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Editorials Obama vs Clinton - The Democratic Party is the Loser
Obama vs Clinton - The Democratic Party is the Loser PDF Print E-mail
Written by RB ID4223   
Thursday, 20 March 2008 10:13

The slash and burn, leave a scorched earth politics of the Clintons seems to have hit a all time low with the recent attack on Sen. Obama and his church affiliation.

Church members do not do everything or believe everything that is spoke of in the pulpit. Catholics and birth control are a good example of that. How many Catholics practice birth control, which the church teaches against?

This primary election is turning into a circus. A year ago I would have said that there would be no way a Republican could be elected to the White House this term because of Pres. Bush.

As this primary season drags out the chances of a Democrat winning the White House are getting slimmer and slimmer. The inside battling and the character of the Clintons, is making this something that is not good for the Democratic Party or the nation.

The call by Clinton for ‘do overs’ in Michigan and Florida teaches what to the young people of this country? That you can go against the rules and in the end feel that the rules did not really apply to you, or that the rules can be changed?

Both Michigan and Florida knew what the rules where before they decided to have their primaries before Super Tuesday, but they went ahead and held them anyway. Clinton accepted that back then but now Clinton is trying to use that as the voters are being disenfranchised. I would say no they knew the risk and the fall out from going against the rules.

To set an example there should be no ‘do overs’. What about the young man or woman who finds them self on the wrong side of the law. Could they ask for a do over even though they know what the rules of society are? This is an example of the Clinton way of doing things.

We all know Sen. Obama is a black man. He is also a white man. He is a man. A man who the Clintons see as the enemy. And they will do anything to try to destroy him and the much needed change that he can bring to this nation.

Lets not get hung up on things and have our attention pointed in another direction. If they can make people look in a different direction that in their direction – they are doing what they set out to do. If you fall for their okey dokie and you allow yourself to be hood winked then not only you but this nation will be missing out on the much needed change that is needed.

The Democratic Party needs to put an end to all of this before the damage can not be repaired. Do overs and slash and burn, scorched earth politics will only turn off the young voters who have got involved in this election because they recognized the need for a change and they felt there was hope for that change.

And I have not even mentioned the Super Delegates? If they decide this primary the same will occur and the youth will pull out and that loss of all the young vote will show that politics as usual will not ignite the youth or keep them interested.

I support Sen. Obama and I would encourage everyone to at least check him out and let his ideas and actions guide your opinion.

Visit http://www.barackobama.com for more information.

Below is some info on Ms. Clinton and the Clintons that everyone should be aware of. When you decide who you are for in this election and you start looking in just one direction because that is what they want you to do, make sure you look at the whole picture.


For more information on the Clintons please visit -

Editorials Obama vs Clinton - The Democratic Party is the Loser

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