12 'Essential Posthumous Songs' By Hip Hop Icon Tupac 2Pac Print
Written by Robert ID4467   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 05:31

In this months (Aug.) issue of Vibe magazine, they list 12 Essential Posthumous Songs by the late hip hop icon Tupac (2Pac) Shakur.

The list of hip hop tracks is impressive and it is great to see Vibe consider them as ‘essential’ (vital or important) at this point in hip hop.

Tupac made many songs that could be considered ‘essential’ and many that are considered ‘hip hop classics’, but the posthumous material has took its fair share of bashing and to have these 12 tracks be called ‘essential’ just shows the strength and respect that Tupac (2Pac) has gained; even in death. Tupac's legacy grows stronger and wider every year, as not only the hip hop community but mainstream society notices the awareness and contributions that Tupac made in his short life.

These posthumous releases also show the care and respect that AMARU puts into releasing material with Tupac’s name of it. The teams who put the posthumous material together should be proud of the things they have accomplished in Tupac’s name and also the contributions that they have given to the hip hop community.

Vibe’s list (pg. 40 August 08 Issue)

1. Changes (1998)

Album 2Pac Greatest Hits

2. Thugz Mansion - feat. Nas and J. Phoenix (2002)

Album Better Dayz

3. ‘Runnin’ (Dying ato Live) feat. The Notorious BIG (2003)

ALbum Resurrection Soundtrack Album

4. Who Do U Believe In (1997)

Album R U Still Down? (Remember Me)

5. I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (1997)

Album R U Still Down? (Remember Me)

6. Breathin feat. The Outlawz (2001)

Album Until the End of Time

7. Words 2 My First Born (2001)

Album Until the End of Time

8. Panther Power (2007)

Album Beginnings: The Lost Tapes 1988-1991

9. Late Night feat DJ Quik and the Outlawz (2002)

Album Better Dayz

10. Don’t You Trust Me (2004)

Album Loyal To the Game

11. Ghetto Gospel feat Elton John (2004)

Album Loyal to the Game

12. Only 4 The Righteous feat Yo-Yo (2005)

Album The Rose Vol 2

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