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Editorials An Open Letter To Rap Artist Beanie Sigel
An Open Letter To Rap Artist Beanie Sigel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Colin ID2655   
Thursday, 25 May 2006 08:20

A Letter For Beanie Sigels Decisions During Cross Roads

I’ve always like Beanie Sigel. His lyrics and rap attitude were real. His pain and passion from the struggle could really be felt by those who actually experienced it. I was there when the old “g’s” held it down. They were my teachers. And I see each and every one of them in Beans. Although I know a lot of hustlers, I never claimed to be one. I knew I had things in common with Beans when he said, “I’m a Business Man, not a hustla”. I always said those same words.

In the wake of Beans recent shooting attack, I felt the need to write this. I attempted to find a music website for Beans to send this to him personally. I did find a myspace webpage, but I did not know if it was actually his web location or a fans.

Dwight Grant, aka Beanie Sigel is a prodigy. What the 16 year old LL Cool J was to rap music is what Beans is to life and to rap, movie, and business entertainment. We all know if Beans was not a descendent of Africa, he would be hailed as a “bad boy” star. Yet, because he is a descendant from Africa from the streets of Philly, there is an attempt to sweep Beans under the carpet.

The same mistake that was made with Tupac (2Pac) is being made with Beans. The enemy does not realize that Sigel is from the dysfunctional life of the struggle. He has already “died” emotionally. Physically alive, yes.  It is more difficult to kill or stop someone who’s survival instincts have taken over.

My concern is that Beans might make the same mistake that Tupac (2Pac) did. Street life teaches certain codes for survival. In that way, the streets may become one’s parent. Yet, there comes a time when a person grows up. It’s at that time that such a person realizes that not everything the parent taught was correct.

There’s not a person alive who could ever question Bean’s loyalty to the streets. Other rappers rhyme about it, but Beans lives it. If the whole world hated me, but Beans and KRS-ONE respected me, that would be all I needed. I too was mentored by real street cats who taught me values that keep me striving decades later.

I honestly see Beans as one of the world’s best rappers and lyricists. I see Beans as a renowned urban business man. I see Beans winning that academy award, and as being the world’s best African American male actor. Beans proved his acting capability in “State Property”. Beans has something that James Dean, Al Pacino, And Robert Dinero don’t have. Beans has the actual pain and passion of the struggle.

Reverend Mase advised DMX to return to the Rap world. Mase wisely advised that God had given Earl Simmons a gift. Earl could inspire others with that gift. DMX thought about Mase’s advice and reluctantly returned to the entertainment world. We are benefiting from that decision.

Beans, it comes a time when the child grows up away from the parents, and becomes his own man and his own teacher.

Everything you do proves that you were a true student of the streets. But now God is blessing you with so much more opportunity. No one would ever accuse you of not being a street soldier.

You just have to want what is there for your taking. You have to rise above the mentality that got you to this point, and accept the progressive mentality that will take you to stability.

I’m certain that the enemy rejoiced when they killed Tookie Williams, Tupac Shakur, Malcolm X, Christopher Wallace, and so many other strong men of color.

Beans, don’t let that be the end of your legacy. Change the game on the enemy. Focus on all those slick, street wise talents that God gave you, and accept that stable world wide status.

Then you will be able to employ me, and we can all eat.

This article was written by Gary Colin to Beanie Sigel. Gary Colin is the Author of, “Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation” ISBN 1-4241-0152-2 http://www.webspawner.com/users/bigandpacprophets

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Editorials An Open Letter To Rap Artist Beanie Sigel

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