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Editorials The Black Male's Missing Support Of God's House
The Black Male's Missing Support Of God's House PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Colin ID4425   
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 23:30

It sometimes seems that the Black male is blamed for everything. So much attention is placed upon the anti sociable that the "good" black men are often over looked. We could study for months concerning the fathers, preachers, lawyers, engineers, writers, entertainers, officers, workers, and many other "good" black men. So why is so much emphasis placed on the so called, "bad apples"? Is this unfair judgment directly related to low male attendance in religious (or social) environments? This article will examine the basic reasons why some Black men evade social environments.

From his earliest beginnings, the male of color has always been a Spiritual and Truthful entity. Africa's pyramids were amazing structures based on worship and precision. Truth is essential to a colored male. In his mind and heart, "Truth" is the essential element to social unity. Truth unites his world, community, family, and associations. God gave the male Truth. This Truth was to be supported and respected by the environmental community (John 4:15-24, 28-29).

Racial discrimination ripped truth away from the colored male. Discrimination destroyed honor, esteem, and intelligence. Slavery divided the Black family and savagely destroyed Truth and Unity. This matter has never been addressed. Yet, this matter must be addressed to begin healing. Without Truth, there is no Way the colored male can fulfill God's original Will (John 14:4-7). Without fulfilling God's original Will, there can be no True Spirituality. Without True Spirituality, the Black male will travel "blindly" (1 John 2:11; 2 Corinthians 4:4). He may feel that he is "free", but he is actually lost, and enslaved to "self destruction" (Revelation 3:17).

Humans cannot destroy what God created. Ironically, "Truth" is still seen in the Black male. Many so called, "anti sociable" groups take "oaths of loyalty (truth)". Failure to honor those oaths results in tragic consequences. So the colored male still seeks an Environment and Truth. Many Black leaders have theorized that more Black males can become active strengths in Society. These Black leaders believe that fairer opportunities would incite the Black male?s support.

The movie "Antwone Fisher" was an excellent "picture" of the Black American male experience. Antwone was isolated, abandoned, abused, cursed, slandered, and beaten at the earliest age. The Country fails to focus on this issue. Yet, it is a more common "Black Male" experience than realized. In fact, this is really an "African American" issue. These evils could not destroy what God created. Antwone Fisher continued to be a Truthful and Spiritual person despite the effects of Racial Discrimination. Denzel Washington played the role of the much-needed "Black Leader" (the Psychologist). Denzel was patient with the distraught Antwone. The Psychologist was eventually able to help Antwone better control his "demons". These "demons" were the products of the Devil's Dark World (2 Corinthians 4:4; 1 John 2:11; John 1:4-7).

I often say that it is easy to blame the Black Male. Blaming others goes all the way back to Eden (Genesis 3:1-16). It makes most people feel good to blame some one else. The Biblical Jesus never condoned blaming others. Jesus commanded persons not to cruelly judge others, but to take responsibilities for their own actions (Matthew 7:1-5). Unlike this modern world, Jesus held men and women responsible for their own personal actions (John 8: 1-20; John 4: 1-18). This standard establishes "Truth". Once Truth is established, Unity will follow. People will "come out" to Truthful Environments (Luke 5:17; Mark 5:2; Mark 6:54; Luke 4:36; John 4:47). Anti sociable behavior will lessen as environments become more Truthful.

Black leaders must be very careful at blaming the Black Male. In God's eyes, the American Black Male is a type of Joseph and David. Joseph was falsely accused and imprisoned. David was slandered, falsely accused, and forced to become a refugee. If Black leaders are afraid to address racial discrimination (the real "Satan"), then they should at least speak about their Brothers with Truthfulness, Compassion, Mercy, and Community Prayer (1 John 4:20-21; 1 John 3:12).

Our modern world is very Materialistic and Untruthful. This is the primary reason the Black male can''t unite with this world (1 John 2:15-17). Many Black Males view financially greedy and/or hypocritical persons and then reject such ones. Other Black Males are attracted to the "love" and "glory" associated with anti sociable alliances. A Black Male decides not to be a social hypocrite, but to be true to his own desires (Job 27:5).

You must remember certain things if you desire to connect with a Black Male. God created him with a Strong sense of Truth and Spirituality. Such a man does not take kindly to hypocrisy, slander (unfair judgments), and blame shifting. If these elements predominate your environment, you will have trouble attracting the Black Male. The Black Male is compassionate (God's Child Genesis 1:26-27). You can only reach him with Honesty. It's sad to see life long religionists who never say, "I''m sorry", or "It was my fault" (Mark 2:17). You can''t expect a Black Male to just "Be A Man". This country has never allowed most Black Men that essential existence. Most Black Men won''t really know what "A Black Man" is or does. He may witness with his eyes, but his heart and essence will be distant. Like Antwone Fisher, a Black Man will respond positively to REAL LOVE. If your environment is selfishly motivated or "phony", the Black Male will retreat.

So the Challenge for Religious people (God's House) is to Love their Brethren (John 13:34-35) and Seek Them Out (Matthew 10:5; Matthew 25:44-45). Shun the Sin of Unfair Judgments (Matthew 7:1-5). No matter how "strong", "callous", or "in control" many Black Males act, they are actually "poor (spiritually)", and in need of a Shepherd (Revelation 3:17-18; John 3:16).

*Gary Colin is Author of, "Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation". He can be reach This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Editorials The Black Male's Missing Support Of God's House

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