Hip Hop Brief The Afeni Shakur EverGreen Copyright Deal Print
Written by Robert ID3676   
Thursday, 24 May 2007 04:27

The only ‘Official’ web site of hip hop icon, rap artist Tupac Shakur (2Pac) has posted some of the facts regarding the recent deal that was announced by Afeni Shakur (mother of slain hip hop icon Tupac) and EverGreen Copyrights.

There has been a lot of ‘talk’ and speculation about this announcement among some in the hip hop community, and among fans of the late hip hop icon.

2PacLegacy.com has posted some of the facts to make sure everyone knows the facts of the deal, and what is involved in it.

Below is their recent post and we have also included a link to the announcement of the deal, in case you missed it.

“In response to our recent announcement about our deal with EverGreen, we have received a lot of inquiries from our fans wanting to learn more. Amaru is excited about this deal because we believe EverGreen will help us continue to expand Tupac’s musical legacy.

Here are some of the facts about our deal:

- Tupac’s songs have always been published by Universal Music Publishing (as successor-in-interest to Warner Tamerlane and MCA Music Publishing) and Universal will still continue to publish all of Tupac’s (2Pac) songs.

- EverGreen only purchased the writer’s share of music publishing assets associated with Tupac’s (2Pac) songs.

- Afeni Shakur still owns and/or controls all master recordings featuring Tupac’s vocals and neither Universal Music Publishing nor EverGreen Copyrights can use Tupac’s music without Afeni Shakur’s permission.

- EverGreen will only be involved in projects with Amaru Entertainment if those projects include the use of Tupac’s songs or lyrics, or other projects on which the companies decide to collaborate in the future.

- The Makaveli Branded clothing line, the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts, the Tupac Shakur recordings, and Tupac’s poems are not part of the deal with EverGreen.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of Tupac’s fans around the world who continue to support and embrace Tupac’s legacy. We always appreciate the feedback we receive from all of you.”

Please visit the only ‘Official’ web site of hip hop icon Tupac Shakur at http://www.2paclegacy.com . Stay in touch with the official news from Afeni, and the entire Amaru Camp, regarding Tupac (2Pac) and the TASF.

Read the announcement of the deal HERE.