The Hip Hop Bible Black 828 by King Nazir Muhammad Print
Written by Robert ID3062   
Wednesday, 11 October 2006 08:26

Major news in the hip hop world.

5 percenter ( Nation of Gods and Earth ) and Author of the book known as "The Hip Hop Bible" Black 8.28 by King Nazir Muhammad a poet who calls himself "The Messiah" aims to turn the negative hip hop culture into a more positive platform for its listeners.

The author claims that hip hop has evolved into not just a fad but "a religion" and a way of life. And every religion has a holy book, and a prophet that brings a message of redemption to his people.

Muhammad sees himself as that prophet who was sent to guide a lost and violent hip hop culture back to god. The Book makes passionate dedications to Dr. Martin Luther King. Malcolm X and slain rap star Tupac Shakur (2Pac).


Black 8.28 by King Nazir Muhammad

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