Icon Hip-Hop Producer Johnny J Now on MySpace Print
Written by Robert ID2567   
Thursday, 27 April 2006 22:55

The name Johnny "J", and the man Johnny J, are a part of hip-hop culture and history that can never be over shadowed and his mark as a music producer can never be challenged. Making classic hip-hop and rap tracks is his benchmark in a business where it seems that everyone who owns a Casio keyboard now days is a wanna be music producer and beat maker.

Johnny "J" is a true beat maker. He has sold 60 million plus records. Johnny "J" is a man who has worked with, and who is recognized as one of the best in the business by many artists and fans.

Johnny "J" is responsible for much of the music laid down beneath the lyrics of the legendary hip-hop icon, rap artist Tupac Shakur (2Pac).

Sometimes when an icon in hip-hop and rap works with, develops and releases a protégée, fans look for the artist they associate the icon with. In Johnny "J"s case, we all know he made classic records with and was a good friend of the late legendary hip-hop culture icon rapper Tupac Shakur (2Pac).

Johnny "J" and his company Klock Work Entertainment have slowly been developing new artists and doing what Johnny "J" does best - making classic music.

Johnny "J" and his Klock Work Entertainment have many new artist who you will certainly be hearing more on in the near future.

Although the late rap icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac) was and is Johnny "J"s friend and Johnny “J” worked along side Pac; he knows that the music must go on. This new track he produced for one of Klock Work Entertainments upcoming hip-hop and rap artist T-Jay, ‘Still’, shows that there are still talented MCs out here working the mic and that Tupac (2Pac) may be gone physically but he will certainly never be forgotten.

In the mold of the Napoleon and Johnny "J" tribute song ‘Never Forget’, which featured Val Young; the track from T-Jay is another classic. The T-Jay Tupac Tribute ‘Still’ is produced by Johnny "J" and has those amazing Johnny "J" beats that we all love. The flow that T-Jay displays on this track leaves you wanting to hear more from this amazing new Klock Work Entertainment artist; and don’t worry he is coming with an album produced by Johnny "J" very soon.

With fans wondering where Johnny “J” has been and what he has been up to, the introduction of Johnny “J”s MySpace page is just what fans have wanted; an official update on the ‘Beat Master’ himself – Johnny “J”.

Johnny “J” and Klock Work Entertainment are offering 2 tracks for legal download on his newly posted MySpace page.

The Tribute to Tupac (2Pac) track from Klock Work Entertainment rap artist T-Jay, and produced by Johnny “J”, ‘Still’ – and the tribute to Tupac (2Pac) track from now retired rap artist and former member of Tupac’s group The Outlawz, Napoleon, which features Val Young and Johnny “J” – ‘Never Forget’.

These tracks were laid in tribute to the hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac) and Johnny “J” believes that they belong to all the Tupac fans – so go download them.

Johnny “J” and Klock Work Entertainments MySapce page will be away for both Johnny “J” and fans to keep informed with each other and to keep updated on what Johnny “J” and Klock Work Entertainment are doing.

Keep checking back for all the upcoming news and release information from Johnny "J" and Klock Work Entertainment at their newly posted MySpace page HERE. And don’t forget to download the tribute tracks while you are there.