Hip-Hop Exclusive Mutulu Shakur's 'Video Mixtape Print
Written by Robert ID2668   
Monday, 29 May 2006 10:23

In this web hip-hop ‘Exclusive’ Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s ''Video Mixtape'' premieres on ThugLifeArmy.com.

ThugLifeArmy.com is pleased to premiere a new ''Video Mixtape'' edited and mixed by Deejay Ra, released to promote Dr. Mutulu Shakur's upcoming "A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle" CD release next month on June 16th, the 35th birthday of his son hip-hop culture icon and legendary rap artist Tupac Shakur (2Pac). Deejay Ra's video mixtape also reveals the full track-listing of the album, which is listed below.

"A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle" is expected to be one of the most unique hip-hop releases of all time - in addition to half of the album's proceeds going towards Mutulu Shakur's inner city health and education initiatives, the CD booklet even features a track by track written commentary from Dr. Shakur and Deejay Ra about the tribute songs on the album.

The CD booklet also includes a preview chapter of Mutulu's Shakur's new historical fiction novel about Tupac ("N 2 Da Gutter"), making this the first time a book preview has ever been included in a CD release.

The album is also one of the first hip-hop CDs to prominently feature incarcerated rappers, such as the 'solitary Confinement Unit'' (S.C.U.) group and Strap. They performed collaboration tracks entirely from behind the walls with Dr. Shakur, his daughter Nzingha Shakur (an R&B vocalist), and Imaan Faith (a hip-hop and rap artist from Iran).

Thanks to www.CRNLive.com for sponsoring Mutulu Shakur's ''Video Mixtape'', which you can download - HERE.

And be sure to keep posted to www.ThugLifeArmy.com and Dr. Shakur's www.DareToStruggle.org web site for more updates on his highly anticipated "A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle" CD release with First Kut / Kent Entertainment.

Full Track-Listing for "A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle"

1.  Dr. Mutulu Shakur - PSA

2.  Mopreme Shakur - Straight Ahead

3.  Outlawz - Blessings

4.  Slick - Since You''ve Been Gone

5.  S.C.U. f/ Dr. Shakur - Enemies of the State

6.  Legacy - Never Give Up

7.  Strap f/ Imaan Faith - The Truth

8.  S.C.U. f/ Dr. Shakur - Thug Code

9.  T-Jay f/ Johnny ''J'' - Still

10. S.C.U. f/ Nzingha Shakur - The First Teardrop

11. TQ - Listen

12. P.O.W. - The Struggle

13. S.C.U. - Missing In Action

14. Dr. Shakur f/ Nzingha - For Tupac Amaru