Eazy E he used the phrase ‘Real Talk’ a few times and to borrow that from him – this interview is Real Talk with an artist who has a plan and you can tell he is going to make that plan work.

No matter what you may have heard or read other places, Lil Eazy E is the next generation of gangsta rap – period. Check out this interview and learn the real on Lil Eazy E in his words, not from someone who really don’t know but get it from the dude who lives it.

I would like to thank Marlene Meraz at Virgin-Records for getting this set up and affording me this great opportunity to talk to Lil Eazy E. And of course a big ‘Thank You’ to Lil Eazy E for taking his time and making this one of the best times I had in an interview in a long time.

I know that this is not the last we will hear of Lil Eazy E; I have the feeling that this is the start of something big – the New West Coast Generation. Make sure you’re on the look out for his album in January and we will keep you updated on the album and all the things Lil Eazy E has going. The first single ‘Gangsta Shit’ by Lil Eazy E off his upcoming album can be heard HERE.


Robert – First I would like to ‘thank you’ for taking time to do this, I know your very busy.

Lil Eazy E – Oh yeah I appreciate it, I appreciate you taking time.

Robert – I guess the number one question on everyone’s mind is the upcoming album; ‘The Prince of Compton’. Is the album still on schedule for a December release?

Lil Eazy E – As a matter of fact it is January, mid to late January.

Robert – I heard the track ‘Gangsta Shit’ and was very impressed. Is it a good representation of the rest of the album?

Lil Eazy E – As far as lyrical content, it’s a story base. I’m giving you the events of who I am, So yeah it leads into the album real good. Cause my whole album is basically just a story I’m telling with the trials and tribulations I went thru with out my father, with my father, and this industry with out my father; ya know growing up a man. So as far as lyrical content yeah it is a good representation of the album.

Robert – Are there tracks for everyone – for the street and the ladies?

Lil Eazy E – What I would say, I’m not finished at the time. I still have to go in there with Dre and my in house producer DL has a few tracks they need to finish up. So ‘Gangsta Shit’ at this point and time would be my more lenient one towards females. And if you are listening to the hook, I’m talking to everybody saying ‘Does everybody want to know what some gangsta shit is’. So I am talking to females and everybody else; but as far as an album it’s more street based.

Robert – That track (‘Gangsta Shit’) sorta surprised me because it seems you have matured as an artist. I mean some of the earlier tracks I heard of yours, you just sounded angry and the flow seem to project your anger, ya know what I mean?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah real talk, real talk and I guess you say the reason is ya know – ya had the Gangsta Memorial come out, I’m starting to see more and more attention brought to my father’s point of standard hip-hop and gangsta rap. So ya know I just got ta deal early with most of the tracks I did so you could say I was a lil more angrier; I see that myself so you could say that.

Robert - Is this just the natural process of your maturing as an artist?

Lil Eazy E – Both, both really. I wouldn’t say I’m angrier now but I did start out very angry. I came into it but yeah it’s a lot from maturing. Learning, and especially from the DOC who came in earlier in my album and helped out a few.

Robert – How many tracks are on the album?

Lil Eazy E – 17 tracks. I got tracks from Kool and Dre, which did Gangsta Shit, Neff U, Johnny J, Sha Money XL, J.R., Megahertz, and my in house producer DL and later this week I go in with Dr. Dre.

Robert – It has been rumored that Natt Dogg, Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony and some of the NWA crew (Cube, Ren and Yella) are going to be featured on it; can ya tell us if that’s real or just rumor?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah, Bone Thugs and I got some for the NWA fans with the original NWA members, I’m putting together, but naw not Natt Dogg. But Bone Thugs and the original NWA members that’s true.

Robert – Do you get the beats first or write the lyrics first?

Lil Eazy E – Well, really what we do is – me and my producer DL sit down and we pick thru the tracks. Most of them were tailored to what I wanted to talk about. Yeah I do get the tracks first and all the songs that I write, like I said, are things that went thru in my life, they are true stories. So I get the tracks, usually they are tailor made or I pick thru them.

Robert – Are there any videos planned for any of the tracks?

Lil Eazy E – Depending on how ‘Gangsta Shit’ goes in the streets, that’s a possible, and depending on this last week when I go in there with Dr. Dre; we shall see.

Robert – Do you have any concert or tour plans coming after the album drops?

Lil Eazy E – Oh yeah, of course most definitely. I just inked a deal with CAA, so they have a whole roster ready for me.

Robert – What response have you been getting from those who have heard the entire album?

Lil Eazy E – I got real good response. Like I said it’s a story to tell so a lot of people when listening to my album listening to tracks – they listen. It catches their ear, it has them sitting right there and they can’t leave till a mutha fucker finish though. A lot of people came back and have given me the feedback that it’s ryda music. Like I can sit here and actually listen to everything that your saying, cause I got a lot to talk about ya know.

Robert – Since you have gone to Virgin records, where does that put your company ‘Kings of LA Entertainment’? Do you still have that company?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah, as a matter of fact I’m on a deal with Kings Label my company thru Virgin.

Robert – Since you are a business man also, which do you like better: the business side or are you more comfortable with the performing side?

Lil Eazy E – They both got there up’s and down’s. There’s different ways you could say it; when all performance go good all business goes good, but then again I’d say all business. Business goes first ya know.

Robert – That question came because I remember your dad once said he didn’t really start out to be a rapper.

Lil Eazy E – Yeah that’s real talk,(chuckles), yeah business ; you get business all down first, you got to do what ya got to do. And that’s going to come off good, possibly so that’s even better business.

Robert – How come you never dropped anything on Ruthless Records, or did not sign with them? Again, the rumor was that you and your step mother Tomica don’t get along well. But is that again just rumor?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah, that’s just rumors. Like all my life, as soon as my father passed away; Tomica’s been a step mom – a real mother to me, ya know what I’m saying. She took care of me and we still have connection now. She taught me a lot as far as the business too before I got into it. So as far as my own reason basically – it was like me stepping out and being my own man. Ya know what I’m saying, that’s how I feel. It’s like I want to branch off and go do. I got a lot of plans to do a lot of stuff with Ruthless, and me and her have a lot of plans to do a lot of big things later down the line after my album comes out. But like I said, just to be a man on my own two I stepped out and did what I did, and she respects it; because of the simple fact that we keep our personal relationship tight. And anything I need as far as any business, it’s nothing to go to her for help ya know.

Robert – Yeah, I’ve talked to her. She is a pretty nice lady.

Lil Eazy E – Yeah she is. She’s good. Ya know everybody got their digs here to say about her but they don’t understand she was a step mother to me before she was any business partner or any business ally.

Robert – Like ya just said ‘everybody else’; everybody else ain’t in your business so they don’t know the real.

Lil Eazy E – Yeah real talk, that’s our family so everybody else don’t know what the fuck is going on. Just like I hear them say: my father was a bad business man or he did certain things in business they didn’t like; but like I don’t give a fuck what everybody has to say as far as business go – that’s my Father, ya know what I mean? He was my Father before he was Eazy E to me.

Robert – The deal you have with Virgin, is it an ongoing deal or a one or two album drop deal?

Lil Eazy E – It’s an on going deal. I got lots of things planned for Kings of LA; it’s like a whole movement. I have a group called Kings of LA coming out thru the label. We’re branching off like a modern day Ruthless and everything, ya know. A real west coast based label.

Robert – I know there where a lot of offers floating before you signed with Virgin. What made you decide to go with Pete Farmer and Virgin Records?

Lil Eazy E – Ya know that’s funny dawg that you say that – that’s a good thing cause it wasn’t, it wasn’t at all. I’ve been out, I actually moved from Vegas, and I was out here with my manager Bruiser and things were kind of tuff for a minute and ya know. And one day I was riding around Compton – one of those days just trying to figure out what my next step is going to be, I bumped into Pete Farmer doing casting for a video in Compton. So I went to one of the corner stores and seen him, and I met him and like wow man, ya know what I’m saying. And the little cats from around the area told him who a nigga was when I was walking up; so we kinda chopped it up, we sat down and he came up with the best deal dawg. So, it was rocky before that, matter of fact everybody wasn’t really looking ya know what I’m saying. They was like ‘awh’, yeah hey hey. And he was the only one, I mean not the only one well as far as give me a deal, besides my manager, to believe in a nigga and push with it ya know what I’m saying. So he went and did that, and that’s why I’m thru Compton with him when I’m riding now cause he believed in me from the start. And now everybody else is believing – now ya know.

Robert – Right, after the fact.

Lil Eazy E – Yeah, real talk.

Robert – I know a few different people have had things to say about you, but in the big picture of people who really matter and who’s opinion matters, how are you being accepted among your fathers peers and others in the industry.

Lil Eazy E – I get a lot of respect. A matter of fact I get a lot of big respect, and I appreciate it a lot. And if it ain’t a fan or it ain’t anybody that has any interest in Lil Eazy E, I don’t give a fuck what they think about me dawg really. A lot of people are going to have their if ands and buts to say period, but the fans I got a lot of respect for. For every fan I care about every feeling they have. Like one, for example, just not to long ago when I did the in store for my fathers Eternal E Gangsta Memorial that just came out; he pulled to the back when I was leaving dawg and actually had a tear coming out and said this is the best day of his life and it was my fathers birthday. That shit kinda tug a nigga like that’s real shit homie.

And ya know there are the ‘bitch niggaz’ who try to cloud up a niggaz name but we don’t get down like that in Compton. You can’t touch me like that, if your not with me – get. So they better get the fuck on.

Robert – Do you ever get to see DOC around?

Lil Eazy E – As a matter of fact me and DOC go to the studio later this week, but he was with me earlier on in my album yeah. Like I said the maturing came from him. He worked with a nigga, threw a couple here and there, and then we branched off and did our own thing, and I matured and did my thing like a man.

Robert – How’s he getting along?

Lil Eazy E – He’s pretty good. Ya know how business has it’s ins and outs but as far as a man and the respect we have for each other, real good.

Robert – Did you attend the West Coast Peace Conference held by Snoop awhile back? Do you think anything was really accomplished there or was it just hype?

Lil Eazy E – Hell naw, it was hype. Dawg I’m not even going to lie to ya, it was promo for him and Games tour dawg. Know what I’m saying? Hype, that was hype as a muther fucker. Why? Cause there ain’t shit happening homie. Ain’t been happening, ain’t no unity going to be happening on this side up here point blank. It gotta start in HERE before it start out anywhere else, and now that you look at it one of the biggest and one of the newest artists that came out as far as the west, is still with the bullshit as far as the east coast - west coast goes, so there fore we can’t start unity here it’s not going to start anywhere else. And what are we having now somewhere else. So it was a big promotional thing for him and Snoops tour, it was bull shit.

Robert – Did you go to it?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah I went, I went supporting them. I mean I don’t knock it homie, like let me go check it out and see what’s crackin. I was in a room full of Long Beach niggaz, all from Long Beach; the whole Dogg Pound, the whole Dogg House DPG whole thing. And I approached an individual or tried to approach an individual like a man, and I’m stopped. There’s me and three other individuals homie, and there’s a whole room full of about 100 Long Beach niggaz; and not one nigga can approach me like a man and talk to me about his issues that he had. But then again that’s another story but like I said it was a promotional thing for their tour that’s all.

Robert – Will this album open peoples eyes to who you really are and how serious you are taking your role in the music industry?

Lil Eazy E – Hell Yeah! Hell Yeah cause that’s where I’m headed to, for the respect. It’s like if you like it homie you better do something dawg, cause it’s like a new generation coming homie. A new generation from the realest generation, from the first generation of gangsta rap. How serious is that? It can’t get no deeper homie.

Robert – How old are you now 22?

Lil Eazy E – 21, just turned 21.

Robert – Would you say this is one of the biggest west coast albums, representing true west coast gangsta rap to come out in a long time?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah most definitely, yep most definitely – The Prince of Compton most definitely.

Robert – If you could address the bootleggers out there that will surely bootleg this album on the net and at the swap meets; (‘Gangsta Shit’ is already out on the net in mp3) what would you say to them? Cause you know you will go to the swap meet and ya can buy your own album.

Lil Eazy E – (Chuckles) Yeah, it’s funny though, it’s funny that you say that cause as a matter of fact when I did 2 mix tapes before my album ever came out. The shit was so big that I believe that, as far as on the west, I was one of the only west – unreleased artists – who’s  mix tapes got put on radio. Every mix tape I had was playing on radio. About that time I was working on my album, you can’t rush perfection, ya know what I’m saying; so we were sitting there thinking like damn – we were getting feedback and everybody wanted something to listen to. That was all just mix tapes and that’s when ‘Gangsta Shit’ came out. And when ‘Gangsta Shit’ came out their was just more hungrier and hungrier. So my first marketing scam in the back of my head was ya know what dawg – what I’m fittin to do , I’m fittin to bootleg one of my own, another track out, just go ahead and do it, ya know what I’m saying; and see what happens. Get that feed back and let them know that this is what the fuck is coming. As far as bootlegger are they got to understand that the same way they feed their family and the same way that they make tha shit 9 ta 5 besides bootlegging, that’s the same thing we’re doing. So ya know ya cutting into a nigga time, money and everything. But like I said I had a certain little something I was going to do; ya can’t knock every lil nigga. I got a lil cousin that do the shit but ya know when you get into it you got to understand that your fucking over peoples shit.

Robert – What is your vision for yourself in the future? What goal is it that you want to obtain?

Lil Eazy E – That my label has the respect of like any major and that my father gets the respect he is due. A movie will be coming out; the movie on himself, with myself playing him. In 5 years hopefully that will all be set and straight. My company is going to have respect in 5 years; that’s where I see my company and myself.

Robert – Have you tried your hand at producing and is that something that you can see yourself getting into?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah, I played around with it a couple of times. I got lil ideas. Ya know when I get a lil more comfo time after this first jump, first step this first ten yards, I’ll use my metaphor with football cause I use ta play football; then yeah I’m going to have a lot of time to sit there and produce cause it’s in my head, it wants to. Matter of fact, it was a trip cause we were in the studio and my producer was doing a track that he needed some scratchin ya know he needed some cutting in it. And I got on there just playing around and the nigga is like Shit you do that pretty good. Then my producer tried tha shit and it didn’t to much work, it didn’t come out to where he liked it. So the niggaz like Aw that nigga was born for that shit; cause my father use to do DJ’n back before he even started Ruthless. It was a trip though, so yeah I got a lil tune, it’s a lil flava I got that I hooked up some beats on it later on in life.

Robert – Are there any artists out there that you have not got a chance to work with that you would like to get in the booth with?

Lil Eazy E – Of course Bone and the original NWA’s was the biggest, the biggest thing in my life to ever go work with, but as a matter of fact what I’m putting into progress right now who I am going to work with and of course like to and in the process of getting right now is Kokane. As from the original Ruthless days – Kokane – yeah.

Robert – Do you find that being the son of a legend like Eazy-E, a blessing or a curse in the industry?

Lil Eazy E – My life period has been a blessing so I can give a fuck what it did as far as in the industry because the industry don’t give me the respect he has now anyways, ya know what I’m saying. It was a curse for him to be Eazy E, it is a blessing to me period. I have my hard times, up’s and down’s and of course being his son and as a matter of fact I have my hard times up’s and down’s – it might be people who have a lot of respect for him and fear him and they fear me and give me up’s and down’s , ya know what I’m saying; I don’t know. It could be a lot of different hatin ass reasons but to me it’s a blessing period for Eric Wright to be my father. But like I said I went thru my ups and down’s with him being my father in the industry, but I I don’t give a fuck. I fought thru it and I’m still here.

Robert – Are any of your other siblings in the entertainment industry?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah, I have a lil sister getting into the industry. She soon should be stepping out a little bit doing her thing. Her thing is just rapping, just in the lime light – Erin Wright; my little sister Erin EB.

Robert – How long have you been rapping, seriously?

Lil Eazy E – 2 ½ years, but it has been a part of me all of my life.

Robert – What did you do before you went into rapping professionally?

Lol Eazy E – I was into football a lot, after I graduated, football kinda went out the window because I had a two time injury on my leg. Really just going down the wrong road. Going down the wrong road before I started rappin, it was like a spiritual awakening really to tell ya the truth.

Robert – For those of us who have never been to Compton and only know it thru what we read and hear, video’s that we see: what kind of place is Compton really?

Lil Eazy E – Man – Compton can have its goods and its bads ya know. When you look at it as far as the media goes it sounds real bad, and I’m not even going to sit here and try to take some of it’s evilness away from it because Compton has a high murder rate – especially around summertime the murder rate just goes up. As for it to be smaller than Long Beach and LA and for the murder rate to just over lash both of them cities, it’s something bad; ya know what I mean? BUT then again when you think about me growing up in Compton – as far as the life I led it made a strong man out of me. And I have a lot of home boyz that were born and raised in Compton right now that to this day are sitting at USC or getting drafted or going on about their life and living a good life so there fore we breed a lot of good things up out of it but there’s a lot of bad shit in it, ya know.

Robert – Being that west coast music really doesn’t get the air play that most major east coast artist’s get, (that’s radio and TV music channels), how do you see your album being received by the people, like west coast and east coast.

Lil Eazy E – I feel I should get embraced pretty good. Like I say ya got problems with me come holla. If you with me you with me, if you against me, then go the fuck on. I feel with the respect of my father from the east and the west and especially the down south, I should be embraced alright. I’m not going in chopping nobody’s head off so it’s all respect level. I’m going in asking for mine and I’m going to get it. My fathers first and then mine; and that’s already given like I said.

Robert – I noticed you have a radio version and a regular version of ‘Gangsta Shit’, so you must be anticipating air play right?

Lil Eazy E – With this track yeah. With this record I was.

Robert – Will there be a ‘clean’ version of the whole album?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah of course.it’s a big trip I’d step into a little video store or a porno store or something like that. And there would be a lil young cat, not really young – older than me, like 24 – 25 sitting behind a counter selling me pipes or a porno and he was a big fan. He seen me with a shirt on one time and he’s like ‘man your pop’s use ta come out here, we use ta kick it in the Valley, he use to go kick and hang out with us and everything’; and it was a trip though cause they would tell me the stories how they were young lil Caucasian kids and their parents use ta trip off them listening to Eazy E because of the cussing. And like I said I don’t want to discriminate against any fans. Everybody’s got love for pop’s and I want the same to here. So yeah there is going to be a ’clean’ version.

Robert – The Eazy E Gangsta Memorial Album dropped Sept.6th. The track you did on there was great. How did that all come about?

Lil Eazy E – It was my favorite song and as a matter of fact it was the first recorded song in the process of my album so it was my favorite song. I felt it was the best my father would like, ya know. ‘Eazier Said’ it was his flow. He had like that it flow on it so I picked that to do. And me and DOC sat down and chopped it up and then did it. I dedicated it to my father and they were putting out the Eternal E Gangsta Memorial and like ya know like hey get it, let’s do it. And it was pretty good between the rights and everything it all came out perfect so.

Robert – Where you happy with the way that project was presented?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah , I believe it also has a clean version, and in the store they had a clean version and a dirty version. The thing about it is like any kid is going to go get the clean version, then when you listen to it and feel how many times it is bleeped out – then hey I just got a double album sale cause you fitting to go get the dirty.

Robert – What are your thoughts on how your father and your fathers legacy seems to be ‘overshadowed’ because of the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie shortly after your father passed?

Lil Eazy E – Yeah man, that’s where most of the anger came from dawg. They don’t understand none of this would be possible. Them 2 individuals, no dis-respect to them, wouldn’t have rapped they way they rapped if it wasn’t for my father. That was a lot of hurt on me, like pain and anger on me. And I don’t want to take away from the credit of Tupac and Biggie but then again like I said wouldn’t be shit; neither one of them would have been doing what they were doing if it wasn’t for Eric. What ‘beefs’ was Pac rapping on that made him? Dr. Dre – where did Dr. Dre come from dawg? Death Row? Where the hell did Death Row come from? Suge Knight – Suge Knight was a body guard for Ruthless for my father and that camp before he decided to do what the hell he did. So none of this shit, none of this point blank to today would happen with out him. And that’s some bull shit how it did overshadow him. And I don’t know if it was just that, I feel it was that reason and more. Cause the fact of how he died. Cause of the fact of what kind of business man he was. So I don’t know, that shit just got to me, and I don’t want to discredit from neither one of them niggaz but they would be shit if it wasn’t for him.

Robert – What is the strongest memory you have of your father Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright?

Lil Eazy E – I was just looking at some old pictures that brought back a lot of old memories. All kinds man, just him being a father, ya know what I’m saying. I have big memories of when we were at concerts and certain things like that and I use to get teased cause I was standing next to Janet Jackson backstage. I mean I was young dawg and to this day I sat there for 20 years and watched Michael Jordon and looked at Magic on TV, not knowing I was standing backstage with all of them at a young age. And it’s a trip cause ya now people sit there and trip off of it like ‘oh Michael Jordon’, but they don’t know I was a little kid hanging out with them. They were sitting there rubbing my head and everything and I was standing right next to Janet Jackson dawg on the wall. And my uncle was standing there and my father was standing there getting ready to get on the stage, when ever I got on stage and everything some lady ended up letting me sit on her lap on the side of the stage, and some dude put me on his neck cause we told him we was going to get him a picture of my father after the concert cause I was his son. So after that we get to the car and the bodyguard they are throwing me on the shuttle, walking out and everything – ya know everybody cool and chilling and they start out of no where – Ya all know Lil Eric was standing there next to Janet Jackson and didn’t say nothing to her; and I just got clowned the whole night for that. So that was a big one right there at his concert.

Robert – Well is that you in the video ‘Only If You Want It’?

Lil Eazy E – No that’s my lil brother. He’s in high school. I got him playing football. That’s my little brother Derrick.

Robert – Last week was your father’s birthday. How did you spend that day?

Lil Eazy E – As a matter of fact I was real busy that day but on the normal I mean it feels good to me. It’s better than his anniversary of when he passed away. I know a lot of people try to get me to do things then but don’t know that that day he died don’t thrill me dawg, ya know what I’m saying. The day he was born, the day my grandmother gave birth to him is the day that I celebrate. This year I was real busy. I did the in stores, the day before that his CD came out. I hit a lot of radio stations letting them know how everything is going, wishing my father a happy birthday. But usually I spend it with me and him, ya know chilling at the grave site. I have fun. I might get drunk, loaded – go see my family. See how their doing and everything, and then I’m hanging out with my boyz just getting drunk celebrating. They give me the luv and know how a nigga feels – so they embracing and having fun like that.

Robert – I can only imagine that your father Eric would be proud of what you are doing and how you continue to represent his legacy and to rep for Compton. I cannot wait to hear the full album.

Lil Eazy E – Real talk dawg, I appreciate that. Yeah like I said it’s west coast, it’s a new generation of real west coast. The new generation is just a lil younger acting, we just do different ties, do different strands in it, a lil different attitude – but that’s what it is. Real west coast gangsta rap.

Robert – Today is the anniversary of Tupac’s passing. Do you have any thoughts on Tupac that you’d like to share?

Lil Eazy E – He was a great rapper, real great rapper. He was real real real talented. It’s sad what happened, all feelings and respect and everything go out to his family. He was a real talented individual.

Robert – The last question I always ask – If you were not blessed to be a rap artist, what would Lil Eazy E be doing now instead?

Lil Eazy E – I don’t want to think about what I’d be doing homie.

Robert – Anything I failed to mention that you want to put out there?

Lil Eazy E – Naw man – just all the fans I appreciate all the respect and luv they have for my father, his birthday just passed and the legacy will continue. The Prince of Conpton is soon to be coming next year.

Robert – Any shout outs?

Lil Eazy E – Oh man – shouts out to you dawg. You did this and I respect that. I love this interview.

Robert – I appreciate that man.

Lil Eazy E – And fo sho the whole Compton – that’s how we get down.

Robert – Well again I thank you for your time and I wish you all the best with the album and with your path in life. Much respect and keep us up on everything that you got going on. I know this is not the last we will hear of Lil Eazy E; I have the feeling that this is just the beginning of something great. I hope we can do this again soon and report on the progress you are making in your career. Again I thank you for your time----Peace - 1

Lil Eazy E – Fo sho my nigga, we’re going to keep it crackin.

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Interviews Interview with Compton Rap Royalty - Lil Eazy-E

"This site is dedicated to the legacy of Tupac Shakur and all the other souljahs who dare to struggle; alive & dead"

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