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Written by Robert ID571   
Wednesday, 15 December 2004 06:10

Why should students listen to high-powered executives brag about how they made it big and walk away with THEIR stories but no skills to create their own?  Sure, the testimonials of the rich and powerful are compelling, but how do they ultimately help the aspiring student learn all the complexities of the music industry's deceptively convoluted legalities?


One of the most well-known and respected entertainment attorneys in the country, Dina LaPolt, returns to her teaching post at UCLA Extension in Winter 2005 to empower students with the knowledge and confidence to achieve success on their own terms.


Dina is at the helm of LaPolt Law P.C., a boutique entertainment firm located in West Hollywood, and is known nationwide for her ability to cut through music business hype as well as her tireless determination on behalf of her clients.  Her straight-forward style is in high demand at music conferences across the country, including CMJ and SXSW.  She is also a regular contributor to numerous music industry trade magazines and conferences.


Her UCLA Extension course, "Legal and Practical Aspects of the Recording and Publishing Industries," will run from January 11 to March 29, 2005.  This is her sixth time teaching the class, which covers all the substantive deal points relating to agreements and making money in the music industry.


The class will focus on current events in the music industry and issues surrounding artists'' rights and the control of digital distribution.  LaPolt is perfectly poised to impart such expertise as she is always ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing music industry.  She has been instrumental in creating Tupac Shakur's multi-million dollar empire and is a pro at negotiating contracts in the shrinking music business world, where labels are asking for increasingly more pieces of the pie, including merchandise and tour profit sharing.


Rather than trying to learn from the often uniquely lucky experiences of those who have been fortunate enough to actually make it, Dina promises to teach ways to negotiate the music business maze from the inside-out.

For futher information check out the following sites: http://www.lapoltlaw.com