A Look at Women in Prison 'Time on the Inside Print
Written by Robert ID2493   
Thursday, 06 April 2006 05:33

The book ‘Time on the Inside’ takes readers vividly behind the walls of the United States largest Women's Penitentiary, Central California Women's Facility - CCWF with a stop through Sybil Brand Institute - SBI, formerly the largest Women's Jail in California where conditions at this jail were not fit for a rodent.

Many of us have various curiosities, after all it has been said this is what killed the cat. Our curiosities takes us into many areas of life and now more and more of us are curious about women and crime and why so many women are going to prison and what goes on inside. Do you ever wonder?

This informative book is a welcoming change from some of the intellectual offerings for individuals wanting direct knowledge of the areas of the penal system that have not been spoken of in detail. While the publishing trade continues to generate more and more books on Women’s Prison that emphasize the psychological aspects of women being incarcerated and minimal conditions they face, Time on the Inside” calls attention to “Why more women are going to prison today more than ever”..."What happens daily behind the walls"..."How does one stay from doing Time On The Inside"...“Why the Penal System promotes comfortability rather than rehabilitation”...“Why inmate deaths occur often”...“Why it’s important for society to care about prisoner's rights”...“Why compassion is so important and "How to restore you''re life if you have/haven''t been behind the walls." This is a great book that adolescents and adults will not be able to put down and will be an interesting talk in person, on the telephone and surely over the water cooler.

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