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Wednesday, 03 December 2008 00:10

This week with Jasiri X - Season 2 Episode 10- Weekly News From A Hip Hop Perspective- Each Episode Of "This Week With Jasiri X" features Your Hip Hop News Anchor Jasiri X reporting the National news over the hottest beats. For the last 2 months Jasiri X has provided a rapidly growing internet audience with a most creative and interesting delivery of the weekly news. Using lyrical skills, controversial subject matter, and phat beats, Jasiri X shows and proves that real Hip Hop is not in the least bit dead.

Chuck D of Public Enemy once boldly declared that "Hip Hop was the CNN of the ghetto", no artist has better embraced and embodied that concept than Jasiri X.

Season 2, Episode 10:
Hot commentary about: President Elect Barack Obama, Lame Duck President Bush, Obama's cabinet pick Hillary Clinton and Plaxico's errant shot in the leg. A Terror attack, Dame Dash goes broke and a 8 year old kills his father! The Kieth Oberman of street soldiering is back with a vengeance!

Fresh from the State Of The Black World Conference, Jasiri X blazes us with a new season and a hot new episode. After a weekend of panels, meetings and speeches featuring Elders such as The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Sonya SanchezRev. Jeremiah Wright and Hip Hop legends Davey D, Kangol (UTFO), DLB (The Fearless 4), Paradise Gray (X-Clan) and NYOil in New Orleans, Jasiri X returns with the word from the streets over boom bap beats.

This week with Jasiri X - Season 2 Episode 10- Weekly News From A Hip-hop Perspective


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