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Saturday, 04 March 2006 00:58

Sudan’s Painful Road to Peace written by Arop Madut Arop, a renowned Sudanese journalist who has had unparalleled access to key players in Sudan's conflict (1983-2005), is a touching non-fiction work about the trials and tribulations of the recent war in Sudan.

Sudan’s Painful Road to Peace is the first ever detailed, authoritative eyewitness account of the recent events in Southern Sudan and the political decisions behind those events. The book allows the reader to see things as they really were, through the eyes of an acclaimed journalist who was actually present through it all and experienced both the Northern and Southern sides of the war. Sudan’s Painful Road to Peace is recommended for those Sudanese and Africans who lived through this horrendous war as well as those who simply wish to learn more about Sudan, and really, more about humanity.

About the Author Arop Madut Arop:

Arop Madut Arop was born in 1945 in Southern Sudan, where he spent most of his childhood. After he completed his secondary education in Northern Sudan, he went to the Institute of Education where he received a diploma in history. He then taught both English and history in secondary schools in Northern and Southern Sudan. Following the establishment of self rule for Southern Sudan in 1972, Arop left and joined the regional Ministry of Information. He was then sent to study socialist journalism in East Berlin in 1972-1973 and graduated with a diploma in Newspapers Management. After editing the Nile Mirror Newspaper, Arop was sent once more to West Berlin to study liberal journalism. After 10 years of working within the Sudanese Media, Arop was awarded the Foreign and Commonwealth Scholarship at the City University of London, where he obtained his MA in International Journalism, in 1985. As a testament to his journalistic work, Arop was appointed Visiting Fellow in the Department of Journalism in 1994 and again in 2001.

A prominent human rights activist in his country, Arop was jailed many times for his courageous journalistic and human rights work. His career was interrupted on a number of occasions by state action, most recently in 1990 when independent newspapers in the Sudan were closed down by the Fundamentalist Islamic Military regime that had come to power. Having worked for many years as a journalist in the Sudan under extremely difficult conditions Arop could claim to be one of Sudan's successful journalists. His ambition is now targeted toward writing the political history of his country largely based on his own experiences having worked and lived both in the developed and developing worlds. Arop wishes the book to serve as a reminder to the Sudanese policy makers that such a destructive war that has held the socio-economic national advancement hostage for five decades should never be repeated.

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