Hip Hop Power Brokers Step Up for Uplift Jamaica Print
Written by Robert ID3193   
Wednesday, 27 December 2006 22:41

Jimmy Rosemond, CEO of Czar Entertainment, hip hop power broker and manager of multi-platinum hip hop recording rap artist "The Game" contributed his time and efforts towards supporting "Upliftment Jamaica" during a recent humanitarian trip to Jamaica. Rosemond, along with former light heavyweight boxing champion Bernard Hopkins, Dr. Ben Chavis and hip hop mogul Russell Simmons amongst others visited Jamaica from December 7th  9th in support of the Upliftment Jamaica movement.

Rosemond, an active philanthropist within the Caribbean community, visited the impoverished country to help bring attention to the lack of opportunities within Jamaica. The hip hop power broker, (Rosemond), visited a local infirmary and future site of a youth center. As an annual donator, Rosemond hopes to create more awareness to Upliftment Jamaicas seven year efforts.

‘People need to be mindful of the other side of Jamaica besides the vacation resorts’, says Jimmy Rosemond. ‘As a successful person of Caribbean descent, I take it upon myself to get involved with programs such as Upliftment Jamaica to help bring awareness to the impoverished conditions in Jamaica‘.

‘Upliftment Jamaica is a great cause that has been trying to shed light on the impoverished conditions in Jamaica for years’, said Dr. Ben Chavis. ‘I am glad to lend my time and resources and those of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network to increase awareness of this cause’.

Other attendees who received awards during the event included president and creative director of Baby Phat Inc, Kimora Lee Simmons;  head of RUSH Communications, hip hop mogul Russell Simmons; BET Executive Vice-President, Raymond Goulbourne; Vincent HoSang, owner of Caribbean Food Delights; Clifton Bailey a.k.a. Capleton, entertainer; Film executive, Stan Lathan;  and Hip Hop Summit Action Network chair, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.

A little about Jimmy Rosemond’s Czar Entertainment

Czar Entertainment is one of the most powerful entertainment management agencies in the past decade and home to multi-platinum hip hop and rap artist The Game, Too Short, Mario Winans, Rick Ross, Big Gipp, Shyne, Smitty, Gator, Cruna, Webbz, Spot, Beloved, Gucci Mane, Pleasure from Pretty Ricky, Akon and Trillville. Led by managerial mastermind Jimmy Rosemond, who is responsible for over 20 million records sold, Czar Entertainment is expanding into film and has launched Premo Pictures, a division that develops quality television and cinematic urban productions. Driven by big aspirations and a bigger drive to achieve, Jimmy Rosemond is ensuring that Czar Entertainments future success will mirror its past; transcending music to become a true entertainment industry legacy. For more information visit www.czar-ent.com