Violence Erupts Against South Central Farm Supporters Print
Written by Davey D ID2812   
Friday, 07 July 2006 00:12

Violence Erupts Against South Central Farm Supporters As Landowner Bulldozes Farm – Legal Observers Watch Brutality

WHAT: Less than 24 hours after Independence Day, as legal observers, local residents and farmers watched on, Ralph Horowitz began bulldozing the South Central Farm under the guise of “pruning.” Hired security forces punched and pinned down supporters who tried to prevent the bulldozer from uprooting the hundreds of fruit trees while police officers watched on. Ten supporters were arrested.

Attorney and legal observer Colleen Flynn attempted to de-escalate the violence and reduce the use of force by security guards, “I was inside the property yesterday and everyone who participated in the action was committed to non-violence,” she says. “They only gave passive resistance and the security and the police officers were the ones who were violent. The security guards held protesters down and punched them. Any accusations that the protesters were violent are inaccurate,” she continues.

Despite these tragic developments, supporters say the farm can still be saved because Mr. Horowitz’s claim to the land may be illegal. Yesterday’s destructive and aggressive actions will have major repercussions to him and the City of Los Angeles. “Mr. Horowitz is mocking the grandmothers, mothers, and children in this impoverished community when he stated to the L.A. Times that the Farm needed ‘pruning.’ Mothers and children watched in tears, as the plants they had tended for over a decade were destroyed,” stated Tezozomoc, elected representative of the South Central Farmers.

WHERE: South Central Farm, 41st and Alameda, Los Angeles, CA

WHY: Despite the fact that South Central Farmers have continued positive outreach efforts towards developer Ralph Horowitz, his bulldozers escorted by LAPD have destroyed more than 50 percent of the 14-acre, 14-year-old urban farm. Farmers and farm supporters are assembling at the scene again today (July 6, 2006), many of them blocking bulldozers as a last effort to save the many rare plants and trees, some of which are protected under city law.

The issue of failed justice began when Ralph Horowitz bought the land from the City of Los Angeles in a closed deal for $5 Million Dollars when it was worth $13.3 million in 1994. This 2003 sale will be contested in a court case on July 12. Los Angeles residents are outraged that the city of Los Angeles squandered important city monies in this deal that could have been used for other city business. The new vision for South Central Farm includes a multi-use community center for children of surrounding neighborhoods. July 7-10 is the International Days of Solidarity for the South Central Farmers, for more information visit