Hip Hop Brief Why I Defaced the Statue of Tupac Shakur 2Pac Print
Written by Robert ID4407   
Friday, 20 June 2008 09:35

Kenneth Anthony Wilson, the man arrested and accused of vandalism of the Arts Center and the statue of the late hip hop and urban icon – Tupac Amaru Shakur (aka – 2Pac, Makaveli) has sent a diatribe to us trying to explain his reasons behind his actions at the Center for the Arts.

The 43 year old DeKalb county resident is an African-American and lives near the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts on Memorial Drive. Kenneth Anthony Wilson was charged with a felony charge of second-degree criminal damage to property at the time of his arrest.

Although Afeni Shakur-Davis (2Pac’s mother) forgave him for the incident, he takes many shots at the mother of the late hip hop icon in his ramblings. Here is what Afeni Shakur-Davis had to say at that time:

"We thank everyone for their prayers and support. Although our hearts are temporarily in pain, our spirits have already forgiven the perpetrators. Hate comes in all colors and genders therefore we will use this act of hate and ignorance to bring our community together and to pray for the healing of those who harbor such feelings. With God's guidance, the work of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts and Peace Garden will continue to positively impact and transform our community."

We decided as a site not to post the diatribe on line, but since many hip hop and rap sites are putting up parts of what he had to say we thought it a good idea to add a off line link so you can read his ‘statement’ in full.

We released the full version to our newsletter subscribers and the feedback from the hip hop community was intense at the least.

Click HERE to read the full version that Kenneth Anthony Wilson sent us entitled “WHY I DEFACED THE STATUE OF TUPAC SHAKUR!!!”

*PLEASE BE WARNED – His message contains language that is unsuitable. Curse words are used so please be advised before clicking the link.

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Here is some of the damage he is responsible for.