Cincinnati Black Activist General Kabaka Oba Dies Print
Written by Robert ID2521   
Saturday, 15 April 2006 11:52

Well known black activist and Black Fist Leader General Kabaka Oba has passed away, today Saturday, at the University Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

General Kabaka Oba, was shot outside the Cincinnati City Hall after making a statement to council.

A very outspoken opponent of police brutality against black citizens in Cincinnati, General Kabaka Oba, aka Michael Bailey, had caused much controversy in a city that has seen its police force commit crimes against citizens and Kabaka Oba was there to keep the incidents in the ‘light’, instead of letting them be forgotten or swept under the rug.

As things in Cincinnati go, a strange ‘twist’ to this sad affair is that the man currently charged with the attempted murder of General Kabaka Oba is being represented by another well known Cincinnati Black activist; Ken Lawson.

Howard Beatty, age 52, is being held on a 1 Million Dollar bond on the attempted murder charge, but new charges are expected to be filed since General Kabaka Oba has passed. According to court documents, Beatty is scheduled to appear in court April 21st. This will most likely change with an upgrading of charges.

General Kabaka Oba had recently taken out a restraining order against Beatty.

Police Officials said the restraining order was issued because of an ongoing dispute between the two men.

Howard Beatty's brother, George Beatty owns a local eatery called June Bugs Bar-B-Q.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory released a statement expressing his condolences on the passing of General Kabaka Oba:

“I have known Kabaka for many years. Even though he was seen as controversial, some of the ideals that he talked about like economic inclusion, equality, and justice cannot be disputed and should be embraced by us all,” he said.

And to show the divide in this city that is simmering under the surface, one of the white local radio conservative talk show hosts Bill Cunningham said "He (General Kabaka Oba) was a loudmouth jerk. He was a black racist, and he was also an urban soldier, and I think whatever label applies depends on your perspective." “No one I’ve ever met in radio had a bigger mouth than he did, and it’s obvious his mouth got him killed.”

The passing of Genearl Kabaka Oba is a tragic shock to his family and the community.

With comments and thoughts like those of Bill Cunningham (above), one can see how much this city (Cincinnati) needed General Kabaka Oba. I spoke to The General only twice, but each time I was left with the feeling I had spoke and learned something from a powerful teacher, prophet and man.

General Kabaka Oba’s charisma and fiery tongue will surely be missed and the truth that he spoke will always be remembered.

The city of Cincinnati should call a day of mourning for the loss of General Kabaka Oba. He was one of the ‘watch dogs’ of the city and when he spoke many listened.

General Kabaka Oba was another asset the city of Cincinnati never recognized until he was gone, and time will prove that as true.

R.I.P. General – Gone but never forgotten ---- As Salam Alaikum


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*Quote from Bill Cunningham provided by the Cincinnati Enquirer.